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Male Nude "Full Body" outfit needed.


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Hi everyone.


One of the overlooked items in the clothing creation world is a fully nude clothing object for a YA/A/E Male.


I need a FULL BODY (top & Bottom) without an overlay texture mesh - in other words - no invisible mesh "bumps" or other distortions.  Like a naked Top & Bottom combined.

I have done an extensive search on the internet but end up with tens of thousands of hits for all the commercial and junk sites pushing everything but what I'm looking for.


Does anyone have a full male nude (top & Bottom combined) editable in TSRW?

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Export the nude top and bottom using TSRW, then using Cmar's Meshtools you can join them using the 'frankenmesh' option:



In my case it not always works, when that happens I join top and bottoms manually using milkshape. Just be aware problems will arise when your body mesh surpass 60 bones (you'll have to divide it as two or three separate groups). In this case male body only has 58 so you're good, I already did it:



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I knew there was a way... 

I've not done it before. Was hoping something as "relatively" (at least for those of us that actually work in that end of things often - I don't) simple (?) as that - someone would have done it long ago.  I've chased down hundreds of links nearly all were *404* (a lot from 2010-2014 busted links or removed content), the rest were comercial junk - bait-n-switch - crap.


Well, I've been dreading delving into that end of the graphics pool...  Guess I'm going to get wet!

I just mess with shading and textures now... who knows, I might like it - Think you can handle the competition?   lol

then again - just might go back to designing building with my DCAD. Started doing Sims 3 stuff because I was bored with that. 


In any case I have the tutorials for Mesh Toolkit and it installed - better get reading...


Thanks!   Still hoping someone will volunteer one though - saves on the learning curve...

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Surprisingly simple!  From loading the two base mesh objects and saving their respective WSO files for each LOD (TSRW) - to the finished combined mesh... took about an hour (including reading the tutorial and just looking at Mesh Toolkit options to figure out the process). 


I understand that combining two meshes that were designed to go together is one thing - and doing ANYTHING else is a learning-curve NIGHTMARE!

I tried to use my registered copy of MilkShape 1.8.4 but ran into trouble even trying to load anything (forgot to install Plugins). Once that was corrected I was able to load the meshes I just combined with Mesh Toolkit - Navigating that spaghetti-coded weirdness is NOT intuitive! Nothing like any CAD system I've worked with and seemingly much more awkward to use than Blender.  Not a decent tutorial to be found - nothing that is truly a step-by-step or one that includes all resources links that are actually valid without the dreaded 404 or 402 Error.


Just grabbing a single vertex is a pain. The ideal was to create a series of blanks for men that include all the right bulges to apply TSRW multipliers too. Load the modified mesh as a WSO into TSRW and apply my existing overlays. Simple thought - complicated process! What can be so difficult about moving a couple vertex a tiny bit here and there... RRrrrright.


Well, I admire your tenacity for sticking to the learning curve considering the help that's NOT available for this aspect of meshing.  I will continue to play with MilkShape from time to time to see if I can have an epiphany or two - I wouldn't worry about competition from me for a few years (if at all). Your safe for now... 


Any suggestions as for which programs you found easiest to learn?  Tutorials you found most helpful?  A comprehensive tutorial (explained to "Sheldon Cooper" or some other 8 year old with an IQ of 170) would be outstanding.


In any case - Thanks. 

You mad it simple.

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