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Tired of slaying bandits? Too bored to take a drink with Sam "the Sanguine" Guevenne? Do you simply want to sit by the fire, drink some ale and enjoy a good book?


Well, then I have a solution for you, my friend, the



Books of Skyrim


Though the name might imply something different, this thread is for new books written by me, for you.

In other words, what you request, may it be for a specific mod or just random, will be written.

Every book will be added to the inventory, but there also are copies at various places.


Here is the key to the signes that every book is marked with:


||| : Just a casual book. Read and enjoy.

||| : A book with rather explicit content. Better check the teaser before downloading.

||| : Explicit content that some even may find offensive. Don't read if you aren't sure that you want to.



For more informations reguarding translations, please look at the second post. NEW



||| Gift of Mara, Vol I:


The journal of a man seeking for answers and his lost wife.

18 pages. Teaser:


The rumors about the necromancer were true. I found him in the ruins of an old fort, hiding in the depths of its dungeon. He started his dark rituals again, awakening the dead and animating bones of long forgotten adventures and treasure hunters. Poor lives wasted by greed and the pursuit after fame and glory, and now disturbed in their eternal rest, forced to become tools of the necromancer's will.




||| Gift of Mara, Vol II:


The second part of the diary.

10 pages. Teaser:


Even though I followed the necromancers to Skyrim, I wasn't able to find them for seven years.

Seven years, that's how long I knew Darona before I was able to pour my heart out to her and make her my wife. I never was happier than the moment when her lips turned into a warm smile and she said with her beautiful voice: "I do".




||| Bannered Drinking:


A short novel about a Nord called Toki getting a drink in Whiterun.

8 pages. Teaser:


"Come on, honey, give me an ale". Toki knocked a few times with his fist on the table to get the barmaid's attention: "Or two". The girl had her hands full of work and barely was able to bring the many patrons what they had ordered, but Toki already had waited since three minutes; an amount of time he never was without either a fight, a bottle of alcohol or a sweet maiden in his arms.




||| Vampiric Corrumpation, Vol I + II + III:


A multi-parted novel about two sisters leading in the downfall of Hackdirt.

12 pages. Teaser:


The Imperial records of the year 403 in the Third Era mention an incident that turned a former mining village into a hive of paranoid sociopaths, which forced the Imperial Legion to burn most of it down.

In 3E 345 Irlav Moslin founded Hackdirt, and at the beginning of the 5th century it already became one of the wealthiest villages in Colovia. As the founders, the Moslins got much power in Hackdirt, and only one other family could compete with them.

The feud between the Moslins and the Sintius family was engraved in their minds, but was not volatile enough to escalate yet. As two women arrived in Hackdirt, tensions among the families began to rise.


The second and third part both got 10 pages.



||| Ayleid Secrets:


A book about the connection between the Ayleids and a drug called "Dagatarn".

6 pages. Teaser:


In the eyes of most people the Ayleids are the most primitive culture of intelligent life that ever roamed the plains of Tamriel. But their cultural simplicity didn't prevented them to become the very first empire in Cyrodiil and construct one of the most important buildings of todays Empire, the Whitegold Tower in the Imperial City.




You can also find this book in TheSC's Sexlab Guild.



||| Glorious Retreat:


Short episode in a battle between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion.

9 pages. Teaser:


Even though the war between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion only had lasted since a few months, the casualties on both sides already reached an unbelievable amount, every tenth Imperial and one out of twelve Aldmeri soldiers already found their death in skrimishes and major battles. Blood and water mixed themselves up, so that even the wheat in some places gained a reddish tone and had a strange taste, infused by the agony of thousands of dying soldiers lying on the battlefield; former enemies were now brothers in the hope for an end of their suffering.




||| Final Punishment:



Contains expressive descriptions of violence and execution.

The Master was displeased by his slaves, so they need to be punished.

14 pages. Teaser:


The Master sat on his throne, his five slaves were kneeling at his feet and waited for a response of their owner. He gave them the simple task to amuse his guests as a fellow noble visited him to discuss their plans for investing into a buisness, but as the noble's son insisted to have his way with one of the slaves while choking her to death, none of the slaves was willed to sacrifice herself for his pleasure. This disobedience highly insulted the Master, so he had to decide what sort of punishment may be apropriate for his toy's failure.




||| Victim of Fear:



Contains expressive descriptions of violence and execution.

Often raids go well. Sometimes though there is a little twist.

9 pages. Teaser:


The cold steel pierced through the innocent flesh. Blood began to flow out of the wound, only a few drops at first, but it soon pressed itself out of the body as if it wanted to flee from the caused pain. Salty tears mixed up with bloody red, covering the face and bust. The agony just had started though, initialized by the blades of 4 other men who craved to please their sick desires. They sadistically cutted first skin then flesh, grinning as more and more blood spurted out of the wounds and splashed all over the ground.




||| Kafrid's Diary:

||| Abduction for Beginners:


Kafrid, a young Nord, wrote a diary about the things happening to her.

8 pages. Teaser:


Dear Diary,


I just can't believe it! Daddy arranged a marriage to a young son of an unimportant, and not even rich noble! Even mom seems to agree with him. This is so unfair! I haven't even seen this guy before. I bet he is as ugly as the Nightmother!

After making some preperations, I'll sneak out and run away!






A short guide by a not so refined writer.

17 pages. Teaser:


Welcome, my fellow blackmailers and those who aspire to do this most lucrative and safe profession all over the vast tundra of Skyrim - if you know what to do and how to achieve your goals. I, the humble writer and bandit of the month for several years, will explain to you step by step how to abduct your very first target and earn sweet gold as a reward for your hard and sweaty work.



You can also find these books in Zadil's Devious Devices.








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