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  1. One thing we know for sure is that Nif file format tolerance is more fragile when in SSE edition than the oldrim Skyrim LE. then sometimes after converting your nif file and run in SSE, they would become invisible even if appeared normally in NIfscope or 3d max preview result. the cause of it unknown. the current workaround i used for force it back to visible in SSE is to open each nif file converted ( via SSE NIF Optimizer or Cathedral Assets Optimizer) then double check if the model_space_normals_flag is unchecked after convertion , the nif will be still visible in Skyrim LE, but invisible in Skyrim SSE. https://mega.nz/file/Ai4ASQKa#e1DxePqGl8-ry6bsxxzF1n0gHfEovr-5FKkmat9w0xI I'm not sure what's the root cause of this and how , or better way to overcome this duirng mod convertions. if you know how please share your ideas.
  2. here are some of my MOD IDEAS on enriching Skyrim Game Play, each of them have techniqule challenges and limitations, If the community people who had been already doing related research on any of these topics , wish them to share their ideas. Sometimes ideas are more valuable than achieving it pefectly . I am appreciated if able to receive some feedbacks either from existing mod related with IDEA or similar thoughts or attempts that people have tried before. IDEA 1 : Skybox with dynamic textures to be used in many scenes IDEA 2 : ( allowing paired movement in SexAnim , which currently Sexlab and OSA didn't support ) IDEA3 : External corrdinates Save / Load IDEA4 : Bind Animation with coordinates as location Based Animations IDEA5: 3D maze in Skyrim IDEA6: incremental sprinting behavior on NPC/Player/OnMounting IDEA7: what you see is what you get Inventory UI for NPC ( instead of Player Actor ) Time is limted to write these ideas , for other IDEAS , to be continued ....
  3. This is not a difficult question to compile the mod psc file successfully step by step by resolving compile errors, if the issue still exist i will try to help. as of now already get away of notepad++ tool as it has some bugs or performance issue , as in 2021, I recommend using vscode as IDE and its plugin to batch compile the skyrim mod psc scripts.
  4. Data/Scripts.zip ---- around 13MB unzip this and use as compile souce will make the compilation smooth ..... also you can use vscode with extention to compile it rather than using PCA.
  5. sirNibbles,  up till now on skyrim animation, 

    are there already easier ways to modify existing *.kf animation in 3ds max then export as kf/hkx directly (pretty much like the way hkxPoser did) ?


    or needs to do xaf,  xml -> hkx conversion as the 

     mentioned ?

    1. SirNibbles


      Right now the method you mentioned for exporting using the XML>hkx conversion is still the only correct working way.

      In my animation guide I've explained it step for step which you can use if you don't entirely understand it's process.

    2. coldloc


      thank you, SirNibbles . 

      I collected some of the animation tutorials under this mega folder 


      do you have ever read any one of these ( some of them published years ago) 

      and if some of the methods in any of these tutorial / articles is outdated and maybe not recommended to try now?  

    3. SirNibbles


      Those were actual the tutorials I've started animating with. (or well, on how to export the stuff and get it working in game)

      I wouldn't say they're outdated since the method to get animations in game is still by using older software (3ds Max 2012, Havok content tools for that specific version etc).


      In my guide I've just dumbed it down a lot, so basically anyone with the software can animate/export it.

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