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Wintersun introduces many new roleplay and religion mechanics and I think it would work very well alongside the sexlab framework. I have some very simple ideas in mind, for example having sex in game would lead to increased favor (maybe 5%-10%) with specific deities, and most notably Mephala, Dibella and Sanguine - I'm sure there are more with sex in their spheres of worship.


I'm more than willing to make this myself if someone can give me several guiders.. assuming this can be done with tes5edit. I've already tried and got nowhere, so any help is appreciated. Perhaps integrating into the Aroused framework would be easier? (so when arousal reaches 0, the favor is increased). I'd like to hear your thoughts.


It would be great to see this developed on a larger scale, with some deities reducing your favor depending on if you engage in illegal, bestial or forced sexual acts. 

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On 1/14/2019 at 6:35 PM, csernobil97 said:

I would love to see a SexLab integration for Wintersun! I think that idea is just fantastic!

Unfortunately I don't know anything about creating mods ... sadly :(

Is there anyone willing to try and make a mod like that? 

Yes, I'm disappointed nobody has any suggestions so far, as my fear is that this will require a script of some sorts (which I do not wish to invest time into learning for something so simple) . I was hoping that I would be able to copy the script in Wintersun.esp (in tes5edit) that is responsible for adding favor with deities, and attaching that to the magic effects (I assume) that are responsible for initialising sexlab scenes. Every scene would therefore reward you with increased favor.


I am probably simplifying it, but if anyone could inform me as to whether this is a flawed method (and why), I would appreciate even that.

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So, I made a simple mod. It does what was asked for in the first post here - gives favor at the end of a sex scene if you currently follow Mephala, Sanguine or Dibella. Default value is 5% favor, but it can be changed in console (or xEdit) by setting sl_wsn_FavorForSex global value to anything else. If someone has any ideas on how to expand it, I'm open for suggestions, but I'm fairly inexperienced in modding Skyrim, especially working with other mods, so I might not be able to do some things.


EDIT: Forgot to say it's for Skyrim LE


EDIT2: Second version. New features:

-Nine Divines (except Kynareth) hate bestiality - you lose twice as much favor for that
-Kynareth and Animal Gods (Old Ways) like bestiality
-Nine Divines dislike player as aggressor in non-consensual scenes
-Molag Bal likes player as aggressor and dislikes as victim in non-consensual scenes


EDIT3: New version can be found here



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2 hours ago, sunhawken said:

Works great on SE. You should also add a guide on how you did it.

All the work is in a script, source code included. It can't just be done in xEdit without scripting, so one needs to know how to write and compile scripts to do it. Luckily, both SexLab and Wintersun have well-documented and clean source code themselves, so it was quite easy for me to find required functions and events.

I've been working on a new version I just uploaded that features an MCM menu and some improvements. I need feedback and suggestions to improve it, so I welcome everyone willing to provide it on the forum page. :)


If updating from the one posted here, disable sex events in MCM and enable them back.

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