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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that it looks like WP survived todays game update and won't need a patch! No, you are right. That is annoying to self manage. 'm not quite sure how I wish to tackle it. I'll look into a way to disable depravity loss for the unrestrained form specifically on npc succubi sims but there should be some more autonomy around switching forms too, as well as a way to ask a npc succubus to show their occult/human form. I'll fix this soon. Completely agree. For succubi, they don't view sex like humans do. If one were to visualize lust as some mix of hunger (think of the popular phrases, 'he's so cute i could just eat him up' or 'I want to taste him' and so forth) and the desire to have passionate love with the implied outcome being procreation. Succubi don't have a high lust for purposes of procreation, their lust is much more on the 'hunger' or 'consume' side of the desire than the 'love' side. It's more like essential nutrition. If succubi were real, they would probably privately laugh at our notions of romantic love and cheating. Maybe publicly too if they could smell that humiliation aroused their prey. Anywho, if eating a sammich had the chance to make you pregnant and make eating more sammiches difficult. Then it would interfere with getting nutrition. Thus succubi will not have normal reproduction. Instead the method of reproduction will be a perversion of sex gender roles. Succubi are typically female, and thus to reproduce they will temporarily magically grow a demonic penis. If they then inject their seed into a DoEH the DoEH will produce a special demonic egg. Place the egg in the world and overtime it will grow until it hatches to a consenting age succubus offspring. Now there's another question here. Should Succubi have some sort of reproductive cycle? like a heat cycle conterpart to a menstrual cycle? I'm not really sure about this, but I'm very open to hearing people's thoughts on the matter. Incubi, when added, will have a different but complementary type of preproduction btw. It should be safe. Each succubus in the mortal realm will be bound to the realm via a personalized summoning tome which will be used for power unlocks and other things. If I can't give old succubus a tome automatically then i'll have a console command to give them a tome. When it comes to their sim data however, they are really stable. Situations are designed in a les than ideal way. I really need to find a way to overcome this limitation. Anywho if your sim is in a heavily controlled lot or placed in a higher priority situation (which is contextual rather than an absolute priority, think rock paper scissors sort of system) then a bit of code called the 'bouncer' can decide that the sim shouldn't be in another situation. The only way I know of right now is to override situations for all lot types to force enable the situation but I'm looking for a better way to go about it. Anywho, to summarize. The game is bullheadedly thinking the client shouldn't be in your player generated prostitution situation. Usually this is because of a a higher priority player situation running but has been known to be caused by third party mods which place all sims in a situation too, at times. If you can't figure out what the conflicting situation is then I recommend testing with a minimal install. This error is typically because of an out of date age tuning override (think like longer living mods). The code is saying that the aging data for foxes can't be retrieved (which is what keyerror 5 is here). You'll need to 50/50 to find out what mod is overriding the aging tuning file in your game with out of date data. I experiment with many features in the mod but none moreso than with my miscellaneous or 'Wicked WTF' features. The vape pen is using a new type of solid state machine which i'm toying with overhauling Sensually Tight Sims with. One downside right now, as you accurately state, is the lack of a timeout string. I'm investigating ways to fake that data but it may be that this type of solid state machine isn't as ideal as i'd like it to be for drugs. Right now I have an artificial cap enforced on Strip club Prostitutes. Only 2 at a time can work. They are actually prototyping a shared buff system (where all the prostitute stripper share a single buff and share data through that buff). I've had many complaints on this limit being too conservative. I'll look into raising it to be equal to the amount of escort locks on a strip club lot to encourage the use of escort locks. Unless someone has a more fun idea
  2. Hey boss! I've had wicked perversions for a while now but i just recently checked out wicked succibi. I turned my sim into one, and I was just wondering what else they can do, like what does the "Greater Powers" mean

  3. cxos

    Hi @NisaK, can you please help me figure out how to fix this??? Thanks!!!!!


  4. Hey hurricane 2! Wicked Mermaids is already included in the mod, just don't install the disabler package and the modifications should be active
  5. Hello Nisa,
    I can no longer play Nisa's Perverson because Wicked Whims has been updated or a new version has been updated. Every time I want to offer my Sim his body an error message comes up and it no longer works.


  6. Hey Deejayz, No need to apologize. Don't worry I understand. Also my prostitutes totally need some love. I know there are quite a few frustrated at me, I don't begrudge feedback. I also agree totally on splitting the mod up in some way, to make it easier for people who want xyz content to both find xyz content and stay up to date on said comment. Having two big and such different concepts under the same mod isn't ideal anymore, but splitting things up will need to be done carefully. I'm considering like a Wicked Perversions Framework, Wicked Perversinons: Prostitution, Wicked Perversions: Occult perhaps. There is a common code base shared through all my features so I'll need to find the best and least confusing way to share those details. Lol, sorry, the LL.3.2 notice went live before the update! Everything should be fine now! This will be coming. Test code already exists for it in my dev build! Could it be that Debt payments are now calculated on payout but not actually taken from the sim until midnight? Originally it was instantaneous but now it's all taken in one chunk at the end of the day. You can see how much is due each night by checking the tam tab on your phone. I mean, maybe For research purposes. Research purposes only. Joking aside don't worry, it just checks versions. No data is uploaded from your game, only a version number downloaded to temporary memory and compared. It's a tad extreme, lol!
  7. Hello Nisa!

    my doll's eyes don't change to heart eyes, even though the pink bar is full and I can see glowing pink effect around sim's face.

    I had tried to fix it by myself cuz I really love the effect.. but I haven't find what's the problem.


    I always thank you for your amazing work!


  8. Heylo,  your mod for the Son of the Hare and other traits are my favorite, Also the prostitution  element.   I just re-downloaded the mods you have listed on this thread 



    And when I played every 5 seconds I would get an alert about errors and out dated mod files etc. I emailed Wicked Whims, they said that my Nisa mods are outdated and referred me to the above link.  I thought it was just the game bugging out so I logged out and restarted, And  this time I got an alert to email Nisa and let her/them know that the mod is broken or outdated.  My exception error report is  attached.   I hope that you are able to  fix the issue soon.  I love this mod so so much.  But I am not able to subscirbe to the patreon  at this time bc I am unemployed due to disability, but once I can, I hope to  subscribe to the patreon.  This is one of my favorite mods, as an erotica writer, it gives me so many ideas.  Hope you are well, NisaK, sincerely, alienacolyte


  9. Hi,

    I downloaded your wicked perversions mod, everything works fine EXCEPT legit every 3 seconds a notification comes up with something along the lines of  "maybe i should wear something more slutty" and "no ones interested right now" its really annoying, especially if the girl already has her slutty outfit on, so its very bizarre. 


    1. keldas


      This happens only when you're wearing your slutty outfit. It basically means your sim is failing at enticing people to solicit them. 

  10. Hi Nisa. I'm not sure if this is the place to do it, but I keep getting this error message and the game told me to submit this file somewhere. 


  11. Hey Deejayz! I'm sorry for your frustration. If it's any consolation. I've been frustrated with myself this year too. It's been a slow year for me. We all can't be at our 100 percent all the time, but I am always trying to do better. While I can't focus on everyone's fetishes and wants all the time, creating succubi for the sims has been a long standing dream of mine. A lot of WP was made as testbeds for features for the eventual arrival of succubi. Now that it's here, I have been showing them lots of love. I know it's not everyone's cup of cum and that prostitution has been neglected. However, like features from other parts of the mod was developed for Succubi, some features of succubi have been developed with the mind of moving it back over to prostitution. In particular 2 new and powerful sex detection frameworks have been created, new ways to modify situations, and, yes, I even have plans for the occult form to make it's way back into a brand new escort career. Prostitutes will be getting some love again soon. They need it and I know many of my fans are waiting on it. Anywho, for the cup of cum. I'm not aware of recent changes to the system and it still works in my game. I'm about to release a content update to LL which may fix the bug you are seeing (since I'm not seeing it in my game at the moment, But I'm testing with the new LL update that's about to release). To qualify as being an auto donor to the spank bank a sim must have an evil, materialistic, bro, or slob trait, be a npc (meaning in the household management screen they must show under other households), they must not be a hidden sim. Thank you for your report. I'll look into this some more to see if there's something I can do. I don't believe I can ban the eyes completely from showing up on npcs without causing some bugs in other areas but I should at least be able to prevent them from spawning on children. You aren't a bother at all! Mannaquin is from an old defunct feature. It's not currently used in the mod and will be removed in the next LL content update coming this month, sooner rather than later. However that's not actually the cause of this bug. Rather this usually happens because a default replacer mod is broken. When a default cas item, say a skintone, can't be applied to the sim then the game tries to find other CAS items to replace it. For some reason the game loves my mannequins. You may want to try to find the default replacer that's broken still. In either case, the mannequins will be removed from the mod.
  12. Hi!

    Every time I open my game this error pops up.

    I downloaded the most recent mode, but I don't know what the problem is.

    Can you help me?


    Ver LL.3.1gd at Time: Fri Nov 19 21:11:52 2021 on Windows with WW v166d and Basemental 7.13.144 on
     Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_3_1gd\NisaK\utilities\hazard_detector.py", line 83, in wrapper
      File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_3_1gd\NisaK\utilities\ww_overrides\miscarriage_injecting.py", line 21, in nisa_disable_miscarriages
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'test_globals'

  13. Thank you for the LE! Weird. A none object got into your list of zone modifiers somehow. My guess is a broken custom zone modifier. In any case i'll code a check for this into this and release it in todays hotpatch for you. I'd still suggest try finding what zone modifier is bugged out if you can however. For my Patreon version, this'll probably be a silent patch today. Hey, this typically happens when the mod is installed incorrectly. Please carefully re-read the installation instructions, paying special care to how deep you place my files in your mod folder. Script mods can't be further than 1 subfolder deep from the root (Mods) folder. This means 'Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / NisasWickedPerversions / files go here` is okay but 'Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / Some Folder / NisasWickedPerversions / files go here` is not. Also make sure you have the latest version of WW and Basemental drugs installed (the latest public/free versions are fine too) and if you are getting any Last Exception files (called LEs for short) then please send them my way. I'm glad you are enjoying the mod!
  14. Hmm, weird. I tested it today in my dev build (where i'm working on the patch to today's update) and it's still working for me. Could you send over the LE so I might see what's going wrong in your game?
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