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Marry Me - Part 2

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Marry Me




We went back to our house. Dad and mom had gone to bed and dinner was left out for us. We didn’t feel like eating so we went to my room and lay on the bed, cuddling.




Suddenly Suzi said the most unexpected thing.

“Make love to me Shane, please.”

“What?! No…”

“Please Shane, it’s like a fire burning inside me, I don’t want it to burn out.”




We were moving way too fast. But as I said, I couldn’t resist her. Her talking like that turned me on immensely. I could see in her eyes that she was horny, that look, that beaming lazy look.




We kissed and she took off her leggings.

She unbuttoned my jeans and I took them off.




We were still kissing. I took off her shirt as she did mine. We were almost completely naked now.




As I took off her underwear and threw it on the floor, I could see some nervousness in her eyes but it was eclipsed by the excitement of the moment.




I kissed her breasts and flicked my tongue over her small pink nipples, every time I did that she sighed. They were even sweeter than honey. Then we continued to kiss.




“Shane don’t torture me anymore, please do it.” She was really demanding it – sex.




Suzi let out a gasp as I penetrated her for the first time. It was like an innocent man being hanged and trying to catch the last sweet breath. I felt a bit sorry for her. Poor girl didn’t deserve the pain.




We continued for a long time. She got used to it in a matter of minutes.




After making love, I went for some water. When I came back I saw her sitting on the bed naked.  I came and sat next to her. “Shane Blockly, will you marry me?” I was left somewhat blank by this proposal but still not knowing how, I said with a smile from the bottom of my heart.

“Susan Blockly, I will marry you on a stormy night and still be with you forever.”




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