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Phantom Doctrine - Will it be fondued? (edit) MOD SUPPORT ADDED


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So, it's been announced that Phantom Doctrine will soon have Mod Support. While there's a much desired quality-of-life wishlist being discussed, I wanted to bring attention to it as a quick search seemed to indicate NO ONE on loverslab is talking about this lovely little game.


I dunno about anyone else, but I've always found the whole Spy thing rather alluring-similar to superheroes and tights, there's a very attractive theme to cloak and dagger efforts where it's all about avoiding exposure and using attention to the best of your ability.


There's already quite the support for xcom2 on the site (my thanks) and I was hoping that, once it was allowed, the same would be stated for Phantom Doctrine.


Amongst the ideas I was considering for the game, I was wondering how viable it might be to have a secondary "takedown" option, where it ends up being like a knockout and body disposal in one action, but your agent disappears for a turn as they bring the target away for fun times (yes it's more theater of the mind, but that can be fun too)

There's also another mechanic where you can capture enemy agents (see spoiler) and it rather coldly describes them as interrogated and eliminated. While probably the smart thing to do in a realistic spy setting, I was wondering if we could have a sort of gallery of hot prisoners of our choice for return visits, as well as choosing who would "interrogate" them? (I know, probably a tall order there, but a girl can dream)





In any case, I'd like to hear the rest of your thoughts or plans with the game, looking forward to it in a modding capacity?

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