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Probably a simple fix [FIXED, SIMPLY]

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I can't seem to figure out why the body I'm using has an untextured vagina. I switched from the regular UNPB to the UUNP special one sized to UNPB. It has better collision with the breasts etc, but the vagina is completely white. I looked at the nif and there's no actual thing to click on to assign a texture to it, just the whole body. So is it because the texture I'm using isn't compatible with adding the animated vagina to it? My characters only really get naked to bathe, but it's unnerving to see this white spot that's brighter than the sun lol. I think I'm using the mature skin textures, the one with random blemishes across the body. Does anyone else know what I can do to remedy this? If it's a skin texture issue, can you recommend one you use that works?

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It is a texture issue. It means the textures you are using don't include textures for it. You *could* use texblend to create them yourself, but it'd be much easier to simply use a skin texture that already includes them.


Leyenda and Fair Skin both do. There are others undoubtedly, but those are the two I use, so I know they include them.

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