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I'm running into an error where everytime I try to activate the CORE mod, NMM freezes up on me. Data isn't doing this.


I've looked for signs of this error, but I apologize if it has simple solution. Any advice?

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Can I safely use both? I'm fine moving back to FOMM but I'd rather not reload all of my old mods. So can I use it just for the Sexout Mods?

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I switched to Fomm and even did a clean install of the game. I followed the instructions (Here:http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=4768) Step-by-step, but if I try to start the game with NVSE, it crashes anytime I attempt to load or start a character. Any advice? I've browsed common errors in the help topics here and my load order is correct.


I have no additional mods besides DLC.

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I am having this issue as well.  If I'm not mistaken, when you reinstall through steam, it is automatically updated.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled FO:NV several times and used Sexout without any problem in the past.  I've tested my mods, as few as possible and no issues.  As soon as I install Sexout esm core and data and try to launch the game I get a CTD.  I thought maybe I needed to have SCR at the same time perhaps and it still CTDs.  I'm testing my mods usually every couple of mods to make sure I know what the issue is.  After 4 uninstall/reinstalls I'm stumped.


I have no installs except for what is necessary.  FO:NV, 3 DLCs, NVSE, NVSE Extender, Compatability Skeleton, MCM, SO-Core and Data, SCR.  Perhaps I have to add a plugin with Sexout Core/Data and SCR before I test it?  I just can't figure it out.  I know Sexout is constantly updated.  I don't see others complaining about this issue so I imagine I'm missing something.  I just got these DLCs too, I so psyched to add Sexout to the new adventures and sadly I don't know my head from my bottom in this situation.  I need help, please.

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Double-check your NVSE and extender installations. Are they up to date and in the right place? Is the NVSE subfolder titled "plugins" and not "plugin"? I'm an experienced mod user who's had to reinstall a dozen times or more, and I still forget that damn s sometimes.


If that's all correct, run it through fnvedit, make sure you didn't leave out a master or accidentally add a patch you don't need.

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For some reason when I had to install NVSE Extender, I had to make those folders.  From Data > NVSE folder (had to make it, didn't exist)  > Plugins (had to make this one too, didn't exist yet).  I did make it "Plugins", but that's interesting.  I had no idea if the folder was "Plugin" that it would make such a difference.  The kind of thing that would make me bang my head on the wall for a couple minutes. 


I'm reinstalling at the moment because I gave up.  Started to install other mods that conflict with Sexout.  It was so depressing, lol.  I'm back on track and determined to get SO-mods working again.  I have a question though.  With the content in SO-Core and Data having male and female body replacers, shoud I even bother installing Type 3 replacer as I usually do?  It feels odd not using any type of replacer.  And one more important question.  In SCR, there's a SexoutCR_NVEC_Complete.  Is that the standard way to go now?  I'm still using the two seperate files.  Thanks for the help.


edit: I might have figured it out and feel dumb about this...I was using the "latest version" of NVSE, but the beta is version 3b2 which I think I've read you need.  If this is it, I'm happy to have that nighmare over with, if not...back to work.


edit: Yep.  That was it.  Basically, a misunderstanding.  When they said install the latest version, it meant beta.  You can see how that easily can be confusing.  I think that might be an issue for others as well.  Perhaps, I hope this doesn't make me sound like a real douche, someone can list it as install the beta version of NVSE and not the latest version.  It literally makes a world of difference.  You try to follow directions to the letter and something like this happens.

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Well technically, the phrasing is right. The "beta" is newer than the main file, therefore it is the "latest" version. But I understand your point.


In regards to "sexoutCR_NVEC_Complete", that's the kind of thing I was referring to in my first response. Its a compatibility patch for those who use NVEC that makes sexout chems (FertX, LustX, BunX, BunAway, etc) work with the changed way regular chems are handled by NVEC. If you don't use NVEC, don't use that patch.


As for body replacers, the male body is breezes and the female body is Type 6MM if I remember correctly  If you like those bodies you're good to go. If you prefer different bodies, go with the ones you like.

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Yeah, I noticed the Type 6M right away.  Very cool.  And Breeze's body is exactly what I used so that works out nicely.  As for NVEC...I might have come across it, might even know what it is, but I can't recall what it is off the top of my head.  Either way, I'll just leave that alone.


Thanks for the speedy responses.  I'm happy to say I've got a nice collection of SO-mods running smoothly.  It's sad how one wrong step can make it all go ka-put!  I learn something new in modding everyday. 

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Perhaps, I hope this doesn't make me sound like a real douche, someone can list it as install the beta version of NVSE and not the latest version.



No, seriously, what? From the SexoutNG OP:

NVSE v3beta2 or newer

From the NVSE Extender OP:

Install NVSE (v3b2 or newer)

It gives you the specific version number. Exactly what more do you want us to do?
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Zippy, relax.  I'm with you.  I apologize.  I understand completely that the beta is the newer version.  If you see on the site that hosts NVSE it does seperate beta from latest.  I just worried that the beta might not have been stable.  I'm just saying, there is one version listed "latest" and another listed "beta".  I went with the previous because I know sometimes the beta versions aren't yet confirmed to work.  Do you see what I mean? 


I guess I missed where it said "Install NVSE v3b2 or newer".  I thought I only read "install the latest version".  Once again, I apologize.  It's a simple error.  I don't expect any sort of special treatment or care from you.  Just take it as it is, no big deal.  Have a nice day.

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