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Dragon age inquisition help modding


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Hello everyone,



I'm trying to make a mod for dragon age inquisition, but i don't really know how to do it. I did follow some tutorials, with Modmaker and DAI Tools but none explains how to do that , especially.



I would like to make the harlequins armors and masks wearable, by the inquisitor. ( harlequins are the assassins in the winter palace, wearing jester's clothes ). And create a schematic, to craft them.


It is a bit hard since i don't find the armors models in Modmaker or DAI tools.


Can someone helps me with that, please ?



Thank you in advance and good modding !




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Yes, exactly ^^



I would like to make it for Inquisition but i have no idea how to do it. i don't find the files, anywhere in the archives of the game.



But it is those outfits, yeah :)



I'm sending pm to a lot of modders but most of them looks gone, or out of modding this game xD



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I have absolutely no idea about modding, but one thing I know with 100% certainty. 
in DAI modding is more difficult than in both predecessor games.
in DA 1 and 2 you just needed to copy files into the override folder, finished.
in Inquisition you need an additional program so that the mods work!

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3 hours ago, gregathit said:

Check the nexus.

I'm pretty sure there is a mod that has done it.

There is a mod with the outfit replacing the pajamas, at the Skyhold fortress. That uses the harlequin outfit, but uncomplete . No masks , or hood or anything . I tried to contact the modder, but no answers. And last connexion very far away, so...  i'm fucked xD



I still try to make it , but i don't find anything related to the outfit... Just the " harlequins " actors but nothing about the armor they wear. I found the texture of their outfit. It's called :


" uni_hf_adventureorlais_med02a " . I tried to find something related, i got a lot of things, but no equipable item or whatever.


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