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  1. The mod creatures reading that request are probably like
  2. There's a model someone posted somewhere on this thread, but no mod was made of it. I went and got the tools for it but I don't know how to rig it and basically went nowhere when I tried =/ not my area of expertise at all
  3. So, it's a sky-high lofty idea, but what I've been considering making is a mod for the Vipers... The idea is that, once they get a hold of someone and constrict them, it would be guranteed to just make it knock them out rather than kill them. From there, the viper would not fight anymore but rather carry their constricted knock-out to an exit point of the map If they are not intercepted and make it out, the K.O'd soldier is "captured" but, rather than going to the usual prison map, they end up in a very special cave-like map where a rescue can be attempted. When there, the so
  4. Maybe more Egalitarian/Xenophile options about the appreciation and conversation between species causing inter-xeno households I definitely am a fan of the idea of some Mass Effect style relationships
  5. Gotta figure out how to mod for games... I know we're able to mod game effects and stats, as well as maps-but what about animations? Can we make mods that change animations for the Vipers? My idea is that Vipers should primarily try to capture people, and the animation would be flipping the soldiers upside down and putting mouth to pelvis. Rather than killing the soldiers constricted by the vipers, they'd K.O them and then drag them to the edge of the map for an exit Then I'd make a special "Snake nest" map for prisoner rescues where the soldiers captured by v
  6. That's a shame, but it's still fun to post some fun posters
  7. If you go into Dev mode via the options menu and use "Godmode" it lets you do a lot of things, but you can go into the bio and click on the heart and reroll it until you like the set it rolls up. Not exactly a pulldown menu or anything (which would be nice) but it's something more immediate than waiting for an update...
  8. You could make it so that if a creature is too much bigger than their partner, they have to use less intrusive intercourse like Oral and Hands
  9. ...Chiss ARE the race I find most attractive, but I wasn't going to suggest them for a few reasons <_< They originate in the unknown regions, they're secretive and mostly unknown, and generally they're rather practical-they don't tend towards the theme of eroticism (hot as they are aesthetically...) That said I wouldn't be sad to see them included...
  10. Well in a Star Wars setting there's a plethora of tentacle monsters to choose from Mind control is a rather darkside path but it's also an option Different races hooking up together Sith Ghosts have possessed people in the EU Robotics and Toys could take a kinky direction Using racial traits (Lekku, pheremones, the force itself) could lead to interesting interactions There's plenty of options to consider, really
  11. StarLord, it's alright. Posts like that are trollish and unwarranted, there's little need to give them what they want: attention. We're here to watch YOU. Keep doing good work and words like those above will find themselves incapable of holding up to any level of scrutiny.
  12. That's a really neat idea, actually-adds some intrigue to the story. Would it increase crime, or would it siphon productivity and amenities? Ooooh, would it steal populations from time to time? Seems like there's room for growth in that line of thought
  13. Patience? Phffft, a good chunk of Star Wars fans would fall to the darkside within a month
  14. A game like this has loads of modding potential, I dabbled in playing with the stats of characters in the first one but I imagine a lot of fun can be had in this second one. In the first one you were able to capture basically anyone-even your own minions-and you could put them through interrogations on all manner of objects all throughout your base such as the centrifuge, greenhouse-of-carnivorous-plants, crushing bookshelf, fun things like that. Imagine some non-lethal interrogation methods 😏 Leading up to captures, you were able to tell everyone to run up and kno
  15. https://evilgeniusgame.com/ "Evil Genius 2: World Domination is a fully-fledged sequel to the 2004 classic. In this spy-fi lair builder, you take control of an Evil Genius, with your aim nothing less than taking over the world!" So, the first Evil Genius game had a fairly modest but well made modding community that made custom henchpersons, changed some stats around, threw balance out the window and then back in the window, made custom missions, things like that and more before the websites hosting them ceased support and fell into obscurity. The people who made the game
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