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  1. People putting gay porn or otherwise disturbing content in their avatar or signature. The Super League suggestion in football. They wanted to create a closed league for the richest clubs in europe, where they would be guaranteed a spot. Thank god they met with so much opposition that they had to abandon the idea. And just to add to the abortion topic a few pages back. Conservatives in a nutshell:
  2. I see. So you're working on a new mod? Will it be very different from this mod?
  3. Would it be too much to ask for a non-female version? Not everyone is into futa.
  4. Nice minotaur model and maybe the best I've seen. The dong can be made bigger in outfit studio. I've tried it with draugr and rieklings in LE and it worked.
  5. Sorry about before. I wasn't clear about what I meant and I didn't ask the right question. I'm currently using the scripts uploaded here: Would I break the mod if I use those scripts on v5.0? If you made changes to scripts I understand that it won't work of course. To explain why these scripts are needed, let's say you play with SLSO and get a client with very low arousal. Firstly, he would not be in the mood and shouldn't have approached you in the first place, and secondly it would be almost impossible to make him reach climax, which is the point of hiring a prostuti
  6. Any ETA for v1.3 SEE? And also, does this conflict with Immersive Creatures in any way?
  7. The last update sounds good. Can I add the arousal script that was uploaded here to that version? They added to immersion by blocking out NPCs you recently had sex with. Should have been integrated if it wasn't already. Would it be enough to update the esp or were the other files changed since v4.1.1?
  8. Can someone please explain how the "Arousal Percent Multiplier" in MCM is used by the mod?
  9. @Monoman1 Since you made a tweak for Yps fashion I think this is the right place to post this. I noticed that the overlays from fashion rape seem to increase the fashion buff and it makes it too easy to achieve. My character is quite new and have dedicated zero gold and time to her appearance. She has a few standard tats that I picked on character creation, slave tats, smeared lipstick, roughly cut hair and a few traumas. The only thing that would make her confident right now is that she's clean after taking a bath with soap. Still she manages to get a "Looking extremely fashionable" buff, whi
  10. I'm playing a succubus race and I'm looking for a mod that makes sex necessary to keep healthy. But I don't mean the usual life draining effects that you get in some mods, because that will make the game too easy. I need a mod that you can configure to apply a debuff for not having sex for a set amount of time and maybe a small buff for a certain number of acts. I tried SexLab Hormones but it's incomplete and doesn't really give the desired results without other extreme effects. Any mod that can help with this?
  11. Can I delete the skill points and puppetmaster effects without breaking anything? I'm only interested in the healing and stat debuff. Absorbing skill points will only make it too easy to level and is like a semi-cheat. And also, does the Bimbo curse work well in its current state? I don't think you should add stuff that doesn't work as intended or doesn't work at all, since it will only cause confusion and dissatisfaction.
  12. I'm playing a Seducer custom race and I'm looking for something that lowers all my character's stats if she doesn't have sex for awhile and gives her a very small buff if she has sex a certain number of times in a day. But when setting up the MCM I'm feeling totally igorant of the actual consequences, because the description doesn't go into detail on anything. A short description of every setting would have been useful. But right now these things are most unclear: * How does the succubus sliders affect your character? * How many times do you need to have sex at 2.0 Sex Drive c
  13. The problem with SLIF is that it keeps all changes you make for any character. Try reinstalling the mod and delete any config files, then update the character in the MCM.
  14. For MME you need the 3BBB list uploaded in this thread. Look a few pages back. For SL Survival I have discovered that the Tullius version of the CBBE lists works, but only for breasts and belly. At least for me. That's the Bodymorph Setting file also uploaded here. Guess you can alternate between the two for lack of a better option.
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