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  1. it would be really awesome if someone could complete this, especially since there is a new game coming and i decided to play the previous ones, but the pc versions are terrible for the first 2 games unfortunately.
  2. i love the game despite its numerous issues, i was wondering if there is or will or can be a mod where we can make npcs naked, like Meredith, Judy, Panam, Claire or just any regular npc on the street? The female character models look amazing in this game and it would truly amazing if we could have a skill or something that could remove clothes . I seem to remember in Skyrim there was a shout or a spell that could do that
  3. someone should mod the whole game for how terrible the skins are on the female fighters side. Somehow they managed to fuck up a bit even the classic costumes, making it look like they are wearing diapers for fucks sake, covering their butts completely. And this Sindel skin looks almost the same as her other skin the only difference being the arms and a bit more exposed chest area.
  4. if mods were made for this game i would actually consider buying it.
  5. saw the other gifs on your twitter and i gotta say it looks pretty impressive, keep up the good work, hope to see more and eventually to see this game on Steam. The combat looks good too, though i would move the camera to the side when locked on the enemy because at the moment the main character seems to block the view. Other than that i wish you all the success. :)
  6. I would love more games made like Resident Evil, spiced up with a story with choices and with a ton of sexual content. Real time 3D of course and with a lot of interaction with the world and characters. There were some games that tried that, with more or less success, like Lust for Darkness(its pretty good, the sequel has a demo and it looks amazing), Agony(awesome concept,absolutely terrible execution). The other type of game i would love to see is point and click adventure games, detailed and animated like the old classic ones like Broken Sword or Monkey Island or Deponia.
  7. man, the lack of interest in modding these games is quite saddening I distinctly remember that there were some stuff done to Heavy Rain where you could walk around naked with Madison, same with Jodie in Beyond Two Souls, and in Beyond with some dev mode you could walk around with the camera in scenes, and these all while the games were on consoles only. How did these not make it to the PC versions?
  8. man, a Cherry nude mod would be truly awesome, she is my favorite character in the game.
  9. Hello, these game just launched on Steam, and i would love to see some nude mods for these games. 2 of these games have actual nude models in them as far as i know, so i assume it would not be hard, but obviously im no modder. Anyway, i really hope someone creates some awesome stuff for these games.
  10. woah, the bosses look amazing, not a fan of Balzes huge tits, its just doesnt look right, but the rest is awesome, i really hope it ends up here at some point.
  11. looks really good, hoping for a full nude version for every major female characters in the game, i know its a lot of work but i can wait
  12. hey, no worries, im looking forward to the full and finished version of the game. Keep up the good work. :)
  13. looks quite promising, the character models look really good, hopefully the animations will be just as good. I assume you still have a lot of stuff to do on the game it self, i really hope that it comes out soon, and also that it comes to steam. Keep up the great work, and i wish you luck and success.
  14. I recently picked up a couple of visual novels on steam, with adult content of course, and ended up liking them a whole lot more than i expected, the story was great and the characters were very well written, and ever since I have been on the lookout for similar games, and this looks quite interesting. will this game make it to steam? if so, what is the estimated release date?
  15. holy shit, these look really promising, i really hope there will be a mod for both Blaze and Cherry later down the line. Great job so far.
  16. i totally agree, though it seems weird to me that while uploading paid mods here is not allowed, i have seen countless posts where these paid mods are "advertised". These post either should have their own category or something, or should not be allowed at all imo.
  17. looks pretty good, keep up the good work :)
  18. UmbiCs


    looks interesting, i will keep an eye out for this, keep up the good work. :)
  19. thank you for everyone for posting these awesome mods, faith in humanity restored :D
  20. nice, i love this, i hope there will be a lot of alien ladies :D
  21. i feel the same, though i dont mind remade models as long as they are lore friendly, like you said, the whole idea is to see that specific character naked.
  22. well the animations could use some work, they are pretty wonky, but other than that its really good game. Also i would like a bit more options to interact with girls and their clothes. Definitely worth a try. Also there is Perfect Lover, its quite recent, and it pretty good for its price. Though the options are pretty limited.
  23. this looks freakin awesome, and if its actually real, holy shit, its even more awesome.
  24. damn, thats a shame, i am really considering buying this game, it looks pretty good, maybe the jacket can be removed or something, maybe the jacket less version is unlockable or something?
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