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Creation Kit "Move to Topic" Crash. Help.

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Creation Kit crashes and I can replicate the conditions with 100% consistency. If I open up a quest scene, open up a dialogue action, right click a piece of dialogue, click "Move to Topic", then scroll down; that causes a crash. If I just click "Move to Topic" but don't scroll it won't crash.


Even though this crash happens under pretty specific circumstances, I am working with a quest that involves lots of scenes and many of the scenes are meant to have similar but slightly different dialogue. It is possible to copy a piece of dialogue, but it automatically pastes it inside the same action (typical awful Bethesda UI), so to get that dialogue in a different action I would have to move it, but I can't because opening that menu to move topics and scrolling down crashes CK every time.  


This is what I have to do instead without using the "Move to Topic" button: I open up the text part of the dialogue, copy the text. Create a new line of dialogue in a different scene/action past in the text, alter that text, go back to the original dialogue in the previous scene/action, copy all the conditions, go back to the new dialogue, paste the conditions, then change the speaker of the dialogue to match the original. 


This is what I could do if I was able to use the "Move to Topic" button: I copy the dialogue line, I right click and click "Move to Topic", I select the action I want the copy to go to, go the that action, and alter the text.


My point is this specific bug is more than doubling the amount of time it is taking to complete this mod, and I'm still no where near complete. If someone knows a work-around or a patch, that would save me many days of my time. Since I could replicate the crash so easily, I want to know if anyone else is getting this crash? I know there is a chance that there is no solution and I will have to grind this out the hard way, but I would really hate to waste so much time just because Bethesda didn't implement a simple copy paste feature in their modding API. 

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I realize this post is almost a year old now, but like you I have the same issue. Not only with "move to topic" but also with "replicate to topic" when making shared topic in misc. I've been dealing with this for years. The only way around it for having multiple dialogue choices with the same replies is to copy and paste it into a new topic. Not only does this unnecessarily inflate the esp file size, but if you have voice files, it needlessly increases the size of your entire mod by having to have multiple copies of the same lines. I wish there was some way to fix this but it seems like we're stuck with it.

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Creation Kit used to crash on me all the time, until I bought a better computer. Haven't had it crash on me yet, since I bought this computer. Weak computers can't handle Creation Kit. I could use it to export facegen on my old computer, but that was about it.

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