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Ryan Maddison

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This is the first of many Futanari, Female, and Male sims that I hope to share here! (Mainly Futas...) Really wish I could spin some spur of the moment backstory of her for you right about now, but the thing is, I just create these sims with nothing more in mind other than making them look sexy as fuck! For now all I can say is I hope you enjoy every inch of her that she's got to offer. :)


I didn't bother to add Wicked Whims in the folders or any duh mod that you guys more than likely already have. (I see that a lot with custom sims here)


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I'm hoping for some help with this. I've only had the Sims 4 for just over a week, and I'm still trying to learn, so please bear with me. I downloaded the file and placed the folder in my mods folder of the Sims 4. But I cannot seem to find the Sim in the game, either in the gallery or in my folder. I want to add Ryan to an existing household with one female Sim in it. Could someone explain how to do this? Any and all help and suggestions would be appreciated.

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Managed to get things working, and I really love this mod. Ryan looks great! My only complaint is that her penis and testicles are discolored. Scrotum is half a reddish color and the other half is too light for her skin color. Penis is also too light. Is this something that I can fix myself, or would it have to be something that's done on the mod level by the author?

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Just as an update.  I had to change out the "Funatari Bits" to different files, as I ran into problems with the texture on the penis and scrotum for this mod. I substituted "Noir's Pornstar Penis For Females", and that fixed the issue. Just for anyone downloading this and running into the same problems with the discoloration.

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