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[Solved] Skeevers are not attacking

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Skeevers in my game go hostile(red dots on the compass) but won't attack. They just run around randomly and won't attack even if I hit them. I checked their settings in TES5edit and noticed Requiem Minor Arcana sets them to only aggressive, down from very aggressive(confidence is still foolhardy). So I changed that to very aggressive as well as changing all skeevers I could find to very aggressive, but they still aren't attacking. What's up here? I have only tested on the grey standard skeevers so far but they are the only ones I've run into.


Mods that makes edits to Skeevers: Immersive Creatures, Requiem, Requiem Minor Arcana.


Edit: Had forgotten to enable fearless enemies in Requiem's MCM. Sometimes the solution to problems is really simple.

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48 minutes ago, Grey Cloud said:

Have you done anything to factions? Changing your relationship with faction A can have a knock-on effect with factions which are friendly or hostile to faction A.

No but I suspect it has something to do with their aggro radius, because other hostile creatures don't have that setting.


Edit: Tried changing that to no aggro radius behaviour but it makes no difference.

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