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  1. The GetModByName function you mentioned in the scripts seem helpful for my goal. Thanks for showing examples too. But i'm still confused, because even if I could tell certain code to not run if a mod is not detected, I don't understand how I could make that code without accidentally making my mod a master plugin. Because as soon as I tried and make a quest using a global value and a id reference to another mod that I had loaded, it instantly became a master plugin. How can I reference values and properties of another mod without making it a master? Is there a tool to remove unnecessary masters? You briefly mentioned plugins, but I have a question about those. For important dependencies where I tweak quests and scripts from another mod, would the best method be to create a separate patch plugin that uses my base mod and the other mod I'm working with, and create a FOMOD that auto detects what mods the player already has installed? I've seen some mods I've installed do this, but I've never done that myself. Thanks for giving the time to help me out.
  2. Hi, I'm making my own mod, and my goal involves having compatibility features for a lot of Sexlab mods. But when I select the plugins I want to work with and make changes, all those plugins become a master mod and I don't want all those mods to be required. Can someone point me to a tutorial or give me a detailed explanation how I can make my mod have optional-dependencies for certain features of my mod? Help would be appreciated.
  3. Hi, I really like this mod but I find the grammar and writing takes me out of the immersion a bit. I noticed that the grammar patch linked on the mod page is for 1.4.3 , but I am using version 1.7.1. So I have some questions, 1) Does the old grammar patch still work with the latest versions of the mods? 2) Is there a new grammar patch? 3) If there isn't a new grammar patch, do I have permission to make my own patch?
  4. I've never posted a sexy screenshot before, so consider my an amateur, but I am happy how this one particular screenshot looks.
  5. I started a new Permadeath character playthrough; This was my most recent actually playing of Skyrim, most recently I've just been testing some mods on a test save.
  6. In one playthrough I played as a masculine orc male, and I would defeat & capture any attractive female and took them back to the cleared cave outside of Whiterun, until I had a harem of sex servants loyal to me. I would make them do different poses and I would impregnate them one by one. Eventually my character got tired of bandit and necormancer bitches, and wanted something more prestigious, so I would go into the city and towns to kidnap unsuspecting women and if they were wives he liked to tie up the husbands and make them watch as I impregnated and took away their wives. One time some nobles were off to a wedding, and I of course intercepted and had my fun. Eventually I got quite a bounty, and when I would return to my cave sometimes my slaves would be missing, probably escaped. I decided I had enough women for now, and lived a relaxed sex-filled life with my many wives in the cave. The End.
  7. Thank you this solved this, instead of batch building everything I disabled the ones I already had built before the bikini mod. At first I was checking each box individually and painstakingly, but then I realized I could drag select then press space to mass uncheck boxes. It let me build without lagging my computer into Oblivion. It seems like Body Slide is just not well optimized for that many sexy armors at once.
  8. I used MO2 on Skyrim SE with 3BBB Body Physics. I open BodySlide64 through MO2 and I can build bodies and presets without issue. However, when I click "batch build..." then "build" my computer freaks out. It's hard to describe it because it's neither a crash nor a freeze, it slows down my computer so much that I can't even open up task manager, and my cursor has about a 20 second delay. The only way to recover my computer is to power button my computer. Importantly, this has only started happening after I installed the Amazing World of Bikini Armor Remastered CBBE mod. When I turn this mod off I can batch build other 3BBB armors without issue, such as BD Armor's Replacer. This is kinda frustrating for me, because it means I can't really use the Bikini Armor mod. What's causing this fatal error? Are my multiple armor mods too much for BodySlide to handle at once? Or Is it a bug in the Amazing World of Bikini Armor mod? I'm curious if anyone else has this issue, and if anyone knows a workaround.
  9. Haha it's fine, but it certainly confused me because I randomly came to this topic to make a post, and was confused when I saw my post from Feb as the most recent thread. I'm still very much looking for a cheating / affair / netorare mod, the search is still on.
  10. I'm working on my mod that has a sexlab dependency and I wanted to make use of the sexlab diary stats. However when I try to import sexlab libraries into my scripts and compile I get the error of "variable NiOverride is undefined". After some research I learn that it's trying to call this variable from racemenu through the sslActorAlias and ssLSystemConfig scripts. This variable comes from NiOverride which comes from racemenu, the variable seems to only being used for high heel options. I read on another help forum post that creation kit can't access the scripts because they are in a bsa, so I used Bethesda Archive Extractor to extract the racemenu bsa into loose files into the same folder the bsa is located. I try compiling and I still get the error. After some more digging I find out that NiOverride is also supposed to be a dll file located in racemenu's SKSE plugins folder. When I look in my extracted racemenu folders I do not have any NiOverride.dll file, but I do have an NIOverride folder inside SKSE, but the only files in here are shaders of some sort. So now I'm lost. Why isn't NiOverride variable being found? I can think of a couple workarounds. Considering I don't use high heel mods I could use brute force and just edit the sexlab scripts and remove all mentions of NiOverride, but I don't want to do that because I'd like my mod to work for people who do enjoy high heel mods. The other workaround is making up my own sex stat tracking using global variables, but the issue with this is that it means my mod would require a new game to work fully because if someone already has sex stats on their characters it won't align with my tracker, and I don't want for example virgin dialogue playing for a character that has had sex hundreds of times. Both workarounds will help make the mod work for my personal use, but it will make it work poorly for others. So basically I want to fix this issue the correct way, by properly calling NiOverride, I will keep the workaround options as a last resort. For a bit of additional info, I am launching Creation Kit from MO2, and I am exporting all changes I make directly into another mod folder. I'm not sure if this would case any issue, this is just the set up I've been using to make my mod.
  11. I played the public build today for a while, has potential and is pleasing to the eyes. Impressive, especially for a solo project. I really like Fantasy RPGs, and I especially like how you said you want combat to take a lesser role and make Reign more of a fanstasy-life-sim, because it seems like every open-world fantasy rpg game being made is just a glorified action-adventure game. Comabt is fun, but it's not the only type of engaging RPG content. Also the fact that you actually want to make a fun game and aren't just focusing on the sexual content is even more promising. I like the way you are headed. The advice I want to give you is that leveling is not game play. There is no miracle skill progression system that will make your game non repetitive, what you need right now is content, figure out progression after you have a good idea of what you want to progress to. Right now you should build and play a representation of how you want the late-game to play like, completely disregarding how someone would get to that point for now. Progression only matters if there is something fun on the other side of that progression. The only way to know how to encourage people to try lots of play styles is to start by actually developing lots of fun play styles. Choice and progression will come naturally. You are being a text-book over-thinker with this project. You are trying to solve the wrong problems. If you want to make a fun play style, just brainstorm and implement lots of abilities and challenges. Only after play testing these will you actually know how the difficulty of challenges compare and how the fun the abilities are to use. Then it's just a matter of organizing the game by putting the easy but fun challenges first, and putting the weakest abilities first, then you will know what type of skill tree you need to distribute abilities at the right times and for the right challenges. This of course can be a bit messy because every skill tree for every skill will turn out differently, let the game come naturally to you. Experimentation is a part of the art. I'll give you some ideas that come off the top of my head. Thief challenges / quests ideas; sticking up a moving carriage of goods, a platforming challenge to get to the top of a building and steal a priceless bell, smuggling in contraband through a strict border, scamming a guy by selling him a fake potion, trying to steal the necklace off of a paranoid person, breaking into a secure military fortress to steal plans, try to sneak into a castle to get evidence that the princess is having an affair with a peasant, trying to frame someone by breaking into their house and placing a stolen item inside, disguising as a cult member to steal a magical artifact, attempt kidnapping a guarded prince for a ransom, steal candy from a child, decode magical puzzle locks in an ancient cave to steal an artifact while avoiding traps, and trying to repair a broken marriage by breaking into their home and leaving forged notes (or just having try starting a threesome). Here's some ideas for thief abilities: forging handwriting, balancing on wires, climbing up rough walls, disguises, setting trip wires, shooting silent blow darts, stealth grappling and restraining, noise grenades for distractions, deft hands for picking locks, ability to craft make-shift lock picks, a silent quick dash, hiding items in inventory (maybe secret pocket), enhanced hearing to notice guards around corners, ability to whistle like a bird to issue commands to quest allies without raising suspicion, disabling booby traps, being able to see foot prints for tracking, and an ability to mimic any voice.
  12. I'm looking for a simple mod, if an NPC sees their spouse having sex with the player, they will either hate the player, try to stop the sex, challenging the player to a brawl, or surprise attack the player. I feel that affairs just aren't exciting in Skyrim. Anyone else agree? Also is there a mod like this out there already?
  13. I want a mod that allows the player to stop a sex animation on any phase, requiring a struggle attempt during forced sex. This would allow for role-playing scenarios like: A girl desperately trying to free herself before the troll cums in her, or a "service lady" deciding that she doesn't want to be impregnated by her customer, ect. This type of mod should have built-in compatibility with a combat sex mod, Defeat, Submit, or both. The attempts to struggle should be limited to a number of tries, and should either be button mashing or chance based. Struggling should have its own hotkey, or reuse a hotkey from one of the combat sex mods. The difficulty to escape sex should also be determined by the tags of the animation. For consensual sex the player should be able to escape without any struggle. For this type of mod, I also think an important feature is an option to tweak how long it takes during a sex scene for it to auto-progress through the next stage. I feel like Sexlab auto-progresses through phases way too fast, so I always end up turning on manual progression, which is a bit tedious and unimmersive in combat sex scenarios. I wish to set the phase progression to be way slower, which would work well with this mod idea so it is worth including. It's important to me that this mod works on Skyrim SE too, I no longer play Oldrim. A side idea I had that would be a nice feature but not really integral to the mod, would be a "yell for help" hotkey that would do a scan to see if anyone nearby will intervene in the scene, this would most likely work best with the Defeat mod. Yelling for help might accidentally have the inverse effect by attracting more people to join in. Another idea would be an optional chance of NPC resisting the player mid-sex, afterwards they may fight you or run away. Lastly, it might be neat if the other has a chance at trying to stop the resistance of consensual sex, turning what was consensual sex into a forced sex scene. Not important, but I thought a couple good names for this mod would be "Sexlab Affirmative Consent" or "Sexlab Resistance", if you are inspired by this request, feel free to use these names. Hopefully this mod idea sees the light of day sometime, this kind of feature would in my opinion make combat sex mods way better.
  14. I'm posting because I also looking for this type of mod. I want a mod that gives NPCs an "embarrassed" walking and idle animations when they are naked. Maybe they even run away and hide, then when the day is past they put their clothes back on. Would work wonders for a "player as rapist" play-though.
  15. Creation Kit crashes and I can replicate the conditions with 100% consistency. If I open up a quest scene, open up a dialogue action, right click a piece of dialogue, click "Move to Topic", then scroll down; that causes a crash. If I just click "Move to Topic" but don't scroll it won't crash. Even though this crash happens under pretty specific circumstances, I am working with a quest that involves lots of scenes and many of the scenes are meant to have similar but slightly different dialogue. It is possible to copy a piece of dialogue, but it automatically pastes it inside the same action (typical awful Bethesda UI), so to get that dialogue in a different action I would have to move it, but I can't because opening that menu to move topics and scrolling down crashes CK every time. This is what I have to do instead without using the "Move to Topic" button: I open up the text part of the dialogue, copy the text. Create a new line of dialogue in a different scene/action past in the text, alter that text, go back to the original dialogue in the previous scene/action, copy all the conditions, go back to the new dialogue, paste the conditions, then change the speaker of the dialogue to match the original. This is what I could do if I was able to use the "Move to Topic" button: I copy the dialogue line, I right click and click "Move to Topic", I select the action I want the copy to go to, go the that action, and alter the text. My point is this specific bug is more than doubling the amount of time it is taking to complete this mod, and I'm still no where near complete. If someone knows a work-around or a patch, that would save me many days of my time. Since I could replicate the crash so easily, I want to know if anyone else is getting this crash? I know there is a chance that there is no solution and I will have to grind this out the hard way, but I would really hate to waste so much time just because Bethesda didn't implement a simple copy paste feature in their modding API.
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