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  1. I don't see why not considering in the workshop there's a few agent mods you can add a few in so customizing isn't such an issue and also since there's an anti inter-weave turns mod you can probably count on a customization mod for gods sake. But lewd mods for this sounds exciting
  2. I'm interested if we gonna hype the new x-com as much as x-com 2 cuz it'd dropping in like 6 days. Also I mean I like the customizations I just wish there was more game changing stuff like kidnapping aliens and psi brainwashing them the possibilities scare me and I have Xcom enemy within, 2 and preordered the new one.
  3. sounds like you could make a few of em mods then mash them together with a gun mod like flans or mw maybe a few other mods like the flans cars and that one sims (sort of) mod the possibilities are endless and this is a worth thought idea
  4. I feel like people could mess with the MKUltra a little
  5. That sounds like a chance to hit thing its 100% chance but has 75% to stay concealed and 50% to convert if they enjoy it XD
  6. ye it did sound great as a mod honestly
  7. I heard something of a capture aliens mod on here but it probably won't be continued it was a good idea kidnap the aliens with non-lethal attack then you know and possibly converting it into mind slave or soldier like they had in the MK ultra of Phantom Doctrine.
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