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A whole galaxy filled with nothing 'but naught(y)


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//edit from 2.5.20 - I have finally added the races as download, but note they can only work if the lengthy dependency modding and tinkering procedure had been followed, which is only for the dedicated.(...I would never do this btw.?)

The relevant post containing all instructions and the mod is this one.


Hello, so I have recently installed the various lewd mods to Stellaris and set up a game. Obviously, in order to get a whole galaxy filled with the new content, you kind of have to design all the possible nations for yourself, and given that I play on a 2000 stars map, ...I needed at least 30 of such.

It has taken a lot of time, and begun with just busy work, but then the need to be inventive to come up with more let to me writing some texts (for example to differentiate between one and the other "horse" species), and long before short, I was retroactively writing texts for all the races and even connecting them into some overarching galaxy lore.(..never done this before) About half-way through I thought that I had to log this all somewhere when it is done, so that is why I am here.

Some are more creative than others I am sure, and keep in mind that I did this on a couple of different days with different inspiration levels. I will upload them in some packs, because everything at once might be too much.


We are on Loverslab already, but still a warning: I don't think I have any kind of real fetish in the word sense (e.g. meaning something that automatically and overwhelmingly turns you on), but there are many venues of things I consider to be erotic, and given that I had to get variance for in total now 32 races, I pretty much ended up including nearly all of them.(and then some that aren't even so hot to me) A couple of those are bound to be less liked or even offensive to some. ...Lets not discuss what is good and what not here.



Ok, so first things first, I also modded the game myself a bit in order to be able to:

1) contain all those new Lustfull Void traits/ have more individual combinations {I raised the trait limit to 20, and civic limit to 3}

2) throw off balance so some races are better than others {I introduced 3 new perks that give or take a lot}


I also utilized many other mods, like star trek and emblem packs. ...Don't ask me about any details, it's 70+ in total.




1. Central High Authority






Notice that Snu Fever and Fleeting cuts down their age by 35 years, so death lingers around 45 already.



This race already uses the first and average new trait choice that simply adds 10 trait points and counter-balances some of the rather extreme growth boni that LV traits all seem to bestow:




Also notice that they use the Star Wars Rebel ship pack. Every race here that uses some Star Wars models was considered to be my player race at first, but when the story writing developed, I eventually decided on another.




2. Furry Convention







I am not actually directly into furries in the sense of the stereotype, but I can't deny the sexyness of the pictures that drawing part of the community generates.? There are more of those, since Stellaris can't run solely on human-like types.



3. Barn Family







4. E.V.E. Reproduction Protocoll





5. Deva Anti-Chastity Oath









6. High Elf Cuntsil









7. Santa's Deerest







...Aaand, now you know what the trigger warning was for. This is about the second worst of them all however.




8. The Impalium






Despite all the strength traits, the army morale damage is also pretty high. All those races with "Sexual Predator" have been set up this way, since I changed the trait to give +50% morale damage for -40% army damage. If you add another +50% that Snu Fever gives to races like the Highschoolers above, you get some serious anti (..or pro?) bio troops.


Yep, and also this must be part of the warning, as there are some political references. If someone wants to comment on this, I would only ask to wait until all the 32 are posted here to not break this into too far flung parts with what could quickly become a lengthy discussion. Should be done in 3 more of these posts.


Oh, and here is the first use of the most advantageous new perk, which also gives 10 trait points, but many boni on top of that.


...Despite the description, I ended up using it for more than just the Impalium (which was the first created race that I wanted to play, and should have gotten this to be my champion). I eventually added it to some other races just to somewhat offset the rather severe "Sex-Crazed" -25% on all jobs penalty. I am not complaining about it, I simply wanted to some races to overcome it while still having "Sex-Crazed" as a roleplay title if you will.

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9. Mount Market







10. Kikki Brood Rapist(o?)cracy









11. Slutborg Mission









12. Egypt Empire




This is about the least inspired race of them all. ...I simply wanted to use the clearly egypt SSX set of pictures, and couldn't for my life come up with a good story here.




13. Screaming Demand









14. Order a L* Shippings




(This is a rightfully redacted version. Some explanation is in the post of the 25th to 32nd species')




15. Forests of the Fore-Fathers









16. Cult of the Tentacle






...The obligatory tentacle race. Despite the theme's popularity, it was surprisingly difficult to find a picture set that focused on this, so I just took the one that had the highest percentage of tentacle pics, and then wrote my way out by making the rest "infested but just not showing".

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28 minutes ago, Limnoria said:

These look amazing, I am looking forward to seeing more and being able to play with them myself.

Oh, well, I thought of that possibility, but it will be difficult. See, as I wrote in the beginning, I have modded the game a lot, including even making my own mod, and then changing some variables in Lustful Void. I guess I could pin down some essentials, but it will be difficult to figure out exactly every component necessary so that all the races would work with someone else.


Hmm, I would say the easiest way to do it would be to write a small instruction manual for the "20 perk slots, 3 civic slots" custom edit, as well as a ready-to-copy code for the three new perks. Then maybe supply all the texts in clear instead of pictures too for copy paste, which should allow to simply recreate everything.


...But I will look into saving the races properly as a real mod if there really are some requests.

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17. Stagian Mounts




I just noticed how many of these leaders have some reoccurring names with hip* or squeeze*. Evidently I like this a lot it seems.? Aside from that, this race's story is just average.




18. Darigold Produce Offices









19. Humanity Colonized Realm




Yes, these are normal boring humans. They are only here because the lore in all the other races constantly mentions their existence. I wish I could make them a advanced civilization on start, because chance is they get devoured without ever leaving a mark, which is rp-breaking.

(oh, and some genetic engineering or surgery gave them all nice asses, so they got something going for them at least)




20. Futa Cow Meadows






Another average race.



21. Blood Elf Devotion









22. The Dragonporn Empire









23. The Evolved Impalium








24. Jiffy Union (with you)








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11 hours ago, Legowaffles said:

Would definitely be interested in these myself. Would probably need a list of the various portrait mods used however (for. . . research purposes of course. Science demands it.).

That is easy. All from this site. For your Mastur Thesis:


Sluts of the Galaxy (SoG)

Sexy Xenos and More (SSX)

Lustful Aliens

Hentai game portrait mod

Futa Species

Tons of Tits

Lewd Xenos


To that two mods that give normal humans nude, slave and other kinky options:

Nude Aliens

Slave Patch for "Human Variety"

...For the second to work you will have to follow the link there to the original Human Variety mod on Steam Workshop and install it.


Also, here are two more I didn't use yet for any races:

Trials in Tainted Space (TiTS)

Sexy Male Xenos



Now, the real challenge would be figuring out the backgrounds, emblem and some city model mods, because these sometimes to come in little bits from all kinds of mods.

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Ok, as I thought it might and wrote, the "Order a L* Shippings" race was indeed too much and had to be removed. The pictures came from any one mod that I listed above, -all of which found on this site-, so since those mods are allowed, I wasn't sure whether it would be possible or not. I was pondering here and already had a black-marked edition ready to go, but then threw it away again, and risked putting it to the test.

The text itself wasn't too heavy, though it could easily be misread, but I am sure what really ticked everything off was the planet name. The planet name didn't even make sense with the lore text, but ...just, you know, in a space setting, I sat there and thought of alternatives, but I simply couldn't resist leaving the joke of calling a stellar body something with "minor" in.? It is hilarious. Hilarious and wrong, but still hilarious.

You also never get the opportunity for this again.


Well, I will replace the entry 14 with a strongly redacted version now, and since I am unsure about the next one (nr.25), I have also censored this a bit. It is (pretend-)incest themed, and although the concept shouldn't exist for a) fictional b) alien c) drawings, it can still be read in the wrong way. The rest to 32 is tame by comparison.


25. Daughters of the Galaxy







26. Spermwhale Siren's Song






This is my favorite in terms of lore.? I was in a really good mood that day.


I wanted them to be a bit militarist to get the Distinguished Admiralty option, but then had to go Egalitarian, because Free Haven made more sense from a lore and pun standpoint.





27. Neko Lineage







Note that the "Female Domination"civic forced upon me selecting Large Breasts, Excess Estrogen, Lactation and Breeder Hips, even though none of those make sense as a stereotype for Nekomata. Sadistic was fine though.?





28. Dark Elf Exiles










29. Femtopia Project






Notice also that I have presented many themes with some in stark contrast to this. It certainly is socio-critical, but it is also fiction or fantasy, and not an absolute opinion piece of mine that contains all the nuance I would need to truly say what I think.


Here also finally comes the last of the 3 new traits, which unlike the others now takes 10 trait points away, so you have to buy disadvantages to get it, while also bestowing extreme disadvantages by itself on top of that. This is guaranteed to create a race of complete good-for-nothing fools, which I needed 2 times.





30. Tons of Tits Titular



...I simply wanted the models of the "Tons of Tits" mod to be present somewhere in the galaxy. The story is uninspired and made for this purpose, no more.




31. Cosplaying Milf Convent










32. Lewdeus Claimants







...I really like subtlety of the emblem here.


The leader got the "chosen" trait consoled in at game start. Since my whole galaxy ended up being filled by basically all female, with a few submissive males, and just a pinch of dimorphic species, choosing any of the female races I considered from above would have meant a conquest of lesbianism. Though that is not entirely wrong, he, it is also reducing everything to one theme, so I eventually decided to make a male race (actually bi-gendered) so I can use all the content. It was also necessary to be sure to harvest most of the interesting Lustful Void events, which I probably wouldn't see as much with an only-female or maybe futa race.




So this is it, all 32. I am playing it on 2.3, since it took so long to assemble. Feel free to comment or ask questions.

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11 hours ago, Bloodly said:

I terms of display, can I recommend 'Creation Interface'?




Thought: How effective are these races?  Have you ever watched these races play out?

The mod looks good, but I had to notice that it would still not be big enough to contain over 20 traits. The help with the text field is nice though, because I couldn't see some of my more lengthy descriptions anymore, and had to type them blind when the Stellaris window ran out.

I am more concerned about the final window outside the edit screen however. As you can see, the cards never have enough space to contain all text and traits, so I had to meticulously edit everything together. The mod doesn't mention changing this, so it won't help enough for my needs.



On the effectiveness:

I still have to encounter the truly penalized ones from the last post, whose stark energy production mali might render them completely dysfunctional if they can't even pay for their maintenance.

The rest, well, they all have about the same theme of having extreme accumulated growth boni for sometimes reduced all-job capacity. (some less of both, some more) That is why it was so important to make a complete galaxy sex-themed, because otherwise a race that doesn't comply to this might get zerged, as growth is arguably the most valuable variable in post-apocalypse Stellaris. Though -25% to energy is quite the price to pay as well, as, like mentioned above, you barely accumulate spendable income after just being able to make the cut with maintenance. This flattens out over the course of the game however, because the boni you get from research and other sources are additive rather than multiplicative, meaning +15% energy production for example is actually +20% for a race that only makes 75% base to begin with.(and even much much more if you calculate a 'energy-after-maintenance' profit margin)

Eventually making 175% instead of 200% is not that strong a hindrance anymore, even though I will have to get to that first.


I tend to play biggg games. As said, 2000 stars this time, and would do more, if the galaxy map could grow any larger instead of simply becoming more crowded. The research rate is also set to extremely slow (was it half or quarter?), so it will be a multi-month marathon game, like all my 4x games always are.

That is why reports on the going of this particular one might be delayed, because my game is just in their beginnings for a while.

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The biggest problem I'm finding with an excess of pop growth is having too many people and not enough stuff for them to do from lack of minerals, which has knock-on effects on everything else.  Of course, starting next to one or two total-war types in kind of a death sentence anyway, even if you are one yourself('Hive', Brood Parasite).  So I'm sort of wondering.


Of course, I'm not able to go as far as you regardless.  Precursor Traits https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1360500017&searchtext=precursor+traits gives -6 to me.  And there's the eternal thing of 'fluff' vs 'usefulness'.

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...Annnd I had to completely restart the game now, because after meeting 3 species of my own working, I started to also find some of random generation. Begun a new game, went into observe mode and, well, about half of them haven't spawned and are random.

Research has shown that there is a problem in Stellaris that makes it so only ever one star system per type is allowed, so not just one "Sol" system, but even those called "random binary" etc. make problems when appearing double. The only safe option is "random", and after changing this for every race, it now works.


..Some test results though: The custom races that I could observe (Stagian Mounts, Slutborg Mission and Darigold) were doing fine, and somewhat better than their neighboring random generated races. I observed them expand relatively quickly in space, though they couldn't colonize much as habitable worlds are at 0.25 density. I am however kind of annoyed that my custom generated leaders get switched out so quickly. If it was just death, I could make every leader immortal, but the more democratic nations would just vote god out of office, you know it.

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Purely honest opinion here, but I like all of them except the furry races, but I've already basked the forum of my thoughts on that before. It's likely I will never use those, but using the mods in this way is a small price to pay for some cute girls. I suppose I can just make them slave labor until they die...


Anyway, some of the text, while very lightly, has a few grammatical errors, but they seem pretty few. I myself have actually written up at least one lewd story about the elves (my first in fact for the game), and oddly enough I tend to avoid actually mentioning how sexual in nature some of the girls are. I have no problem with what you have written, I just personally like diving more into the lore of a species rather than how or why they're so lusty. Although sometimes it is unavoidable.


A weird opinion for someone on a site like this I'm sure.

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Well, I have already addressed that I myself am kind of neutral on the furry content. I don't seek this content out, but it is fine when it is integrated somewhere to me. As said, with 32 races I also pretty much exhausted the human portrait options despite all the mods, plus, real alien looking aliens fit Stellaris much better.

Hmm, I guess I also wrote in the beginning that everyone will find something they don't like in this. It covers a wide field. Surely some wont like the incest leaning texts, or the rape themes, or tentacles, or futanari. Just as much as it is likely to contain disliked themes, it however also is likely to contain something liked this way.



Anyway, some of the text, while very lightly, has a few grammatical errors, but they seem pretty few.

You can point them out if you want. I don't come from a country where English is the native language, so I always like to improve. Spelling is one thing, but a lot of grammar specifics are not taught by computer correction tools.



I tend to avoid actually mentioning how sexual in nature some of the girls are. I have no problem with what you have written, I just personally like diving more into the lore of a species rather than how or why they're so lusty. Although sometimes it is unavoidable.

Given what I wrote up, you probably wouldn't guess it, but until around age 25 or so, I was actually mainly only into softcore, liking all these weird "has he seriously still got trousers on?" types of flicks on TV. I couldn't understand the explicit nature of hardcore porn in any way, as this enticing allure of hide-and-seek and fantasy that is true erotic was absent from it. I am not sure what and how it changed, but even so I still don't like really explicit pornography in most cases, I somehow have taken up liking the fantasy of it, hence the writing. Perhaps it is because imagination is preserved when it comes mostly through text in games.

Well, and rules are mostly off for drawn and animated stuff too for some reason.


I guess what I wanted to say is that I can absolutely understand if you just write up a harmless story about a race that goes trough this kind of Stellaris game. It is clearly hidden and erotic in this way, maybe like bringing corruption to purity, but doesn't even have to be like this. To this day I also require videos to have at least some kind of story, because the setting always generates the majority of the erotic.

Just banging is boring. You can have that everywhere.

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Also I'm gonna take a pretty educated guess and say one of those races was some sort of loli race. As rampant as incest is, I really don't think people have a lot of issues with a race that breeds so rapidly they probably bang their own parents or siblings. That's quite literally the only thing you could have posted that I could see would rile people up.

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Crossword riddle: "Short forbidden word, starting with L"

Yes, that was it, but as said, the art was from a long released mod on Loverslab, so I wasn't sure whether posting was ok or not.(also, it's anime girls after all) Likely the joke with the planet name went too far. Anyway, I have talked about this already.

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Well, I enjoy this weird, overarching plot. I actually only have a few empires which aren't tied to anything barring a human faction which only mentions Earth because they also appear to be human, except these humans have existed before the ones on Earth did, leaving people to think that maybe we descended from them. There was also a bad joke by having all the anime girls on a cold planet called Tsusei (I forget what the sei meant, I think it was Japanese for home or world or something). The joke is kinda obvious. But Earth is pretty much my "cursed world" as it were. With all the empires connected to it, the Earth has had it's people abandon it multiple times, it's actual original spacefarers got stranded on a planet after getting their ship slammed into, and it's been nearly destroyed, only for a race humans created themselves to be born female, causing them to basically bang the humans to death and finally causing all Earthlings to go extinct. It's not even called Earth anymore, because the human made creatures took over running the planet. The entire Earth saga is a mess.


Needless to say, literally anyone I wrote who has no association with Earth had a much better past, and their homeworld still actually exists. :3

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Well, it is like this: These races are based upon many many different mods whose assets they require. If I were to package them as my own mod, extracting all the necessary assets from elsewhere, these other mods could rightfully complain for ripping off their content.
On the other hand, I could of course just list all the requirements, and then give the races out, but that has issues too. First, there are A LOT of mods who contribute, and few might be posed to go through such a list just to get some written texts (I know I wouldn't...), especially since a number of them are from Steam and without lewd content. Second, to make this work consistently, I would need to check all these mods for update compatibility all the time. I am currently still playing on 2.3, with all the mods being either legacy versions, or hand-edited to be backwards compatible again. ...I have no idea currently, if all the mods I used would even work on 2.5, and so in this method I would be under constant stress for just a couple races.


I don't really know how to do it is what I am trying to say. I would like to export them just with all the related content included at once and be done with it, but if nobody tells me that it would be fine on copyright/ownership grounds, I simply can't. If someone has advice on this, please, contact me. I want to know.


Anyway, this is why I offered above to make a tutorial on how to get this setup running yourself for the really dedicated. If I would provide the text and perks involved in clear, and wrote a speedy instruction on how to get the new perks installed (in any version), you could just assemble everything back, though the responsibility of checking the mods involved would be yours.


Well, I'd still rather release the whole thing in completion if I could.

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Huh? I wasn't even aware the modlist was requested.

//edited for more structure and adding the races as mod(2.5.20)

I will start with the 1) Trait Edits:

Two edits have to be made in order to introduce them technically, and one more if you want 20 traits and 3 civics like me.

1.1a) This gives the actual traits:

trait_lv_bred_perfection = {		# Bred to Perfection
	cost = -10
	allowed_archetypes = { BIOLOGICAL }
	modification = no
	icon = "gfx/interface/icons/traits/chosen.dds"
	modifier = {
		planet_jobs_produces_mult = 0.1
		army_damage_mult = 0.2
        army_health = 0.2
		#+++ sex jobs
		#+++ other species happiness
		#+++ rape crimes
	custom_tooltip = trait_lv_bred_perfection_effect
	slave_cost = {
		energy = 400

trait_lv_rich_lineage = {		# Rich Lineage
	cost = -10
	allowed_archetypes = { BIOLOGICAL }
	modification = no
	icon = "gfx/interface/icons/traits/leader_traits/leader_trait_expertise_biology.dds"
	modifier = {
		pop_growth_speed = -0.25
	custom_tooltip = trait_lv_rich_lineage_effect
	slave_cost = {
		energy = 200

trait_lv_bred_cattle = {		# Useless Cattle
	cost = 10
	allowed_archetypes = { BIOLOGICAL }
	modification = no
	icon = "gfx/interface/icons/traits/trait_lv_breeder_hips.dds"
	modifier = {
		planet_jobs_energy_produces_mult = -0.5
		planet_jobs_minerals_produces_mult = -0.5
        planet_jobs_unity_produces_mult = 0.50
		planet_jobs_engineering_research_produces_mult = -0.95
		planet_jobs_physics_research_produces_mult = -0.95
		planet_jobs_society_research_produces_mult = -0.95
		army_damage_mult = -0.7
        army_health = -0.5
		#+++ sex jobs
		#++ other species happiness
		#+++ rape crimes
	custom_tooltip = trait_lv_bred_cattle_effect
	slave_cost = {
		energy = 100

...It goes towards any trait file in "\common\traits\*species_traits*.txt", and though you can just have it in your own mod, I made this edit directly into Lustful Voids "lv_species_traits.txt", because the # tags wont work without it anyways.

Also, the "chosen.dds" picture I used for Bred to Perfection stems from the mod option "Sexy Xenos Traits" in "Sexy Xenos and More" (link below), so if you don't want to install that one, I recommend replacing the picture with something else.


Notice I have since removed the +3 max leader skill from bred to perfection, because it eliminated the rewards of unity perks too often for me.


1.1b) I also edited the "Sex Bots" trait to only cost 1 trait point, since it is kind of an essential prerequisite to having mechanical lewds and shouldn't just consume all your initial points for that before even getting "breast attachments" and such.

You can do that edit by going to "\!!Lustful Void\common\traits\lv_species_traits.txt" and searching for "sex_bots".



1.2) Language file edits:

trait_lv_bred_perfection: "Bred to Perfection"
trait_lv_bred_perfection_desc: "§LThis species seems to have been subject of the breeding program from an ancient species in order to maximize their wanted characteristica. Unfortunately it appears, that the creators were a little bit too successful and rightly fell prey first once their perfect toy stepped out of the breeding chamber.§!\n"
trait_lv_bred_perfection_effect: "§WAll jobs: §G+10%§!§!\n§WArmy Damage: §G+20%§!§!\n§WArmy Health: §G+20%§!§!\n \n§GHas a substanital(3) effect on Sex Jobs!§!\n§GHas a substantial(3) effect on Other Species!§!\n"

trait_lv_rich_lineage: "Rich Lineage"
trait_lv_rich_lineage_desc: "§LThis race has a suspiciously bountiful genetic heritage, even though most of it seem to be concerned with maximizing various attractiveness related physical characteristica. In some cases there are just certain blood lines of otherwise normal species who exhibit these sudden insulae of extreme sexualization. One might expect a master plan behind all of this.§!\n"
trait_lv_rich_lineage_effect: "§WGrowth Speed: §R-25%§!§!\n"

trait_lv_bred_cattle: "Useless Cattle"
trait_lv_bred_cattle_desc: "§LThis Race was never meant for the big games of the galaxy and the only reason they are there is probably because someone gifted them the means of space flight before, which they merely replicate, but not understand. This species is nearly incapable of intellectual achievements, and so creatively incompetent that they can only barely provide for their civilisation in terms of food, and little more. As total pansies they are easily conquered and enslaved by others where they might actually find their only real value as a good time breeding cattle. TLDR: Stupid fucks good!§!\n"
trait_lv_bred_cattle_effect: "§WEnergy and Mineral Jobs: §R-50%§!§!\n§WResearch Jobs: §R-95%§!§!\n§WUnity Jobs: §G+50%§!§!\n§WArmy Damage: §R-70%§!§!\n§WArmy Health: §R-50%§!§!\n\n§GHas a substanital(3) effect on Sex Jobs!§!\n§GHas a moderate(2) effect on Other Species!§!\n"

...This goes into basically any file in "\localisation\engish\*.yml", though I have put it into Lustful Voids "lv_traits_l_english.yml". Original Stellaris seems to have no sorting to separate out the traits in extra files, so really anywhere will work.


1.3a) Edit for more trait picks:

@robot_trait_points = 2
@robot_max_traits = 12
@machine_trait_points = 3
@machine_max_traits = 16
@species_trait_points = 4
@species_max_traits = 20

...Goes into "\common\species_archetypes\00_species_archetypes.txt". These are the numbers I went with, but do as you want.



1.3b) Civic picks:


...Into your average "00_defines.txt" or any defines, located in "\common\defines\"



2)Now the mods


I have to remind here again, that this game is running on 2.3. A lot of the mods I list are directly 2.3 legacy versions, while some few have been hand edited to be compatible again.(nothing fancy, just that Paradox decided to make all mods of 2.4+ incompatible by default, even when they are not, so you can just edit their *.mod file to list it as a 2.3 mod, and it will appear and work again)

Basically all the steam mods I have are ported to hard drive to save me from forced steam auto-updates, and so I might have versions that don't even exist anymore on the market.(very likely for Loverslab updates) This however means that even after following all the links and deciding to play on 2.3 as well, you still might not get the setup I have, and it might not work. I advice to use your wits to fix this (..or a portrait mod to stay motivated). Modding is hard, and I too pulled a muscle getting all this to work.?


From one of my answers above, I copy all mods concerning portraits:


Sluts of the Galaxy (SoG)

Sexy Xenos and More (SSX)

Lustful Aliens

Hentai game portrait mod

Futa Species

Tons of Tits

Lewd Xenos


To that two mods that give normal humans nude, slave and other kinky options:

Nude Aliens

Slave Patch for "Human Variety"

...For the second to work you will have to follow the link there to the original Human Variety mod on Steam Workshop and install it.


Also, here are two more I didn't use yet for any races:

Trials in Tainted Space (TiTS)

Sexy Male Xenos


From the above Sexy Xenos and More, I also installed cities, countries, traits, and the compatibility patches for Lustful Void and "Enhanced Gene Mod", "Life Engineering" and "Species Engineering". I had one issue with gene editing, and one of those last three solved it, though I don't know which.



UI+Music Mods:


UI Overhaul Dynamic 2.3.3

Planet View for 2.3

Universal Resource Patch 2.3

Beautiful Universe

Neutral Galaxy Texture (there is also a multicolored one which I like more, but which has too bright a center, which causes problems with the "larger galaxy sizes" mod, where navigable stars exist there)

EUTAB - Unique Buildings (no reused art assets anymore ...mostly)

Fallen Empire Building Artwork Redesigned

Improved Space Battles [Graphics]

Interstellar Music Mod

Legend of Galactic Heroes Music Mod


Utility/Game Change + Art Mods:


[LL] Event Replacer (only replaces pictures of vanilla events with lewd ones. good for atmo)

Hentai Game Room (leader backgrounds)

CoCo's Stellaris Mod (sexy flags)


Astronomical Emblem Pack

Star Wars Universe Emblems


Banned (2.3)

Flexible Starbase Cap, Ship Cap, Admin Cap... (a cheat mod in your edict menu for admin like control. I used to need this back when leaders and planet count were so restricted, but haven't used it since those got free. Still nice to have if you want some testing done potentially)

Otter Editor (basically spares you from using console in many cases. I used it to make my home planet more special, by increasing size and adding good features, like asteroid belts, stormy weather and natural beauty. Admin commands essentially)

20 Ascension Perks/ Slots

Build multiple Megastructes at once (is possibly updated now, not sure)

Space Combat Expanded - Ship Spacing

Cue's Multiple Crisis (is said to be 2.2, but might work. Couldn't confirm, since it influences only endgame. Oh, and 3 crisis' at once are true apocalypse, so be ready, and I'd recommend to postpone endgame to like year 2700, like I did)

Larger Galaxy Sizes

Realistic Star Names (must use for Larger Galaxy players, as the names run out, and you will have many many unnamed systems otherwise)

War Name Variety

Legend of Galactic Heroes Ship Mod (not sure if it would work in 2.4+ since there has been an update, but it didn't in 2.3. I still list this here because of possible diverse assets {emblems, background..} that might be incorporated and contributed to the races in this post)

Stargate - Tau'ri Ships (same reason as above, except that this definitely has an emblem pack inside)

Stargate - Goa'uld Ships (ditto)

We are the Imperial Navy (similar. not sure if it adds anything at all after the ships, and they didn't work in 2.3 . Apparently it has updated and could work in 2.5 now)



Game Content Mods:


Lustful Void (duh!)

Lood Diplomacy

Sexy Personalities (no idea whether this works or not)


New Ship Classes (caution, this has since been updated. maybe the above downgrade *.mod edit trick will work, but I don't know)

District Overhaul

Planetary Diversity 2.3.3 (essential!)

Extra Buildings - All Submods 2.3

Extra Buildings 2.3

Masters of Nature (also got an update, so you might need to attempt downgrading by hand if used)

More Events Mod (ditto, same potential problem)

The Belt 2.3 (colonize asteroids, and with cool original buildings. pretty amazing, I use it all the time, plus, it is only available on 2.3 and down I think)

The Final Frontier - Colonize Anything

Trace Empire Customization (this mod supplied all the alternative city models I used in the post. It also adds some other stuff like backgrounds, although the ship models don't work)


Terran Dominion Portraits (also adds a civic I used at least once, and some rooms, flags and name lists)

Ultimate Imperium of Man Namelist

Wick's Human Outfits

Xenophobe Advisor - Space Marine Edition (not needed at all)


At War: Planetary Cannons

At War: Planetary Defense Force (this is mostly useless to players, but I like that the AI builds them and has some garrison fleets sometimes I can overrun)

At War: Starbase Improvements


Advanced Weapons (2.2, but works on 2.3 // I like a bigger tech tree, because I play on gigantic galaxies with more time to advance)

Extra Ship Components 3.0 (for 2.3.3) (use for same as above, but with components and even more alternative weapons. I confirmed those two working well in tandem back in an endgame of 1.9, and hope they will still perform like then when I get there in 2.3)

Technology Repeated (also needed for long games)

Ancient Cache of Technologies (this also received an update, so it might be possible to downgrade, or not) (the mod makes fallen empires use some very new advanced weapons, giving their center fleet about 300k+ strength, which, again, is a must if you play 2000 star galaxies, as they must stay endgame enemies)


Star Wars Mods (the only remaining still working alternative ship model series):

At War: Planetary Cannons STAR WARS Edition

Star Wars Weapons (2.3) (notice that all the fighters are not up to current balancing specs and fall behind. I once edited them all when that problem arose, but it is too much work now, so I just use regular fighters)

Star Wars Weapons - Planetary Diversity Compatibility Patch

Star Wars Ships (description claims it still works for 2.3.3 after update, but I haven't confirmed this)


Better Star Wars Music (very big, and then you end up deactivating 70% of tracks, because screw the new movies. thus also very optional)



This is it so far. Be ready for Stellaris taking literally 20 minutes to load up.? Though it runs smoothly afterwards.



3)The Races as Files


Now that the trait additions, game option changes, and mod setup are all dealt with, -assuming that everything works so far for you-, you could now directly download these races as a mod and extract them into the usual Stellaris mod folder:



Note that this is my first time uploading any empires, so even though I tested it to be working for me, if something goes wrong, do let me know here.

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