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[Request] The Takeover


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On 11/10/2019 at 5:18 AM, tigers said:

So this game got out of early access. Reminds me of the old Streets of Rage which had its own nude mods as well.

What do you think? It is possible to make Megan wear her birthday suit?


The game is made with unity which make it pretty much easy to do any texture related mods.

I took a look on the sprites and... there are just to many to edit. The amount of work needed would be to much for the final result.
If you wanna take a look here is megan's spritesheet in png format.



Now imagine drawing breast/pussy in every single sprite.

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2 hours ago, tigers said:

damn.....Also they made her wear the leather jacket now which looks seriously ugly. It wasnt there before

damn, thats a shame, i am really considering buying this game, it looks pretty good, maybe the jacket can be removed or something, maybe the jacket less version is unlockable or something?

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