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Can I simply delete animations and hairstyles?

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There are some (many) animations and hairstyles I have never used and will never use. Can I simply go into the respective mods and FUS RO DAH them into nonexistence so they stop wasting space and time? Or will that screw up my entire game? I could just try but I'm scared.


Happy New Year everybody!

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Yes u can do it just open mod with CK and delete Hair styles u dont like / dont need...


In RM if u change Hair Style on Right Bottom corner u should see name of Hair Style...

just search for name in CK and delete :x...


Then save Mod and done...

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On 1/2/2020 at 2:04 PM, agiz19 said:

with  animations shouldn't  be a problem just deactivate them in SL MCM . 

Thank you but I don't want to deactivate them for every single new character. That's why I'm asking if I can delete them so they don't show up in the first place.


TobiaszPL, thank you!

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well  there  is  one  thing  called  Supress SL  anims, you  go  into SL MCM  and and I think  u toggle  them off and then  click suppress anims  they will  be gone,  even if you start a new game with new character those suppressed anims wont  show in  MCM like they don't exist  since the  profile is saved  when you  click  suppress anims  

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