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Nisa’s Body Details Auto Applicator Tutorial for CC Mod Authors and Players


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[Currently for v LL.2.3 which will be released shortly. I'm also not sure if this is the place to post a tutorial for using one of my mod's systems. But this looked like the most correct so, neh.]



My mod Nisa’s Wicked Perversions comes with an interesting feature which allows players to automatically apply body details to a user specified portion or even all npc sims based on their gender.  This tutorial will seem like a lot but it’s because I’m also making it for people who are very new to modding, after you do it once, it’s not that bad.  Currently the mod supports body hair and eyelashes for males and nipples, body tans (both full and top/bottom separated), pubic hair, breast veins, and eye lashes for females.  By default, it supports Wild_guy’s female details and Luumia’s male body hair v5+.  This tutorial will show mod authors or users how to either append their details of choice to the default details (and others installed) or override the default included details in the case that they don’t want to use Luumia’s body hair or Wild_guy’s details.

What your mod users will need to use this:

  • To be an Adult!
  • Nisa’s Wicked Perversions and it’s requirements [Patreon version 2.1.3+, LL.2.3+]

What you will need before you start:

  • Sims4Studio [http://sims4studio.com/board/6/download-sims-studio-open-version]
  • A package with already made and working body details you want to port over to using my system.


Additionally, my package file for the default details is being included with this tutorial as a practical example of the system working.  Note if you don’t change the instance Id’s for this package then it will function as an override for my default details if you install it.  This can be useful if you would like to use another mod author’s body details instead of the default ones I included.  Creating a new instance Id is pretty simple, however.  Go to the tools -> hash generator (scroll down to see my other screenshots if you need help finding this) and then enter the name of the new tuning file in the Text field and press enter.  The Instance id will be generated in the fnv64 field as a hexadecimal by default as shown highlighted in pink here:



Start by opening Sims 4 studio and going to tools->create empty package.  Then go to the add button in the lower left side of the screen and change Type to SnippetTuningResource and either use an already existing instance id from my package included to make an override, or to append the details onto the already existing details create a new instance id.  here’s an example of the xml code you’ll need for your snippet tuning taken from my package:



I didn’t pick this tuning for any reason other than the list of CAS part instance id’s it uses is short and thus can be fit into a screenshot.  The fields highlighted in blue will likely have to change with every new tuning file you make.


NisaTanBody in the tuning class name.  This varies depending on the type of body detail you are adding.  It can also be: NisaMaleBodyHair, NisaMaleEyeLashes, NisaNipples, NisaFemalePubicHair, NisaTanTop, NisaTanBottom, NisaVeins, NisaFemaleEyeLashes.  These names are self-explanatory, if the gender is not listed then it’s assumed to be female.  So, if you were wanting to add female eye lashes to the body details applicator then you would need to change NisaTanBody to NisaFemaleEyeLashes.


NisaK:wild_guy_tan_body and 10895909097426482028 are your names for the tuning instance and its ID in decimal.  A good and easy way to generate this is to switch to the ‘data’ tab and enter in a new tuning name in the format of AuthorName:tuning_descritpion_date into the Name category shown here in blue:




Next press enter and a new TuningId will be generated in decimal, copy this number and replace the 10895909097426482028 field with it back under the xml tab.  So, for instance, if I wanted to append some tan body details from the theoretical mod author ‘mild_guy’ into my mod and I went by the name NisaL I could make a new NisaTanBody tuning with the tuning name NisaL:mild_guy_tan_body_2018 and get the tuning id of 7984453926415964417 which I’d then paste in the appropriate field in the xml tuning.


The next entry, tan_body will change depending on the tuning class you are using.  See this helpful list for the correct entry to use here:



The entries highlighted in red will likely have to change based on the body details you are incorporating.  The outfit_type will vary depending on the AdditionalTextureSpace of the cas items you want to use my system.




I’ll attach a text file named ‘outfit_types.txt’ which includes a name (it won’t be exact) which will match up with the AdditionalTextureSpace entry and its value in decimal.   Enter that value in decimal for this tuning entry.  Please take note, all cas items in a single snippet tuning must use the same outfit_type.  If you need to use parts that use a different outfit_type then please make a new tuning file.


The author entry is just the name of the mod author that made the cas items, perhaps the easiest entry to understand.  This probably didn’t need an explanation.

The last entry is a list of tuning items known as tan_body.  As mentioned above, the name for this list varies depending on the kind of tuning you make.  You can put as many items in this list as you want but all entries must be in decimal!  To get the instance id’s of the cas item you want to add.  Open up the package with the body details in sims 4 studio.  Then click on the ‘Type’ column (which may be in the warehouse tab) to sort by type and scroll if you have to too the CAS Part entries:




The instance Id here is what you want. Sadly Sims 4 studio doesn’t let you copy it directly out of the table so go over to the data tab to the right for each CAS item and scroll down until you find the Key section and look at the instance entry:




This is the instance id in hexadecimal. To get it in decimal you will have to covert it. Go to the tools menu and then open the hash generator:


Where you will find this:



You will need to paste the hexadecimal instance id into the hexadecimal field and press enter, this will generate the nuber in decimal above. Paste this number into my tuning file. Now repeat this for the other cas parts and save the package, place it in your mods folder (if not already) and test it. You should be all set!



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