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Sexlab Interactive Arousal 1.031 SE

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Sexlab Interactive Arousal 1.031 SE

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I did not create this mod. This is just a port. Only SLIA-Legendary was modified, to reflect changes in USSEP and Skyrim SE game version 1.5.80. If this is not allowed I will redo it as a separate patch file. All credit goes to BurnyD.


I did create the SLIA-Skooma Dealers patch; all credit for that mod goes to its author. The patch makes all alcohol and drugs from SSE (all DLC) and from Skooma Dealers of Skyrim, function with SLIA. plus adds VendorItemPotion keyword + delete Flag=Food for compatibility with Chasing the Dragon. It also adds the drunk effect to some DB alcohols that were missed. And it carries over appropriate changes from USSEP (for game version 1.5.80).


There is now a patch to do this for Bruma too! More to come (maybe)


From the original mode page:

Sexlab Interactive Arousal 1.031

About This File

This mod will attempt to serve as a framework that takes in-game objects and ties them into the Sexlab Aroused framework. In other words, when your character reads an erotic book, they get turned on. When they put on an Amulet of Dibella, they get a little thrill.

I have included some files to handle items from the game and DLCs in the main download, but it is quite easy to incorporate content from other mods into the framework. I have rounded up some good candidates and made extensions for them, but any mod author should feel free to use this framework in their own work (whether attaching this as a master or just using the logic directly).

This mod is nothing more than a bridge between the content and the Aroused framework. For all files supporting other mods, all credit goes to that mod's author for its content. All files supporting content from other mods require you to first install that mod and load my file after it, unless otherwise stated.

New Features:
Potions - Boner Juice and Fortified Boner Juice included in Core (must acquire via console in game)
Spells - Sexual Healing (self and targeted) included in Core (must acquire via console in game)
Alcohol and Skooma
Many effects support being triggered by NPCs. The easiest way to see this is when they equip clothing (after a Sexlab scene, for example). Go bed a bar wench and see her get a little turned on as she puts back on her Tavern Clothes.

New in Core 1.31 - Ability toggle messages on or off.

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Using the console (press ~)...

Toggle messages for the Player -
OFF: set SLIA_PlayerMessages to 0
ON: set SLIA_PlayerMessages to 1

Toggle messages for NPCs -
OFF: set SLIA_NPCMessages to 0
ON: set SLIA_NPCMessages to 1

Known Issue:
If you add an arousal trigger to an object that is already in your inventory when you install the file, you will need to drop the item and pick it back up for it to work.

Sexlab Framework
Sexlab Aroused Redux
Parent mod (and any requirements) if applicable

SLIA - Core v1.031
Master file and scripts, must install.

SLIA - Vanilla v1.03
Support for objects from Skyrim and the DLCs.

SLIA - Legendary v1.03
Same as Vanilla, but all in one .esp

SLIA - Requiem v1.03
Compatibility patch for Requiem (v1.9.41), Requiem - Hearthfires and NRM Dragonborn.

Vanilla items included:

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Books (trigger on reading)
The Lusty Argonian Maid v1
The Lusty Argonian Maid v2
Racial Phylogeny
The Sultry Argonian Bard (Dawnguard)
Lusty Argonian Maid Folio (Dragonborn)

Alcohol and drugs (trigger on ingesting)
Basically all of them, too many to list. If I missed one let me know.

Potions (trigger on use)
Stallion Potion
Falmer Blood Elixir

Objects (trigger on picking up or grabbing)
Small Statue of Dibella

Clothing (trigger on equipping)
Amulet of Dibella
Amulet of Mara
Tavern Clothes

Activated Objects (trigger on activating)
Altar of Dibella
Shrine of Dibella
Shrine of Mara

Files for other mods:
SMUT Books by GornGrimm (v.01d)

SLIA - Books of Skyrim
Books of Skyrim by Thulas (v1.8)

SLIA - The Devious Manual
The Devious Manual by Content Consumer (v2.1.6)

Instructions for implementing into your own mod on an existing item:

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I will assume for the purpose of these instructions that you know how to use the Creation Kit, but are not familiar with scripts.

In the core I have provided a number of prepackaged scripts that you can use to put an arousal trigger on your object. They all start with the prefix SLIA (not SLIA_Core), followed by what type of object they are for, and if there are more than one for that object, a number indicating the strength of the trigger. Bigger number, bigger effect.

1) In the Creation Kit, open your file along with SexlabInteractiveArousal.esm
2) Find the object you want to assign an arousal trigger to and open it.
2a) If you are adding this to a spell, potion, food or drink, you can't add the script directly to the object. You need to add it to a magic effect. You can see in the object what magic effect it is applying and follow the rest of the directions for the magic effect record instead, or in the case of potions, food and drink you can simply add one of the prepackaged SLIA magic effects and be done (SLIA_PotionEffect for example). For spells, the magic effects are too tailored to the spell they are used on so you should probably not try to use the SLIA magic effects I used in the example spells.
3) Go to the Scripts section and click Add.
4) Search for SLIA.
5) Pick an appropriate script (book scripts for books, weapon script for a weapon, etc).
6) Select the script once it's added and click Properties.
7) In the properties window, select the property (there is only one) and then click Edit Value on the right.
? In the dropdown menu, select SLIA_Core.
9) Click OK, then save the Object and your mod.

You're done, interacting with that object will now trigger arousal, and SexlabInteractiveArousal.esm should be a required master for your mod.

Instructions for creating custom triggers:

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So you know how to add the scripts, but now you want to customize yours?

1) Find one of the object scripts I provided that does what you want to do (Books for books, Clothes for apparel, etc). This is so you have a template. Copy everything but the first line from my script.
2) Open your object and create a new script.
3) Paste the copied contents of my script into your new script. Do not change the first line of your new script (which is why you didn't copy the first line out of mine).
3a) If you are dealing with an object type that is not supported yet, you can probably still use the template, you just might have to use a different event. This might require some googling or asking on the forum for guidance.
4) In your script, change iExposure to the amount of exposure you would like your trigger to cause. This number will be multiplied by the user's exposure rate to calculate increase in arousal. Default exposure rate is 2, so an exposure of 5 will by default increase arousal by 10.
5) In your script, change sPlayerMale and sPlayerFemale to the messages you would like displayed to each gender when the player triggers the effect. Change sTargetMale and sTargetFemale for NPC messages, if applicable.
6) Save and compile. Make sure you set the property to SLIA_Core.
6a) If you are having trouble compiling, people on this site are very helpful in figuring out what is wrong.

Change Log:

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6/27/2016 - Core 1.031
- Added console toggle for messages per request, no other content or functionality changes.

6/24/2016 - Core v1.03, Vanilla v1.03, Legendary v1.03, Requiem v1.03
- Added alcohol, skooma, and stallion potion, and falmer blood elixir.
- Added 2 core spells
- Made clothing, potions, and ingestibles support being triggered by an NPC.

6/12/2015 - Core v1.02, Vanilla v1.02, Requiem v1.01
- Changed how the shrines and altar were handled. Arousal now triggers on application of the magic effect the object applies, rather than on activation of the object. This allows for other mods that might block use of the object to also block the arousal. Specifically, since I use Requiem, it prevented a shrine that wasn't blessing the character from arousing the character. I wasn't able to do the same for amulets because those magic effects aren't unique to that object.
- Consequently, was able to pare down the Requiem file as it no longer needed records for the shrines.
- Added a potion script to the core, as well as 2 template potions (since they are a little more complicated to set up). The template potions are...
Boner Juice - increases arousal only
Fortified Boner Juice - increases arousal and increases stamina for 2 minutes
These potions are not placed in game at all, but you can use the console to get some if you want to try them out.

5/6/2015 - Core v1.01a
- Bug fix in one of the trigger scripts

5/4/2015 - Core v1.01, Vanilla v1.01, Requiem v1.00
- Slight update to core script and child scripts to support future plans
- Added more items to vanilla file and gave some custom triggers
- Added Requiem compatibility patch for items that it changes
- Updated The Devious Manual to 2.1.6 compatibility

- Renamed .esp files to keep the file name shorter and repackaged the vanilla assets into their own download
- Uploaded Devious Manual v2.1.4 extension


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2 hours ago, GerdWagner said:

Implementing it yourself does not work for me.

I tried it via SSedit and once after instructions with CreationKit. Both times unfortunately without effect.

Okay, it's working. But I have to remove the armor from the inventory before I put it back on again.

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  • 4 months later...

I am having problems with the download of this mod, all the files are still form 43, including the esm, and I don't know how to convert the esm to form 44. if this is a mod ported to be for special edition then form 43 plugins won't work. Is anyone else having this issue?

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  • 1 month later...
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  • 5 months later...
  • 2 months later...

Sorry for not getting back to people. I have been away for some time. To answer some of your questions, yes i know its form id 43 but it should work just fine in SE. Opening the file in creation kit and re-saving should update the form id tho. I AM planning to update this soon, but it should work as is with the latest version of skyrim se. also, last I checked, Skooma Dealers of Skyrim for oldrim worked fine for me in SSE so i didnt see any reason to do a port of that. For now, the Bruma patch is just for people who are also using Skooma Dealers. Kudos to GerdWagner for the updated scripts. Glad some people are getting some use out of this. I will try to do an update soon guys!

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