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  1. Do the perks actually give you any effect or are they more like achievements?
  2. your best bet is to make plugins esl's. That can be done with the eslify guide. it will save you at least a little space.
  3. I've heard its because of so many people getting sims, and other games for Christmas. I cant really confirm that, but thats what i heard, and it makes sense to me.
  4. You downloaded the LE version, The SE version is in the Deep blues conversion thread found here.
  5. I Played some of the files, and I honeslty like it. Ill have to get it set up in my game and try it out.
  6. Are you using incognito and mega together, if so dont. If your not i have no ideas.
  7. Alright so i am on SE, but I got the beta converted and I see a problem. Specifically the missing leg, and wrists. This may be an SE specific problem, but since I dont have LE set up I would like to see if anyone would want to confirm it for LE. It seems to happen with the Mage dress you find in Helgan.
  8. If you're looking for a specific way for the way to have it happen with MME then I have an idea. Though to be clear I don't know much about modding, so I may not have all the right ways of explain it but here it goes. When ever you get what ever event the master has you do, when the MME one is selected have a check for if your milk level is lower than 1 or 2. If its lower they add lactacid to your character, if its higher, they take you to a milking machine furniture thingy, and force you in until your milk is below 1. The master would of course take the milk for himself, and maybe even force
  9. There is also an extension to it someone made; Submissive Lola - an Extension. It was recently converted from LE to SE in the last few days. The download is on the same page as the LE version.
  10. Alright, i dont know what happened, i enable papyrus logging, and it starts working.
  11. I ask because I'm on SE, and when I enable it it instantly CTD's. Dont even get to the skyrim menu. A symptom of a mod not being converted from LE. I made the Load order just it and its requirements crash, take it out no crash.
  12. I noticed that in the title, its labeled LE/SE but there is not two version in the download list. Does this mean that it works on both?
  13. You need to disable the mod, enter the game, save, then reenable the mod, and then wait 5 - 10 minutes.
  14. It's only in LE for the beta, but if you want to play it on SE you can run it through CAO, and it works just fine. You may find some outfits not converted for you body, but it will still work.
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