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Father Ralph and his Nuns incl. Monastery

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Father Ralph and his Nuns incl. Monastery

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Yes, meet Father Ralph and his naughty Nuns. They stay at the Naughty Monastery, the old Abbey of Windenburg. Household with all CC you need is in the downloadfile. The Monastery is on a 64 x 64 Lot ( I used the Fyres Family Lot, please put bb.moveObjects cheat on, bevor placing it. The Lot is nearly CC free, contains only a few Bondage Items.

Have fun and Happy Roleplaying ♥



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OK I figured this out thx to google & imagination! here we go!


Install the mod. files not in the mod folder can go in Tray folder.


Start game, load world, go to 'get together' world, find Fyres Family. (at Desdhan House Lot not Abbey)

Move Fyres out! Bulldoze lot.

Enter cheat - bb.moveObjects




Click my library then on left click 'include custom content' should see monastery & nuns household.

click on monastery, install furnished! done. same with household. add them from the gallery.


(Also needs a lot of the packs! works without em but missing things if you don't have certain packs)

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