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This is a place to share stories of an adult nature from The Sims.
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  2. One of MY Sims GOT HIS SISTER PREGNANT & BLACKBRED HER (HE is BLACK - SHE is WHITE) Wattch The Video Here | MY OWN Blog Post On It
  3. AN OLD POST FROM JANUARY 3RD, 2021 My first attempt at an orgy in The Sims 4
  4. AN OLD CAPTURE FROM 2020 UNTIL NOW - Adrian could only DREAM of fucking his sister Samantha as he jerked off while watching her do mundane things around the apartment, watching her on Social Media & whenever he caught her masturbating as he could sometimes hear her calling out for him to do dirty things to her while in her dreams. Samantha could only of course DREAM of having Adrian's BIG Black Cock STUFFED BALLS DEEP in that HER HOT, INTERRACIALLY VIRGIN & VERY FERTILE FUCK HOLE of hers TODAY - BOTH their dreams come true as he CLAIMS HER AS HIS PROPERTY & begins the process of making her THE SOLE & EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF BBC
  5. forgot to say i have 31 brothers and sisters and a strip club. My father fucked everyone and I have to fuck my sisters to continue the dynasty.
  6. I'm a porn acotor, I fuck every day, but my sister doesn't give her brothers rest
  7. Thank you for your good stories. This one reminds me of when I almost made my sister touch me in my bed but unfortunately we lost heart at the last minute.
  8. She looks like a badass! but maybe also secretly, she's a little dorky? I love her design ?
  9. She's literally so pretty! I love the choice to go full bush ?

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