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  1. I was wondering if there are any adult mods for any of the Fire Emblem games. Rom hack, Nude sprites or anything for that matter for any of the games in the series. Alternatively, does an adult game with similar gameplay mechanics exist?
  2. Wonder if we can get something similar to XCOM 2. Portrait replacements would also be cool
  3. The game is pretty amazing and has some kinda-nude models so maybe someone can do something with those.
  4. i've followed all the steps properly and the net framework is even logging stuff but i still get the blue/purple main menu & no intro video at all :c. Loading screens seem to be working though
  5. Could someone share a darkest desires 2.2 with all the recently contributed content so far added in? 😮 im getting confused with all the files available and which ones are newer and how to update the mod with them
  6. What's the most complete version of this mod :o? i wanna mod my darkest dungeon around this so i want to know which one has as much classes/characters as possible covered
  7. Im also interested in this, is there any comprehensive guide of the mods one needs to get this sort of fallout 4 ?
  8. So the game Phoenix Point is out, it's a lot like XCOM and some really great mods for XCOM exist so any chance we'll see any for this game?
  9. The game-play is pretty good, needs some polish but is still pretty good :D. The adult scenes are great but i couldnt seem to find any orgasm or ending option in the free demo, does it exist or is it a future consideration? right now the ending is just the sex partner disappearing, or maybe im doing something wrong. keep up the great work, this is looking like a high quality game
  10. I think its better to start the new game modded instead of waiting for the intro to finish I like to use the "alternate start live another life" mod to give me more starting options cause the original intro takes so long and can be glitchy with some mod startups. Alternate starts allow for mods to setup before actually beginning your adventure and you can choose to load the intro with the mod too if you like the intro If you're looking for quests then you'll find plenty but some id recommend are "Forgotten city" "project AHO" and "carved brink" . These are grand adventure type quests though. I also love amorous adventures, it adds some nice quests and pairs well with bjinn women and i think has flower girls support somewhere
  11. Hey well there are so many mods out there that its difficult to pin down everything but id suggest you start by defining what you want from a modded Skyrim for e.g do you want new gameplay mechanics? (use mods by EnaiSiaion: ordinator etc) do you want sexual elements to the gameplay? (sexlab with something like maybe defeat or PSQ) if your'e new to modding i think you should follow a guide to find out what you like and dont like and discover whats out there :D. A guide i followed recently was nordic skyrim (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12562) this is by no means the only one out there nor best one available but it gives you a good idea of some great mods and helpful modding tips and tools
  12. Hey Daedal! appreciate your efforts to bring all these presets to life, hats off to you sir I already requested a preset previously and you crafted a truly amazing one! but i was wondering if you could have a go at another one i had in mind The preset i have in mind looks like the Pornstar Janice Griffith Overall pictures Boobs Butt Shes overall very skinny but has great tits and ass. Its kind of tricky finding consistent pictures of her as in some cases she looks more skinny than others, but id prefer keeping the preset towards the skinny side .
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