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Issues with Oniki WooHoo Mod. Sims 3

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2 hours ago, JackieG8991 said:

So I downloaded the Oniki Mod for Sims 3 and so far the only package that shows up is the one that came with the mod. I can't seem to get any of the animation packages to show up. I don't know what to do. Please help!!

Screenshot (2).png


You must download the Animations .

Animators are :

Amra72 , mike24 , l666 , MaryJane , Master , k69 , swanny , Analust


After click on add animations packages and type the animations code.

You find the animations code on each page of the animators  ;)


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On 5/7/2019 at 7:25 PM, bodhy said:

I have similar problem i type in the code but animations are not recognized by the mod.

I'm not sure which ones you have but make sure you have the correct name. They usually start with KW_(creator Name)_Animations. For example I have mike24. I have three of his animation packages KW_mike24_classics or I have K69 and it's KW_K69_Animations the creator usually has the name you need to use listed with the package on the download page. If I remember correctly you might need to type it case sensitive. So I just keep a text file on my computer that I copied and pasted all the animations names, I put my game in Full screen off, load up the kinky settings to add names and copy and paste them in. This method makes it easier than trying to type them. 



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