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  1. Whose this person spreading this propaganda! The mod definitely needs a hotpatch, look at these LEs!!! And now it has a hotpach! Thanks guys!
  2. Hello, The mod survived the game update today!!!! It shouldn't need a special hotpatch for it!!!
  3. Getting married is the last stage of the aspiration, it tests for the getting married event and not for a marriage status in order to complete. So if you get married before the aspiration tells you too and have sex then you will get the negative moodlet. Use the debug menu in the settings menu (for my mod) to reset your sims virginity. It does seem like base game sims are all without any gender preference. Try enable testingcheats and then shift clicking on your sim, going to WP extras, and setting their gender preference! It should help out quite a bit! Orgy eve
  4. French Google Translate: Je t'en prie!! English: Your Welcome! It's something I want to add Well drats. Thank you for testing it out. You could try with a minimal install (WW, BMD, WP) as a none script mod could cause this error too. Another idea is that your game data may have become corrupted and you need to do a game repair. But in either case, I patched the code in my dev version for this issue so it'll be fixed in the next hotfix or content update! Oh gosh, it sounds like i'm going to need to test nail polish!!! To remove guilty pleasure yo
  5. These are errors from an old version of my mod. Be sure you don't have duplicates of my mod installed. I bet you have an old bit of tuning overriding tuning from a newer version!
  6. I understand what you are saying. I don't have complete control over the arousal system because I wanted it to integrate into WW's desire system (all sims actually have a desire motive in game, it's just hidden). Ideally, I think it would be best if the rate of gain could be controlled dynamically (as opposed to the desire level being controlled dynamically as it is right now. The difference is nuanced). With the current system in the game there isn't a way to do this efficiently at the moment (motives/statistics aren't actually calculated in real time during gameplay that's an illusion, rathe
  7. See below Thank you for the feedback on desire. As long as a succubus doesn't go sex craze while off screen, there is a system built in which automatically handles desire and depravity while you are off playing another household. However these away actions have a stochastic element to them, which one runs depends on the desires of the sims while they are in the unplayed household. So, given enough time I'd expect Succubi to go sex crazed. Still, it may be too rough. I'm investigating further. Keep in mind that succubus desire is always growing. It's not like human desire which nat
  8. Lol this is fine. I actually didn't have gallery support originally planned for succubi and given that the sim data exits on a server, I wasn't planning on adding support at all. Modifying that's stored on a server starts to move from the modding territory to a darker territory and I wasn't interested in going that direction. However, when releasing my true occult form system another patron tested it and it happened to work minus that weird gallery visual bug. To fix it, i'd probably need to edit UI code, but it's harmless and UI code is very difficult to modify so I'm content with how i
  9. I'm sorry about being so quiet recently. I was laser focused on debugging and tweaking the new sex location finding code! But I think it should work a lot more how you'd expect now! The Patreon and the LL version of WP actually use a different system for applying true occult forms. The every outfit looking the same is a bug of the LL system that's mentioned in the mod description and will be fixed in the next LL content update. Months went into making occult forms work and I didn't want to make you guys wait longer than was absolutely needed before experiencing i
  10. Quick drive by to let you guys know WP should be compatible with the latest WW and game update. I do want to release a patch sometime soon however to address some long time bugs with my sex location finding code, so that's what I'm focusing on at the moment. I'll get it out as soon as possible. This upcoming patch should also fix the door fetish bug some are experiencing (their prostitutes preferring to have sex almost exclusively on doors). Sex code is complicated so bare with me while I carefully make the changes for my mod.
  11. Hey, this typically happens when the mod is installed incorrectly. Please carefully re-read the installation instructions, paying special care to how deep you place my files in your mod folder. Script mods can't be further than 1 subfolder deep from the root (Mods) folder. This means 'Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / NisasWickedPerversions / files go here` is okay but 'Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / Some Folder / NisasWickedPerversions / files go here` is not. Also make sure you have the latest version of WW and Basemental drugs installed (the latest pub
  12. The door fetish is being looked at right now. I'm looking at it closely with an animator atm. I think we are getting closer to an answer to this bug. I still haven't been able to replicate it but i've been able to get more info from the animator who is. I think, contrary to intuition, it's not a location finding issue but a animiation test issue of some sort. We are getting closer. For now you guys can try what invisible recommends below and change the location preference settings. It doesn't fix the bug ofc, but at least it may help you play normally until a new solution is found.
  13. If you mark your sim to not age (which can be easily achieved with a mod such as MCC, then their life won't be drained, for now. But long term, I agree with you. The succubi in their current form and until powers are added, will be what I consider to be 'base succubi' the lowest level of a full succubus. In the future I will definitely be adding ways that you can protect the life force of certain partners!!! Getting a true occult form system was just such a technical challenging and time consuming thing that I didn't have a bunch of time to focus on other features besides the basic
  14. There are some reports that doors, for some strange reason, are massively preferred sex locations in some games. I haven't been able to replicate this yet in my game but it's being looked into. Thank you for being around for the first release of Succubi!!! Yes, the idea behind sex crazed is that succubi become so sex starved that they sleep essentially with anything on two legs. It's a super horny state where logic takes a back seat to everything that's not lewd. Essentially they become a sex fiend. So they won't care that they are married to Bob, Ron is here now and Ron ha
  15. Status update before i head off to hunt nourishment! I've finally been able to begin doing the mod description overhaul in earnest! There are still some bugs but so far I've been able to work around them. I fully suspect to have Wicked Succubi out before I log off today and I'll tell you if there is anything which pops up preventing me to do so. In the meantime, check out the new mod description (it's very WIP, as parts are deleted and converted over to a new format, or rewritten), most importantly, the link for the Wicked Succubi description is now in the post!!!
  16. Quick status update before I head offline! I heard back from LL and got the permissions for the workaround we think we'll work! I'll try it out tomorrow when I log on and keep you informed!
  17. Small status update. I'm unsure if the bug will be resolved but I believe I'm around the corner from getting the permissions I need to work around this bug and upload a new version to LL. Hopefully not much longer. Thank you for your patience!!!!
  18. It's a cute term for prostitute I was trying to be overly clever when i made the mod, having some fun 😅 I'm sorry for the confusion!
  19. Thank you for all the feedback and suggestions! I want to let you know that I'm still in talks with the LL team and I think we are close to finding a workaround. I'll be releasing it asap. To be clear it's a site bug. So it's not the size of my mod but something to do with my mod's download page specifically which doesn't allow me to fully edit the download. So when I try to edit it, it will usually block me from editing it fully or sometimes only edit it partially (as you can see right now). This upcoming update is a really serious one. It's the first true cc occult in any sims game. It
  20. This is correct. There's a bug where I can't fully update the new description which is being looked into. Wicked Succubi is such a massive update that it requires a description rewrite. I'm not going to push it out blindly. So, I'm trying to find a solution to the site bug with the support staff at LL while considering other options for uploading a new version. Potentially even splitting the mod up earlier than expected into several mods so each feature can still get a description. I'm sorry again for the inconvenience. It's being looked into.
  21. Sadly may be necessary for the mod. 🥺 But for patching and maintenance, it was definitely easier to keep it as one package.
  22. The mod may just be too big... I can do small edits to the post but not large ones. It seems like it's finally time to split the mod up into several mods, but that will be a longer project and won't have things ready in a timely fashion. Exploring other options for getting this update out.
  23. Another status update! It's confirmed a site bug. I'll be running another upload test shortly to see if it's resolved!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!
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