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Discover University's Roommate is broken?

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Guys, I wonder if the Roommate feature in Discover University is broken?


There's options to place ads for Roommate and Ask to be a roommate interaction... but they never came.



If you ask as sims to be a roommate, they will left for preparation, but then never came.


I even call them to come to the house, but there's no any roommate label on them, they just act like a normal guest or visitor.



I wonder if you guys have the same problem?

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15 hours ago, lovemagnatic12 said:

I have that same issue. I ask them to be roommates, they say they'd be happy to and then nothing happens. Have you managed to find a fix?

Roommates must be Single, Not Teens, and Homeless.

Sims living in homes aren't available unless you evict them first.

Mods can prevent sims from responding to adds placed, or you have none available that are qualified. 


Roommate Mods are available too.


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