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Any plans for Crossroads Inn?


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The game comes out on 23rd, and it looks like the perfect opportunity for some custom adult content. 

The base game should be somewhat mature already, and the developers are planning to release with full modding support and some free character and content packs later on. 


Is anyone here interested? I can't wait for the release and I'd mod it myself if I had the tiniest bit of clue :D 







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2 hours ago, whateverdontcare said:

Now that it's out do you know what nudity is in it?

According to the dev's, you own an Inn and you can do whatever with it, even making it some kind of brothel.
By brothel it means you can make you employees to "service" customers who pay for private rooms/guest rooms.
Assuming all is true you will have something similar to The sims but with showing boobs or even pussies (unlikely).

I haven't progressed much since I'm having constant crashes after the prologue.

Regarding mods, main game file uses a .pak format. So if you are adventurous.

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On 10/24/2019 at 10:04 PM, whateverdontcare said:

Now that it's out do you know what nudity is in it?

It IS buggy as hell atm, and one of the bugs I just encountered today was a "vedeta" dealing with a noble customer in a private room, and then for some reason just standing naked in the middle of the main hall. I hadn't even realized the game had full nudity until then :D 


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On 10/24/2019 at 8:44 AM, Algen said:

The game seems to be a bit buggy for now, every now and them all the tasks dissapear, i din't play that much yet but i do hope for some "Zum damenhaus" style brothel, i dont know anything about modding support for the game tho

The game has more bugs than a Starship Troopers movie, and progress in fixing them has so far been damn near non-existent.  I had high hopes for this one myself, but unless the devs get off their asses to make the base game viable then I can't see any point modders wasting their time on it.


I hope I'm wrong.

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