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Animations for wicked whims.

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I've already read every post about it on this site, nothing works for me.

I've downloaded wickedwhims mod and it's working, I can see it in the game options in mods and I thought it would be the same with animations but no.

I did everything as earlier when I didn't have a cracked version, cause at that time it was ok.

I don't know what to do at this point, this is my mods folder below. Wicked whims are showing in the game- animations not.

And I've tried with only one animations, still nothing.

Please help me 


sims mods.png

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Delete the animation rar files for a start and the mp4 file and windows auto installer....delete localthumbcache.pkg file in the sims 4 folder too......restart the game and see how it goes....


Usuń pliki rar animacji na początek, plik mp4 i automatyczny instalator systemu Windows .... usuń plik localthumbcache.pkg również w folderze sims 4 ...... uruchom ponownie grę i zobacz, jak idzie ...

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56 minutes ago, ashleyxx said:

Now it looks like this and they arent showing in the game still.

I don't know where is the localthumbcache.pkg file tho, I've searched for it but with this sims downloaded it isnt there or im not seeing it idk



It's in the sims 4 folder......Your game installation looks totally different to mine....I think you've put stuff in the wrong place...should be documents/Electronic Arts/The sims 4/Mods.....

Screenshot (153).png

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