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What did you get for Christmas?


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Sooooo many video games. Civ 5: Gods and Kings, Saints Row The Third, Darksiders I and II, Torchlight II (omg, love that one so much), Little Inferno (so cute!), all the Prince of Persia games, and Titan Quest. Titan Quest kinda sucks.


I also got some clothes and shit, but my squee button was the games.

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Emily get her father's old shop stock of enginering goods for her shop merchandise.


This is not bad as it sounds since nineties product are as good as any germany solingen metal standards.


They fetch a good wholesale and good retail. Good Profit for emily.

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I got the best present of all' date=' spending time with my family, especially my Dad, Mom died earlier this year and I was afraid my Dad wouldn't make it, so all is well.



Ah yes the best present anyone could ask for. Spending time with your family, especially when one doesn't know if it will happen again. Sorry for your loss man and hope your Dad can pull through longer. Lost my Dad in Oct. '09 unexpectedly so I definitely feel for you. Cherish the times you do have though. Cheers!

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Guest Lady Luck

these are my present


1. i got lame t-shirt

2. Touch screen watch

3. Zippo

4. External Hardrive 1tb

5. Graphic card GTX 2gb


other then greatest present i have


is visiting my grandfathers grave in Christmas he recently passed away from heart cancer. " and actually clean his graveyard" cant beat that with material stuff i got.

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Guest Lady Luck

Well domgar a Zippo is ALWAYS a great gift' date=' and imagine all the software we're not allowed to discuss on the fourms you can store on that external HD.



since when external hardrive become illegal? , thats pretty bland doesnt it .

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