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My think about idea to new mod

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So i have broken english but i'm think it's enought to describe my mod idea... So im use sexlab with creature but also im use moonlight tales mod and hdt ww from here site. I like play as female ww but i have problem with fertility mod... Well if have mod to female be pregnent and the labor start in night when moonlight start tf you be stack in ww like in t pose just stucks cannot move etc... The idea is, we have preg mod and many mod to sex with npc, so it is possible to add female ww preg? With little gameplay changeing like pc female with ww can only get preg in ww forme and when is in preg cannot turn back to human. Pc can back after birth. its be good gameplay changing because in ww you must be hunt to survivle your child like food etc... just only idea. Im not mod creator so im ask it is possible to doing because im see many topic to how broken can be engine and somthinc is not fixable

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