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Smaller Horns

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I'm after a set of smaller horns than the ones I have on my PC below. These were taken from one of the models from Daedra of Cold Harbor. I've not been able to find any smaller (most are much larger) but I am sure I've seen some. They don't need to be equipable, I just need Mesh and Textures, so if they're part of another mod/follower that's not a problem.



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23 minutes ago, Mez558 said:

I am sure I've seen some

So am I but we are entering the realm of my memory here plus they aren't something I use. I'll keep an aye out in my game, maybe HSO has something.


Edit: HSO has 3 sets but they are all ram's horns type of thing. I'm guessing you are looking for something more stumpy like a kid's horns (as in young goat).

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