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Texture Issue with the Holiday GIft Hairdo's


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Pink = missing textures or the texture pathways in the nif doesn't match the texture pathway in the folder. Open the nif in nifskope and then click the part that isn't texturing right and below the highlighted line in the left click the + box next to  BSShaderTextureSet to get the drop down and then click the + next to textures and then look at the first texture line you can also copy and paste it into notepad to make it easier then look at the pathway in the nif and then check the folder pathway and make sure they both match. If they don't match fix it so they do and then overwrite the nif.





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Sorry about the No link.

Here it is.



There is a file named New flder but it has a bunch of scalps. And I am not sure

where to put either of those files or if it is supposed to be named new folder or

what to do with whats in it. I just know hbow to install files to the directory. Or files set correctly.


So i see    /meshes/xsummer/s4 hair/new folder/and I see scalp files.

Not sure where to put therm or if it applies to female characters.



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I figured it out.


Do you have KS hairdo's installed? If not then that's the reason why the scalp is pink. You have to download and install KS hairdo's mod or just unzip their mod and add it to your game folder without installing it if you want.


straightscalpHUMAN.nif = textures\ks hairdo's\hairline\hairline01.dds


Should be textures\xsummer\s4 hair\hairline\hairline01.dds





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