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FO4 Overhaul mods that best work with LL adult mods?

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I'm contemplating my second playthrough of FO4 now using AAF, RSE, adult mods here, but also would like to also try out one of the various gameplay overhaul mods:


- Unbogus

- Horizon

- ...


Any recommendations about which mod(s) to avoid/use ? I'd like to avoid the most conflicts. I'd basically like a hard playthrough as a Female  and emphasise "combat sex", "consequences", "sex effects", etc.



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I have tried this with some success and a lot of failures...

I have used the Big Three dlc mods "Outcasts and Remnants" , "Fusion City Rising", and "Project Valkyrie", as well as "Depravity" and "50 Ways to Die at Dr. Dicks".  Never Tried "Horizon"

All of these have the potential to conflict with LL mods, but careful set up of AAF as well as these huge mods MCM adjustments do work, but it will take some (a lot!) of study and experimentation.

RSE II - CSA is the most problematic to get to behave with these mods (or maybe these dlc mods need adjusting to get along with RSE)  Again, experimentation is necessary.


My Advice:  Get AAF working properly without any extra mods first.  Then add RSE and learn what it does and how to set it to your desired style. (be careful with auto surrender feature, my preference is to set that to OFF, and use 'lower weapon' to surrender)  ONLY AFTER you have that setup working, add the extra dlc mods ONE AT A TIME.  This is likely to require you to start several new games to get it all working.  

Good Luck, you're going to need it.

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