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  1. ;below is a minor rewrite experiment of RotateScene function to allow feed parameters to reposition Pos X, Pos Y, Pos Z , Angle Z of all available SexActors. Just to bind with HotKey with necessary parameters to make it work. function MoveTogetherScene(bool backwards = false, float Amount = 10.0 , int index = 0, int KEY_index = 56 ) UnregisterForUpdate() PlayHotkeyFX(1, !backwards) if( backwards ) Amount = Amount * 1 else Amount = Amount * -1 endif CenterLocation[index] = CenterLocation[index] + Amount ; index 0-5 refers to coordinate x, y, z, angle x, angle y, angle z, but only 0,1,2,5 will work in game. ActorAlias[0].RefreshLoc() ActorAlias[1].RefreshLoc() ActorAlias[2].RefreshLoc() ActorAlias[3].RefreshLoc() ActorAlias[4].RefreshLoc() int k = KEY_index; while Input.IsKeyPressed(k) PlayHotkeyFX(1, !backwards) Amount = Amount*1.5; moves faster and faster if HotKey Holds for lonerg time CenterLocation[index] = CenterLocation[index] + Amount ActorAlias[0].RefreshLoc() ActorAlias[1].RefreshLoc() ActorAlias[2].RefreshLoc() ActorAlias[3].RefreshLoc() ActorAlias[4].RefreshLoc() endWhile RegisterForSingleUpdate(UPDATE_RATE) ; this can be 0.2 endFunction just be curious that why not SexLab allow moving multiple actors together ? with this function intergrated , sexlab can reposition actors 2p-5p sex animation on the fly , playing Sex anim in the sky without flying mod ..... moving active actors up and down, left & right , forward and backward ... a roughly made screen recording video to demo the movement presented by the script https://mega.nz/#!x3ohXaLB!jw2t1T8DiflP8dDnFsRVMfIMW_Q2lZH8FXY2hLHoS2c Some Thinking : pitfall of the movement behavior is that such way of movemnt can not be as smooth as the effect performed by Jaxonz Positioner mod ... https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52583/ it also can not alther the angle x, angle y of the actors, like the way used by screenshotPad mod, but someone told me before the way it used would cause save file corruption https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69120 Just share it if someone likes to try and work on some script mod related.
  2. the concept of outfiting npc may be different than decorating npc with the armor force equipped. 1. npc by default will be wearing default outfit , which is a container of a set of armors . and the items of these wont appear in the npc's inventory to allow toggle. 2. the state that npc once wearing the armor given by player, is not stable . npc would easily switch back to default outfit armors immidiately after fast travel or on certain ai condition. unless u able to fully reconstruct npc's default outfit with armors u forced npc wearing. one way might be using follower mod EFF mod to handle it.
  3. Can someone help me review below behavior is from SkyUI's default behavior ? [inside Player Inventory Menu], when you press 'Shift' + E , it will toggle Player's Armor on / off [Item Exchange Menu/Trading Menu] when you click any Armor in Player Inventory , it will pass over the selected Armor to NPC inventory. In NPC Inventory Menu ( ), when you press 'Shift' + E or E , it will exchange Armor between Player and NPC inventory. Someone told me this is a bug should be able to directly Equip Armors on NPC inventory , I doubt if any mod conflict caused it. but as I've tried with 3 different modded skyrim le to experience npc toggle armors feature in SKYUI, it still failed. The Expected Behavior any time you're in NPC Inventory Menu (Left side of the Trading Menu): ActorRef..OpenInventory(true) you should be able to toggle Armors on / off on target NPC freely, like the same way in Player Inventory by pressing 'Shift+E‘ , INSTEAD OF seeing the armor goes back to player inventory, no matter you directly mouse click or 'Shift+E' on selected Armor. Simple Test Case: opening the exchange menu, Ken(Player) can give 10 items to ELEANOR(npc) as shown on the above screenshot, ELENAOR (npc) should be able to pass the selected armor to Ken( Player ) on direct mouse click ( is it SKYUI's default behavior ? ) ELEANOR (npc) should be able to keep 10 items in her inventory given by Ken(player), Armors with an => arrow sign on the left indicates that the npc is wearing it. ELEANOR (npc) should be able to toggle equipments whenever press the SHIFT+E ( Equip ) to equip / unequip individual Item. when armors are toggled , it should behave the same way like player toggle armors, the selected armor should not be reduced from ELEANOR(npc)'s inventory list, in above case, total armors should be 10 items all the time as long as press `SHIFT+E` sample video : https://mega.nz/#!83pXnC6a!oaZOSWPckeLpgjidUbX-428fr4h7eMq4ROJYrzTibD8
  4. we know there are ways to do a spell casting on target actor ( player or npc ) apart from the manual way. via console : https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Cast or via papyrus script https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Cast_-_Spell The Question of this thread is related with a specific mod ( Skyrim Flying Mod ] source attached, in which there are Two major spells one named Spell AAflyingspell = Game.GetFormFromFile( 0x000d68, "P1FlyingRing.esp") as Spell the other named Spell AAFlyingSpellCompanion = Game.GetFormFromFile( 0x007ea4, "P1FlyingRing.esp") as Spell ( these returned form values are all valid , not None Exception) Question here is , It's able to see the Player turn into flying effect once the AAflyingspell.Cast( Player ) gets fired. yet the similar ways won't work for the AAFlyingSpellCompanion AAFlyingSpellCompanion.Cast( NPC_ActorRef , Player ) ; not working Player.DoCombatSpellApply( AAFlyingSpellCompanion , NPC_ActorRef ) ; not working AAflyingspell.Cast( NPC_ActorRef ) ; not working here is a link of the spell AAFlyingSpellCompanion in 0'14'' of the youtube_link video. ( Manually Aimed in the Video which is relatively painful for User Experience ) The Goal is very simple, Programmablly Trigger the NPC_ActorRef to Fly Follow Player as Companion ( which is the main effect of the spell AAFlyingSpellCompanion ) Wondering if anyone here can share some lights on the issue here based on the scripts attached ? ( the same with the original nexus page source ) thanks. ================================================================================================ Part II the Console Approach From xEdit, the live loaded Spell ID is 69007EA4 To emulate a spell cast in the Console command syntax can be Player.Cast 9007Ea4 [NPC_ActorRef] Voice It's will only work when player in casting mod , and the crosshairRef is pointing at the NPC Actor. so Question becomes how to convert the above console command into the papryus script the right way without manually targeting the crosshairRef at the NPC Actor ? Reference screenshot: Aimed: Effect is attached to a Projectile which is then fired at the crosshairs. If it makes contact with a valid target, the effect is applied. Debug_SourceFile.7z
  5. I have one puzzle related with below function MFGConsoleFunc.psc ; return expression value which is enabled. (enabled only one at a time.) int function GetExpressionValue(Actor act) global ( illustrated in the 2nd mapping relationship in screenshot , expected to be value 60 instead of 0 ) It seems not getting me the correct value, anyone has any ideas or have met similar issues before ? also noticed that when i npc.SetExpressionOverride( eID , eValue ) do set method, if the eValue is == 0 , the expression won't be set even if the eID has valid value , result becomes -1, 0
  6. another question related: when player speed incrementally increase till a value beyond one's control , he could get more easily to meet death, ( fallDamage from higher place ) , usually what are the approaches to avoid death here ? 0. other than TGM (turn god mod) approach, 1.I remember real-flying mod has one magic to avoid fall death. whats happening behind the scene if create from scratch? 2.the other attempt might be changing some global vars `SetGameSettingFloat("fjumpfallheightmult", 0)` but this approach seems not working when i apply it. your suggestions are appricated.
  7. I'm interested with related mods that apply some acceleration-alike effect in game , such as actor vanilla sprinting , below is one video i recorded ..... ( to illustrate what is easing related effect could behave in skyrim game .... ) https://mega.nz/#!ovoXBQbC!r90pl63NnL-CXAW5SLna_zbgBv5uJl8OGRTuECTXb8E and I'm appreciated if anyone has played any similar mod effect like the video i uploaded if u ever played before, would u share mod links for me to experience ... ( for example : if there are mods u played that applied any kind of easing mechanisms on behaviors like player running, horse riding, vehicle riding , fp camera movement , ufo camera movement , actor flying etc. Any type of example like the above video would be good gameplay improvement experience to learn.
  8. i dont know if the positioner u mentioned means the method i used to move the object, the video i used translateTo method, it has no side effect with actor formtype, but has the video demoed side effect on static formtype. a work around i tested to reposition the whole static nif away on the fly is using moveTo + setAngle api. will sync the visible mesh and invisible collision part. the bad part of moveTo and setAngle method is that , unlike translateTo, its movement effect is abrupt, not nice.
  9. Thank you @t.ara for your insightful comments, I probably need to take some time to gradually understand line by line.
  10. Sometimes papyrus Api document may contain lot of functions look similar. or can achieve certain game effect via many approaches , and different methods used may have pros and cons. ( usability and reliability etc. ) I would like to start a thread on brain storming ideas on achieving certain basic effects in game. Example Topic 1: Don't let an Actor move ( Actor movement toggle ) below are some available methods and ideas: setDontmove Flags this actor as "don't move" or not. setRestrained Flags this actor as restrained or not. Restrained actors will not move from their current position, but will continue to "think" (pick packages, run detection so they could yell alarms) and go into dialogue. setVechcle Attaches the actor to a horse, cart, or other vehicle -- or detaches it from its current vehicle workaround method: toggleAI() Toggles AI on and off in the game. add AI package to an actor to disable actor move swap player control on Ai controllable actor ... welcome to share your ideas or attach existing discussion web links related with similar type of topic in this thread ...
  11. i heard that MilkShape is one of the tools in sim modding workflow. and also the tool in some model ripper workflow. but definitely blender is more popular software in modding most games. there is one comparism video link talking abt diff among mainstream 3d softwares
  12. c) may be even speed contols (not that important) sl speed plugin will work for that well. vanilla osa/0sex not integrated with it so its speed control range not so flexible.
  13. Regardless of how good such features can be implimented in skyrim mod , It's a good question which listed most of the features which can be improved in the sex senece User experience. I am also taking study on such features in my little spare time off work and would be glad to see imrpovement on OP posted features. nice question, @Nejik followed up this thread.
  14. thanks to GenioMaestro for writing such in-depth explanations on this topic , also I've tested the method mentioned in CK document, walking speed immediately updated no side effects. below should be more elegant way to update real-time player movement speed so far compared with previous one. Player.ForceAV("speedmult", new_speedvalue ) Player.ModAv( "carryweight", 0.5 ) Player.ModAv( "carryweight", -0.5 ) ( this is a reference to a size control mod used this method in Fphqsmain.psc in which it adjusted moving speed along with actor height / sccale changes )
  15. if need to call sexlab api, the whole SL mod needs to be installed as script dependancy to pass compilation. but i doubt the three items u listed must use sexlab related api ...
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