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Stellaris Sexy Personalities 1.0.2 1.0.2

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About This File

    It's me again! This time i present you a mod that adds a special personalitie for the species who use the need to breed trait. So, you need the sexual gameplay mod. (I suggest the 1.2 version)


    The name of the mod spoil a bit that, more personalities are planned for the far future.



                Rampaging breeders personnalitie :

                                                                        A nation that have the aggressivity of the fanatical purifier ai, they can look nice if you have the same ethics but they love to invade their neighbors. If their are not pacifist, it can be dangerous.


It's  a early version so, i need you to find the littles bug/errors and give somes feedbacks. I can't do a good mod without that. :smile:





Thanks to Taupe and Theman221 for helping me with the english.


What's New in Version 1.0.2


1.0.2: Fixed some Root and From commands because i'm dump.


1.0.1: Others nations correctly dislike rampaging breeders.

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