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  1. Link to the mod seems to be dead.
  2. Well fuck me I guess. Feel free to delete my thread. Also thank you.
  3. I'm probably super late on this, but there is no actual Extended version of this mod. What you're seeing is the standard Diablo Elf race mod but with FlingingFeces' Custom Skins for said race, which can be found on this website. I've also added a link to them in my recent thread here.
  4. First off, I didn't know where to make this thread since I did not make these myself, so i'm posting them here, hopefully for someone else to find. Was thinking of reinstalling Oblivion recently and found out that I was in possession of two mods that - upon a quick google search - don't seem to be accessible any longer. I used these races a fuck ton and they were my favorite ones to use, and thought that maybe some people would be interested in a download for them. I don't know about the sharing permissions since the pages these were originally hosted on no longer exist, but I hope I'm not doing anything against the wishes of the original creators. If the creators of these excellent mods wish for me to take them down, I will. But until then, I hope these are useful! Diablo Elfs 6 in 1 PlomOrcs Race If you're looking for really nice textures that work really well with both of these, please take a look at FlingingFeces' Custom Skins
  5. Been 5 years and I'd decided I wanted to play Oblivion again. Thanks so much for keeping these files alive and well. I had truly thought I'd lost them!
  6. DeltaD36

    JRConversions - UUNP HDT

    Any chance of getting an updated single plugin? I've got one of the old ones but it's out of date.
  7. Great animations! Pretty great quality. Can't wait for the Public horse and troll stuff! You didn't seem to state it in your OP, but what tattoo mod do you use? Also, are those cum particles/models you're using for the horse/troll video part of the animation or something custom? Thanks again!
  8. DeltaD36

    UUNP Conversions

    I've downloaded your version of the Helena Succubus outfit for UUNP, however you don't seem to have any preset bodies for it. I added the file to my attaches because NONE OF THE IMAGE SITES I KNOW WORK ON HERE ANYMORE. I don't know why, but even from looking up the issue and trying out multiple websites I've either been thwarted by sign-in prompts, dead ends, or the URL I get form the upload can't be displayed here. Anyways, do you happen to have a version that does have these presets?
  9. DeltaD36

    More believable HDT breast , butt and belly physics

    Anyone got a version of this that doesn't cause butt stretching when moving?
  10. DeltaD36

    JRConversions - UUNP HDT

    Also is there any chance you'd go back to the Ultra Skimpy Silverlight mod you made and shorten the file folder and file names..? They're incredibly long and Nexus won't let me install it for that reason.
  11. DeltaD36

    JRConversions - UUNP HDT

    I would adore you forever if you somehow made this UUNP Bodyslide usable. It's an undertaking, but my god it would be the best thing ever. They all already have HDT, they just need to be fitted. Blade and Soul - UNPB http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2114-blade-soul-set-unpb-tbbp-and-7b-bombshell-tbbp/
  12. DeltaD36

    Fixing HDT Vagina Collision Detection during Sex

    Thanks for the advice. I just reinstalled HDT through one of the All in Ones from this site and it fixed the problem!
  13. I recently had to reinstall the XPMSE Skeleton over my UUNP one in order to fix males not being able to use the SoS RaceMenu Sliders. However I think in the process of doing so, I think it screwed up the vaginal collision detection with penises during intercourse and no longer seems to work properly. The only way I could see to properly fix this is by reinstalling All-In-One UUNP and then reinstalling face preset mods, and overhauls because All in One is going to overwrite literally everything and make me reinstall more than just it, and probably re-break the Male SoS slider thing. So I ask: Is there any way I can fix the Vagina Collision thing WITHOUT reinstalling a bunch of crap? Is there a specific file or HDT version, or even just a female skeleton file I can copy and paste without having do this whole song and dance? NOTE: I think it's worth noting that the collision works just fine when my character touches themselves, but not when anything else touches her, which is odd because I think butt and breasts work when other actors collide with them. TL:DR: My HDT Vagina collisions with dicks during intercourse no longer work. How do I fix it without reinstalling All-in-One HDT? Any advice at all helps.
  14. DeltaD36

    JRConversions - UUNP HDT

    For you http://www.mediafire.com/file/hka9w8wuao1rq6l/Delia.rar Appreciated!