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Where are the limits ?

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6 minutes ago, poblivion said:

I still did not understand the system the maximum number of animations.  According to the text below, I have exceeded the limit, but everything is working fine. 




How many animations do you have installed?


By no means do I know all the workings of FNIS. What I have come to understand is that The limit is NOT a hard number. It does NOT involve the number of creature animations at all (unless you want to scrape up and use every creature animation available that is). I know that older animations tend to weigh more "heavily" when Fore calculates your chance of CTD. Otherwise, my old formula appears to hold water. That uses what I've referred to as "effective animations." Every alternate animation counts as 3 effective animations. Every pose animation counts as 1/2 (0.5) animation and every "standard" animation counts as itself. When you add up these "effective animations" you should not exceed 14000 (once again please note that this is character animations only). As I've already mentioned, this makes a useful rule of thumb and there will be exceptions.

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