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How to install Creation Kit WITHOUT overwriting Skyrim (looking at you Steam >.>)


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The reason for many of my other posts here recently mostly are because Steam overwrote my Skyrim directory after reinstalling Creation Kit in an attempt to fix it. As much as I would rather NEVER have to deal with Creation Kit ever again because of that, it's necessary for a few mods I have as TES5Edit doesn't get the job I need done that Creation Kit does. So how can I make sure Creation Kit is installed by Steam correctly so it it doesn't overwrite Skyrim, it launches correctly through Steam (or even without Steam if possible) & it recognizes my game correctly?


Does it have to be in the same folder as Skyrim or can I make Steam place it somewhere else? Won't risk trying it alone again until someone can tell me a safe way to install it cuz I don't trust Steam at all. The first time I installed it was ages ago through Steam & I forget if I did anything other than just click install. If that's all I did the first time, then clearly Steam fucked that up the 2nd time around & there needs to be a new way to install it.

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