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Hey everyone,

I am kind of curious about a glitch or something that I am having with Bodyslide. I recently downloaded the blessed armors mod (bodyslide version) here 

which makes that armor into the CBBE bodyslide. I also looked into the ZIP File and saw that it indeed had the CBBE tools required for bodyslide. I then opened bodyslide and much to my dismay I saw that it only showed one preset for this armor which was the Cos Demoniac one. It is far differently shaped than my intended preset for this mods armor.... When I did infact build it, the armor ingame appears to be UNP strangely or just a athletics version cbbe. Other armor sets show all my presets and the one that id love to use for this one. Does anyone know a solution to get this armor to load my intended preset and to show other presets and not just a zeroed out one. I have a few armor sets that do a similiar glitch but this is the first time I want to spend theeffort to fix it. Have a good day and thanks in advance for any help

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