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How to make character and follower stop repelling one another


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So I pose my follower, then pose myself. As I approach the follower she starts moving away, gliding. Even with collision off as soon as I go into freeflycam mode my character shifts and then my follower moves away again. and way to make the follower stop moving at all? 

thanks in advanced (Trying to get a picture of two characters interacting together)

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actually this is a good question, there could be many ways around to handle the freeze effect on npc actor


tai  is globally toggling freezing


some of the below method may work   :


1.timescale value ?

2.time stop effect mod ?

3.play an animevent together with 

actor.setmoveflag or actor.setveicle api

( those are used by many sex framework as lockactors )

4.applying 'do nothing' ai package ( refer to cpu's fm4s mod )

5.use the sl animspeed skse plugin to live scale anim speed to zero?

6.  switching player control on actor npc , ( reference to the procession magic of mod void walker. )



quite a lot interesting ways


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