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Setting Quest Local to show Motion Number


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I need to be able to set the active motion number to a My quest variable, but It is not as easy as I thought it should be.


I am either missing something or overlooking it.


the loversPKRQuest does not seem to become active even when you have the "Lovers with PK" active with your mod, and this seems to be where all the Motion numbers are generated, and stored.


I have been trying the [set xLoversPkrQuestRef to GetFormFromMod "Lovers with PK.esp" 007A7D], and yes I can access many local veriables that way, but the actual ones that tell me which motion is being use during any given sex act is eluding me.


I know where it is at in loverPKRQuest, but accessing it is troublesome for some reason.


I need to be able to set my own Quest variable to the motion. As in


"set MyQuest.Local to LoversPKRquest.MotionNumber"


But have yet to find the right Spos location that I can access it.


I seem to remember an early mod from Wolflore days that I think I even translated that was mostly just a user resource, that flipped up most all variables that lover used. It might help. But I have lost it :(


I mean with out actually changing the LoverPK mod, I am having trouble figuring out how to set My own variable to the randomly generated Sex motions Number.


I hope I explained that in and understandable way..


I need this for Dialog reason, so I need a Quest Variable that I can use for conditions in the dialog.


Anyone been down this road already, I could use some help.

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Well that is a clothing item, which I think was used for counting to the position, I did try to do and itemcount check once attempting to use it, but it did not seem to do right, I might try it again.


I do wish I could call one of the variables like BitMask, Or Spos when they were at the right Number setting.


Thx u.. I might mess with that more. but my early attempts did not give accurate or dependable Position numbers.

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:huh: Will xLoversSPosM do it?


Thx you very much.


I just had brain freeze, I think that is going to work.. I don't know why it did not work last time I tried it, but during that time i have stream lined my code a lot.


The count came up exactly right this time.. I was probably just getting to tied last night.

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