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  1. Lol, no worries. Thank you for asking. There is someone over on the WW discord which likes to blame my mod for things going wrong pretty frequently when it's not the case. Idk if this is the same person that I'm thinking of, but it wouldn't surprise me. I did get a patreon reporting this problem too.... but for them it ended up being very low pregnancy chances set in their WW settings, lol. Hope everything is going smoothly for you now!!! Thank you for that last exception. Just updating the mod should resolve it You know, I wonder if it's possible the room or the lot which Is causing the error. Could you try setting it on a different lot? This is a super strange bug...... Hmmmm, check for duplicates too if I haven't mentioned already. Finally, if you still get the error then try a minimal install test on a new save (just WW, WP, MCC, BMD). If you are still getting the error even after all of this resend me the LE again just so I can verify no new information has popped up and give it another look. Lol the numbing balm sounds like it could be some fun. After succubi are out, I'll re-look at the timespan too. I've gotten enough complaints about the length now for me to shorten it a bit. Hey, this typically happens when the mod is installed incorrectly. Please carefully re-read the installation instructions, paying special care to how deep you place my files in your mod folder. Script mods can't be further than 1 subfolder deep from the root (Mods) folder. This means 'Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / NisasWickedPerversions / files go here` is okay but 'Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / Some Folder / NisasWickedPerversions / files go here` is not. Also make sure you have the latest version of WW and Basemental drugs installed (the latest public/free versions are fine too) and if you are getting any Last Exception files (called LEs for short) then please send them my way. beat me to it ty, and, Sure enough, I did miss this one, It was when I got behind on messages here and went through a bunch of them rapidly, this one does sound like possibly a bug but maybe not: Are you still getting this bug with the latest version of my mod and ww? Are you getting any Last Exception reports from anywhere, what other nsfw mods do you have installed besides animations. Could it be because your clients are auto applying condoms which, by default, have a small chance of failure? This doesn't sound like normal behavior. Also the farm visit only produces a pregnancy during a rare event (with normal sex chances). For most players, it does not. Lol. excellent, I understand now. I'll see what I can do to make it better. Is it the text that you find offensive or purely the clutter? Thank you for the suggestions. I wouldn't mind adding some next level to the caged birds at some point where you 'mind break' them and they get some pink refilled from non owners at some cost. As for preventing pink from being depleted, a reward trait is possible but I thin I need to just rework what happens at zero pink. Like maybe see if I could cap either the pink motive at 50 percent until tune up or cap other motives while low pink. I agree something better needs to be done here. Hey kymioksys, thank you for the additional info. It does look like you have a correct installation.... could it be that you are testing with a sim which is too young? Try a young adult or older sim. Also, are you getting any Last Exception files. It doesn't look like you use MCC but maybe install it once just to see if there is some other mod which is causing a nasty LE. P.S. I know I responded to you above but I'm keeping you quoted there because there are a few more things you could try, like clearing the cache. Glad you were able to get everything working It's just saying the prostitute isn't able to join the situation. Which is pretty odd but could happen if the prostitute is in some important active situation. For example, if they are in a holiday event, but it could also happen if there is something wrong with your sim specifically. Like if your sim is based on a special celeb event npc (which has locked sim info data) try with a different sim, or even a vanilla rng sim in a new save to test for this possibility. It sounds like a string table conflict. Make sure you don't have duplicate versions of my mod installed by mistake, try clearing the cache. And if that doesn't work then try a minimal install and then the 50/50 method to narrow down which mod could be conflicting with the string tables in my mod.
  2. Send to Nisa or Nisa sad. :)




    Keep getting this error each time I start up the game, anything I can do about it? 



  4. I'm sorry to disturb you. I installed Nisa in my game. But there seems to be something wrong with him. Notice bar prompts me to send this to you. I hope it can help me solve the problem. Besides, thank you for making such a great mod. I really like it.


  5. after inserting the mod, Wicked Whims no longer works perfectly. Relationship requests are no longer accepted. What could be causing this?

  6. hi how are you, i used to have this mod a while ago and it use to give me the eden option on the phone now i can not find it any where not even on the computer. HELP 

  7. It's a known bug. You can use MCC cheats to get around it for the time being, or wait for a hotpatch. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. This is either because you are using an out of date version of the game or because you are using the legacy version. That has never been reported to be from my mod, but there was some user that had a bugged out pregnancy somewhere (lots of people will send me things by proxy) raising a big stink blaming my mod but they never came to be directly with it. I would be very surprised to hear if it was my mod. I suggest trying a minimal install to see if the problem goes away. Try the cheat command 'nisa.unslave' Lol, I had to read that twice for it to register. Are you saying that like none prostitutes are getting the interaction to show on objects? If so then that definitely wasn't my intention and I can patch it. That's a weird bug.... it's like the anchor object's room can't be retrieved.... Did you change the anchor object in some way after setting it? Maybe try clicking on a object and clearing both anchor objects and the marked object?
  8. It's either because you are trying with a sim which isn't of an appropriate age, you have a installation error (you placed my script file too deeply in your mod folder or you have duplicate files installed), or there is some other mod in your game which is so broken that it's snowballing and breaking other mods which load after it. Hey Blue! I'm fairly sure that the pop goal is just broken now.... but it's not impossible that maxis has screwed up aspirations in some more ways. I haven't checked recently to see if it was fixed, but there was a time recently where an aspiration goal would get completed but it wouldn't show in the UI as completed until a game reload thanks to a maxis UI bug (which not everyone would get and those that did get it usually wouldn't get it all the time). Thank you for the compliments Zemacz! Lol, I'm very aware of this problem. Don't worry, a fix will be coming which disables the chat after sex feature for most prostituting situations (minus like the special escort dates where the end goal isn't necessarily just to bang). Thank you for the LE! In case someone hasn't helped you already, just updating my mod should resolve this issue Hey Deadin (Ditto for BellumDei)! In case you haven't been helped yet, It sounds like you are trying to apply the trait to a NPC. My mod has a special system in place where it removes my cas traits from NPCs. They are meant for played sims only. If they are played characters then it's probably because they have the carefree reward trait (thank you Lazlo for reminding me about this!) Since carefree reward trait removes negative buffs from sims... it sorta conflicts in major ways with the purpose of sensually tight!!! Oh gosh, I completely forgot about the carefree reward trait conflict!!!! Thank you for reminding me!!! Hey DarkAudit, I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing some troubles. There's a lot more going on under the hood with the piercing system than just buffs and traits, as you can see, using cheats to mess with this data can cause sims to get invalid data stuck to them (which is causing this LE). Maybe try uninstalling the mod, make a new test save, and then reinstall to see if the bugged data values have been cleared, they should be. Just out of curiosity, what cheats are you really wanting for the piercing system? There's a soft conflict with the latest release of BMD which makes base hate everyone even if the mod is installed it doesn't cause any problems outside of the bug in the LE but I will have it patched when the next hotpatch is needed. Hope that makes sense! Thank you for the LE, it's not from my mob but looks like it's possible base game. The little info I can find about it online seems to suggest it has to do with not sharing your data with EA. Pheromonal Flower sims who are High on weed while running a climax animation should get the effect too Thank you for the LE. It's either because you have an out of date version of the game or because you are playing on legacy.
  9. Hey Nisa,

    I was trying to complete the Trophy Wife aspiration and it wasn't progressing with just pop music. Everything thing else worked! To be specific, my sim would listen to the pop music but it wasn't progressing.

  10. please help me 😢What should I do? 


  11. Hi Nisa,


      another error - something to with moistness - I have a mermaid in the household so expect that's related.




  12. Hey Noval33, I'm surprised you want to disable the slutting uniform. All prostitutes have one even if you don't set it, then it just goes to the global defaults. 🤔 This is a new one. Never had such an error report before. It may be your WW gender settings or a bug associated with a custom penis you are using. I doubt it's from my mod. I'd be interested in knowing what's causing the heart eyes to get stuck. This can be a few things including mods with broken appearance modifiers, but in the mean time you can use the console command nisa.remove_hearts to remove the heart eyes. Hey Babybambi! Thank you for the LE and your kind words, this is happening because you are using the legacy version of the game. That's real weird. Did you maybe uninstall the mod, or disable all mods for a short period of time, saved, and then reinstalled? Thank you for the LE, this is a EA bug related to universities. Same issue as babybambi above, you have the legacy version of the game installed. Hey Kurikinton, I've been moving in the direction of less control for indebt sims rather than more. I'm surprised that WW doesn't have an easy way to disable animations for categories you don't like en masse. It may be a fun suggestion to make to TURBO. As for the problem with clients not showing up on the list, classically this has been because the client was flagged by the game to leave the lot, leaving sims never show on WW and it can sometimes take up to 2 sim hours for a flagged sim to finally leave. The Zone Director is sorta slow in that regard. The other, more common, possibility is just that the client and prostitute sim isn't close enough for WW to register them on the list together. Finally, although I haven't heard of this problem in at least a year, it could be gender settings restricting who can sex each other. Thank you for the post simaleelee. So, if I'm understanding correctly, sex is failing because say.... client bob asks for anal sex but you have no anal sex animations installed??? You are the first to report this. I'll look into adding a patch to remove categories from being picked if no animations for that category are installed. I'm not really understanding. You chose who to send to the farm. My mod also doesn't have a submissive or domination classes. If you are using the aspiration then you will need to play through the stages. The aspirations are meant for relatively blank sims inorder to guide gameplay. The final stage will be to marry and then to get deflowered. If you do it before then the sim won't be happy. Hey! Thank you for the LE! This is a uncommon bug that seems to pop up a bit more around update time with my mod's (but NOT your game's) save data. Simply go into your The Sims 4/saves folder and back up the WickedPereversionsMod folder before deleting it. This will reset my mod's settings to default (which you can then setup how you wish again, but it should clear the error. If by chance it doesn't, which is even more rare. Then try deleting your sims 4 cache, delete the folder again, and then start a new save. Verify no LE, save the new save. Then load your old save. But this second method is very very very rarely ever needed. Try the first method, it works 99 percent of the time for this bug! Hey Tmvaegis, just update my mod 😛 NEVAAAAA But you can use cheats to remove it and keep it from reoccurring. There's a setting found on the tam explorer settings menu for resetting your sim's virginity. Currently legacy is not supported. Also, to add to Lazlo's wonderful response, most part of this mod won't do anything to your game unless you interact with them minus two. Wicked Mermaids and virginity loss. You can set the chances of a torn hymen to zero in the settings menu if you wish and, as Lazlo mentions, you can disable Wicked Mermaids entirely.
  13. Hi! i downloaded ur mod, (i have the legacy edition) and when i want to play with a family, it shows to choose the world that i want to play, i don't know if this mod works with the version

  14. hi i did what you said deleted those files and im still getting last exception message any time i try to get my girls to "start servicing client" :(

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