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Yakuza Kiwami Pornstar Card Swap Mod


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Yakuza Kiwami Pornstar Card Swap Mod

Back again with a card swap mod for Kiwami this time. A little late, I know, but I'm lazy.


What is this?

It's a mod that swaps the in-game collectable cards for a more lewd alternative. This paticular mod swaps them out for random pornstars and lesbian scenes for the skill cards/super skill cards. (See "pornstar list")

I left the stats as they were and built two different templates so I could edit everything in a non-destructive way. First template was the normal cards. There are 30 of these and the other template was for the skill cards (29). I changed around the placement of the stats, but did not change any of the stats themselves so you could still play the minigame. Cards are readable, but compression is a bitch and I have no idea how Sega do it. ?


Each normal card with the same super attack uses a lesbian scene featuring the two normal card pornstars on the skill card.


Alex Tanner and Dani Jensen both have super attack "Omni Choke" which is a skill card. That skill card is them in a lesbian scene/image. (See below)






Some skill cards have "super" variants and for that, both models are desplayed with a load on their face.

Example of a "super" variant skill card. (Note: This will also have two normal card versions with the models and a common skill card like above. I added the foil look to the sides to show these are the rarer versions of the common skill cards.)





Whereas some skill cards are not used as a super attack. These are:


Finish Breaker
Last Resort
Tie Breaker
Finish Time
Counter Heal
Mystic Heal


For these, I added different lesbian groups in various poses/undress. (These pornstars are not included in the pornstar list as I selected images randomly and forgot to write names down, but some may be in there by a happy accident.)






As you can see in the picture, when you pickup a card it says "Obtained Insect Card: Pornstars name" this use to be the original cards name (Kuwama's Ladybug, for example) I changed it to display the pornstars names instead. Sadly had to revert this back as you'd CTD(crash to desktop) sometimes when playing the mini-game. So when you pickup a card, it'll say the original cards name instead of the pornstars name, but at least the mini-game will not CTD on you.? Merry Chrstmas!! ?




Simple and easy drag&drop mod;

Open the .rar file, drag&drop the data folder into your main games directory (Where the .exe is located.) and overwrite when asked.


Pornstar List





  • Teaboi42 for testing the mod and inspiring me to make this.
  • Sega for bringing Yakuza series to PC
  • All the modders who made tools to extract the game files.
  • Pornstars


This is exlusivly for LL (LoversLab). This mod should not be re-uploaded to any other site. If you wish to share it, please link to this page.


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On 2/25/2021 at 8:25 PM, Moonlightsama said:

What if i want to uninstall the mod? how do I do that?


Delete the "pause_c.par" file and verify integrity of game files on Steam so it re-downloads the original file or make a backup of the original one before you install the mod.


I'll add this to the main page, thanks.

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