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CLS Gold Edition, public release

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Here's one of my short post. I keep the word Beta in the description for the last time as I will possibly release some updates for some possible extensions in a possible future... Basically this should either be bug free or with bugs I can't fix! This is, anyway, far more stable than any of Beth's release... Read the instructions, follow the guide and you should have a nice journey throughout Claudia's world.









Well, I'm glad you asked...


CLS is a game in itself using Bethesda's Oblivion and Shivering Isles as a decor, rather than the usual extension of the normal content. This is a complete (adult) story during which the player will become the champion of a forgotten Goddess and her Cult.


This is a very adult-oriented mod and may not be to everyone's taste. Not recommended if you are uncomfortable with (female) homosexuality and a wide range of sexual practices. Though at the same time this is mostly a story mod with sexual content, not sexual content with a poor excuse of a story.


It will start with some not-so-innocent little secrets and helping Augusta & Claudia run their hotel. Slowly but surely you will finish with your army crushing your enemies.


  • Discover the ancient cult of the Goddess.
  • Help Augusta with the hotel. Recruit staff, help the clients with a lot of side quests. Explore the new extensions (your quarters, "the pool", the Priestesses quarters, the new aisle of the hotel with the new clients...).
  • Go hunt and find the legendary Megaloceros with the crazy twins in a special valley. Can you figure out what to do in the Wench and Pussy lodge? What's the story behind Han & Lisbeth?
  • Find maids, free them from their other obligations and hire them for the hotel. Is Lidya the best maid ever? What happened to Sarah so she became a skooma addict? Why can't Michelle follow a simple path?
  • Help reconstruct the new tool for your cult. Explore the strange nightmare realm of the Archspider. Become very small and learn to communicate with the Pixie's hive. And even smaller...
  • Recruit Priestesses for the Goddess' Cult: the unjustly imprisoned dream master, the damned-by-the-gods Eileen and the lost-in-her-own-mind Kristina.
  • Before you leave Tamriel for the mysterious and wild Sumuru island, will you have time to help all the new clients of the IC Hotel? Can you convert them all and gain them for your cause?
  • Embark on your boat and discover what secrets lie hidden in Sumuru island. Are those women the original members of the Cult? What really happened to them?
  • Get lost out of time and exorcise the poor corrupted herd in Moonshadow. Hurry, as you have all the time in the world and that's precisely the problem...
  • Confront the impersonation on your enemy in a final battle where you will discover the truth. But it's up to you to decide the end of it... As there is an end.


CLS is a game in itself. It works best if you start a new character, a female humanoid works best and ideally size 1.0 like an Imperial. A male character or other races will work but the story may occasionally not fit or the animations may not fit perfectly to one another, if you can live with this.


IMPORTANT: you need to choose between Claudia's little secret Normal or Gold edition.

Gold edition is Beta. We have debugged a maximum of things but you may encounter more. Please report them to the team.


Standard edition is not available in this mirror, see the Nexus if you want it.


The Gold edition is NOT compatible with the normal edition. You CAN'T use save games from one to play the other.


For best results, skip Oblivion's main quest and ignore everything else but CLS. I suggest you use a mod for an alternate start (like arrive by boat) and you may also want one that prevents Oblivion gates from opening. That having been said, CLS only interferes with a few other quests and such, so most things will work normally.


CLS Gold will allow you to go back to your "normal" Oblivion play after you're done with it [NOT available yet] but neither the Gold Beta nor the Normal version of CLS will. You are strongly encouraged to disable CLS when you are done playing its quests. We will not provide support if you do not do so.


Many are known, most are inevitable given how CLS is built. Use a minimum of mods with CLS for best results. A few, however, are necessary/highly recommended, such as nude body mods, better skins and some texture replacers.


Known incompatiblities, do not use or even attempt

* all companion mods (e.g. CM Partners, Companion Vilja, etc.)

* pose/idle replacers (e.g Personality Idles)

* Real Sleep (all versions)



You don't need armor or clothes mods or replacers and in some cases they may interfere with immersion.

Hunger/fatigue/thirst mods complicate some of the quests and some of the new areas are not prepared to supply the basic requirements, so these are not recommended, but can be used if you are willing to put up with the difficulties.

Mods which change weather may have undesirable side effects on CLS but usually nothing really serious.


Other mods.

You don't need them, they may interfere, but most other mods are tolerated by CLS. Mods like those which change the UI are compatible, those which modify game play without changing places are usually okay. The official DLCs and Cobl are fine, OOO creates a few minor conflicts or unplanned challenges but works well enough, economic mods may influence the challenge of a quest or two, but are generally compatible. 


Again: CLS is a game by itself you don't need other mods with it for the time you play it. Keep in mind that you will need to start a new character, so you can get back to your mods and old character afterwards.



"The hunt"


A big sidequest early in the game where you go hunt the megaloceros with Han & Lisbeth.

New exterior cell of the "Wench and Pussy Lodge" with strange lost in the wood atmosphere,

New interior cell for the Lodge with dynamic lighting and transparent windows system.

2 new custcenes with a small little game and drunk effect.

1 big exterior cell for the Megaloceros valley with 2 cutscenes and a mini game plus an after quest repeatable random cut scene.

"The amulet of attunement"


A small puzzle at the end of the Pixies sidequest where you go into a very special interior cell with a mini game and nice atmosphere.


5 new sidequests in the IC Hotel extension:

"Back door"

Help a customer of the hotel to get over her fear. Go and Fetch quest with cutscene leading to repetitive CS if combined with "ButterBur".

"The Protégée"

Comic sidequest where you need to cancel bigotry. Leading to a repetitive CS at the end and even another one when combined with "Let's start the whole thing over".

"Let's start the whole thing over"

A sidequest with 3 very different ways (4 if you're picky) to solve an unexisting problem. An Easter egg to discover and roam around Cyrodiill should you chose one path or run like a fool if you chose another one. Lead to a repetitive CS when combined with "The Protégée"


A sidequest where you need to decide what's big enough with different paths to solve it. Leads to a repetitive CS and another one when combined with "Backdoor".

"Alone in the Dark"

A simple yet very strange sidequest where you explore the realm of dreams again. Leads to a repetitive CS if you completed Wawnett easter egg.

Do them all and you'll unlock "Phallocracy" that should lead to a big final cutscene (unfortunately partially cut out due to major instabillity).


A "nice" AI for Celestia in the Moonshadow island.

Tons and tons of dialogues corrections, NPCs customizations, more eyes, hairs and outfits.

Enjoy and post pics on the Nexus page!

Don't forget to endorse on the Nexus!



Here are the main files for CLS Gold Beta





Latest version G14

Main ESP

Meshes, Lods & Trees


Movie, sounds and musics

And the first patch!

Useful unless you know what you're doing:



Installation instructions with tips & Walkthrough





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Well I have a screen resolution of 1440x900 but I think the home page is fixed and the main body does not compress the posts like it does when your viewing the thread.


It looks fine if your viewing the thread but not if your viewing the home page.


I have uploaded a picture below, as you can most likely see the left column is completely being crushed.


EDIT: Added another picture so you can see how the names appear in the left column, last one was not really clear.



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