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Should I use CBBE V3 or UNPB body?


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I've recently been contemplating whether or not I should use UNP Blessed body or stay with my current CBBE V3 body. :/


With all the really good UNPB BBP armors on here, and the fact that the body actually looks really good and has jiggle has made me quesiton if I should switch to it. The problem is most of my Armor mods are really nice armors for CBBEv3.


And the big thing holding me back is the CBBE++ Body Slider which gives me the abillity to create the way my characters body and the majority of their armor looks like. I've grown accustome to being able to do this on the fly, but the growing use of UNPB BBP will eventually run the Caliente Body out and give it less armors to use as the modding community slowly grows around UNP and it's BBP support.


Despite how this sounds, this is not a Dilemma I've thrown myself into. xD I'm interested in whether or not it would be better for me to switch to UNPB since more and more armors are coming out with that support only, OR if I should stay with CBBE and wait for more things to come out with that?


I'd think there would be a CBBEv3 with BBP, which I'm sure there is, but I'm not sure if that would work with CB++ Bodyslide and armors. :P


So tell me what you guys think. Thanks for the replys!

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UNPB all the way. UNP and its variants is the finest body replacer/nude mod ever made for a game. I too wish there were more armors for it' date=' but its a small price to pay for a beautifully-detailed body.



Few Armors? >> The vast Majority of Armors I see here are UNPB BBP. And while I DO like UNPB BBP Body, If I used it, I'd have many CBBEv3 armors that I've edited with the Caliente Body Slide, and the CB++ Body Slides downloaded from here. :/

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I say why limit yourself, I use both. CBBE w/ BBP for the Vanilla Races and UNPB w/ BBP for the Lunari/Norial races(I had to copy and paste some things) and would like to try ADEC(if I can use the same skeleton and animations for all three). Right now I use UNPB w/ BBP skeleton and male/female.hex files and CHSBHC animations folder(more bounce). Whipped up some female followers and added armors so I didn't have a boatload of esps, and have had no problems.

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I used CBBEv3M. Now I switched to UNPB and I got to say I'm missing Killer Keo's clothes (especially the Jester and Archmage Robe). However UNPB does have quite alot of armor selection and I'm digging the Bouncy Bodices look. Also, is there any complete UNPB armor replacer? I tend to play with only vanilla armors.

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