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When loading i get stuck on dragon logo

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I managed to fix the problem my previous post was about (this post here:)

But now i have a very different problem. When i am loading into one of my last saves i first get the message that the savegame is corrupted (probably because i sorted out a lot of mods). I heard when you try to load the same save a couple of times it will eventually work, around the 4th try, so i loaded the save again. Or atleast i wanted to because then i got stuck on the dragon logo. I closed Skyrim and tried again, same result. Then i wanted to start a new game, still the same. I then started a new game without live another life and for some reason that worked, but i'd liek to find out why the actual last saves dont work. Can someone here help me?

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More than likely your saves aren't working due to all the mods you removed, as you pointed out.  That can really bork up a save game.  Also, make sure you are loading a manual save and not an auto or quick save, as those are easily corrupted and not a recommended save game to rely on.  The best bet is to start a completely new game.  Make sure all your mods are up to date, including SKSE.

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