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  1. You have found me!!!

    Thank you for your lovely world.

    I love your little island, and have played it since I first saw your post!

  2. Memories Part 1 He just stood there, looking around as if transfixed. The young woman that was with him looked around with a bored expression on her face, obviously wishing she was somewhere else. “It hasn’t changed since I was here with your mum… 25 years…” The man lapsed again into silence. The young woman didn’t reply, sighed and started to walk on. The man took one last look and obediently followed. Philip Jarvis was 52 years old. His love of hiking had kept his physique fairly trim, although he was starting to get a little fatter around his middle than he would have liked. He sported a full beard and wore eyeglasses for his shortsightedness. Philip’s daughter, Bridgette, had Recently turned 21, and had just completed her final year of a sociology degree. Bridgette was 5 feet 9 inches, with long auburn hair, a firm, well-proportioned figure and large breasts. Being an only child, she was used to getting her own way and as she had grown had developed a rather haughty nature. Philip’s wife Patricia, had died in a car crash 4 years earlier, just before Bridgette had started university. Since then Philip had been celibate, clinging to the memory of Patricia. As the day warmed, both father and daughter removed their jackets. As they walked, Philip found his eyes drawn to his daughters perfect behind, covered only in the stretch lycra of her grey leggins. After an hour they reached the stone circle on top of the hill. Both father and daughter dropped their packs and sat down on one of the fallen stones. “This is where I proposed to your mum,” Philip said simply. This seemed to stir some emotion in Bridgette, who moved closer and cuddled into her father. “Oh daddy, I still miss her,” she said. Philip glanced at his daughter and saw that her eyes were filling with tears. He put his arm around her, something he had not done in years, and both sat there, lost in their individual thoughts. When they left the stone circle, the sun was getting low in the sky, so they walked to the only shop on the island to buy provisions for the next few days. It was only a few hundred yards to the cottage that Philip had rented… the same one that he and Patricia had stayed in 25 years before. Outside the cottage was just the same, however the inside had been refurbished. Philip prepared their dinner whilst Bridgette had a shower. After dinner and Philips shower, father and daughter sat outside and watched the sun slowly sink into the ocean. As dusk fell they went into the cottage and put on the TV. Philip’s mind was drifting off in the past when he became aware of his daughter’s voice. “Daddy, are you listening, I said this film is boring… Are you okay daddy?” “Sorry honey, maybe coming back here wasn’t a good idea, It just reminds me of your mum,” replied Philip wistfully. “Oh Daddy,” said Bridgette sadly, “We both miss her.” There was again silence and then Bridgette turned off the TV and smiled at her father. “Come on Daddy, you remember when I was a little girl and you would cuddle me in bed, it always made me feel better. Let’s go for a cuddle. They went to Philip’s room and lay on the bed chatting and cuddling. “Do you remember how I would lie on top of you Daddy? I used to love going to sleep like that because you couldn’t leave when I did.” Bridgette rolled on top of her father and buried her face in his shoulder. Philip buried his face in his daughter’s hair. God, she smelled good, she reminded him so much of his wife, how they would lie together touching…. To his horror, Philip felt his manhood start to harden. The more he tried to will it to go down, the harder it got. Presently Bridgette took her head from his shoulder and looked at Philip. “Erm, Daddy. I think I can feel something down there.” Philip felt his face begin to color with shame. “I’m sorry baby… you just remind me so much of your mum,” Philip spluttered, “I mean, there has been no one since her… Honey, I think you had better get off.” Instead of getting off, Bridgette again buried her head in her father’s shoulder and started rhythmically rubbing herself against her father’s swollen manhood. Her breathing become short and raggy. “My god,” thought Philip, “My daughter is getting off on me!” Although he knew it was wrong, he couldn’t bring himself to break the spell of the moment. After a few minutes, Bridgette kissed him and left to go to her room.
  3. Shameful Secret 2 The Movie.mp4 Shameful Secret 2 The Movie.mp4 Shameful Secret 2 The Movie.mp4 Shameful Secret 2 The Movie.mp4 Shameful Secret 2 The Movie.mp4 Shameful Secret 2 The Movie.mp4 Shameful Secret 2 The Movie.mp4 Shameful Secret 2 The Movie.mp4 Shameful Secret 2 The Movie.mp4 Shameful Secret 2 The Movie.mp4 Shameful Secret 2 The Movie.mp4
  4. My Shameful Little Secret – Part 4 After Danny left for university on the mainland, I spent most of the time moping in my room becoming consumed by my dirty little secret. I felt so utterly alone with no one to turn to. I couldn’t help imagining Danny at university, surrounded by girls… doing the special things that he and I had done together. My poor Mum and Dad were worried sick about me, but of course it was impossible to confide in them. As the weeks went by and the time for the holidays and the return of my big brother drew nearer, my mood of despair and self-pity started to lift. I began to wonder whether Danny would still find me attractive after all the girls at university. I started to have hope; I started to look forward to holidays. Then the day was here! I went with Mum and Dad to meet Danny at the ferry. The butterflies in my stomach were really doing aerobatics. He hadn’t changed, he was still the same big brother, my best friend and also in the back of my mind…I know, I know, I KNOW it’s wrong…I KNOW I shouldn’t think this but…but…I wish, I wish, I wish…MY LOVER… We got home and I helped Mum to make dinner. During dinner Danny and I didn’t speak much, it was mainly mum doing all the talking, obviously excited at having Danny home for the holidays. After dinner, I finally found myself alone with Danny in the sitting room. I started teasing him about all the girlfriends that he must have at college. As you can probably guess it was my way of fishing. My heart soared when he said, “None as beautiful as my little sister.” I pressed him as to whether any were as sexy. Before he could answer, Mum came in with a cup of hot chocolate. Everyone went to bed and I got changed into my nightie. I stood for what seemed eons, staring at myself in the mirror, consumed by the inner turmoil that my feelings for my brother were so wrong by most people’s standards. But why?...What the hell did it matter that he was my brother? This was nothing to do with anyone else, and as long as we were careful it would remain our little secret. My heart felt like it was going to burst through my rib cage as I tip-toed to my brother’s room. He was asleep and I stood for a couple of minutes watching him, just savoring having him back. For the past few months it had been as if a sudden ice age had happened in my nether regions, if you know what I mean. I had not touched myself or even thought of sex for what seemed to be an eternity. I thrilled as I felt the slick wetness run down my inner thighs, knowing the ice-age had finally melted and come to an end. I slid in behind Danny and snuggled into his strong back, thrilling at the smell and feel of my brother. Danny woke up and rolled over to face me. “Rach, what are you doing?” he asked sleepily. “I’ve missed you so much Danny,” I whispered hoarsely, “I want to be with you, like we were before.” “Sis, We can’t,” replied Danny, “We agreed it would end when I went to college.” “And now you’re back,” I replied simply. “I need you Danny,” I whispered, “I haven’t even thought of sex since you have been away, but now you’re back…” I let the words hang as I guided my brother’s hand to my inner thighs where the torrents of the River Lust were flowing in full flood. He looked at me, lost for words and moved his hand up to the burning source of the torrent. I gasped and stared at my brother imploringly. “Rach, I, I don’t have any condoms, I …er … didn’t think that I would need them.” I hadn’t even considered that possibility, but I was on fire, I couldn’t stop now I needed to be loved, to be shown how much he loved me. “It’s okay,” I lied, “I’ve just finished my period, there’s no chance of getting pregnant just don’t come inside me.” I pulled Danny on top of me and pulled down his shorts. He didn’t resist, I think he wanted this as much as I did. I guided Danny into me. The feeling was fantastic, not only had my lover returned but for the first time ever I was feeling skin on skin feeling every detail of my brother’s manhood. We made love so slowly and sensuously, savoring every moment, every small movement. We had to be quiet as our parents were sleeping in the room down the hall but that just seemed to add to the excitement. I was nearing my climax and I pulled Danny down into me. Danny must have been right on the edge because he mumbled franticly, “Rach, nooo, ohhh.” I felt Danny’s hot seed shoot into me, flooding my womb and sending me over the edge to the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. I can’t believe that I didn’t wake Mum and Dad! For the remainder of Danny’s vacation we made love every night, however never again without condoms. We both agreed that it was too risky. Danny told me about some of the girls at college, but now it didn’t seem to hurt any more. There was a special bond now between us that I knew would never be broken. I love Danny and Danny loves me, and the fact is that we are both aware of this and accept it. It is more than brotherly and sisterly love, and more than the love that lovers can have. Our love is unconditional and eternal, and even if there are other people, they will come and go. Danny and I are forever. Now I am waiting for the next college holiday, but not with a feeling of desolation as before, but with a feeling of hope and anticipation. I don’t know if I am pregnant, but if I am then as the song says, Que Será, Será. In fact, part of me almost hopes I am….
  5. Exploration Well, during the next couple of sessions, she obliged me a few more times, and it was heavenly each and every time. But more importantly, she also asked me to 'tickle' her vagina for her. I was happy too, as you can imagine. She told me that it felt wonderful when she rubbed herself just above her 'opening' as she called it (at the time neither of us knew what a clit was) and she showed me how she did it. I said I thought we should try that at the same time I slid a finger inside her, the same place a penis would go if she was having sex. She agreed, and pretty soon I was rubbing her on the inside with one finger and stroking her clit (although I didn't know to call it that) with my other hand. As I did this she would close her eyes and gyrate her hips ever so softly and let out little moans of pleasure. I did this to her twice during two different 'sessions' before it finally happened. It was the third time, and I was doing exactly what I just described... one finger inside her and the other hand rubbing her clit, and she was laying there before me fully exposed and venerable to me, when all of a sudden it was like the energy of it all began to pick up. We both seemed to sense it, and the pace of her hip thrusting and moaning became faster. Pretty soon her fists were clenched and her face was all scrunched up and she said 'damn it, do NOT stop!' She began to wildly buck her hips and her moans became panting, and then I felt it... The inside of her pussy tightened around my finger, she arched her naked little hips WAY up into the air, and I noticed that my hand that had a finger inside of her had suddenly become drenched with a warm, heavy fluid that smelled strong and sweet. Following her instructions, I did not stop, but after a moment she yelled, 'STOP! STOP IT'S TOO MUCH!' Afraid that I had hurt her, I pulled my finger out of her pussy and stopped rubbing with the other hand. 'What the HELL was that????' I laughed, because she normally never swore and she had just done it twice. But the truth was, I too was curious about what had just happened. I had no idea that girls could have orgasms. But before all of this 'exploring' came to an end, I had given her a few more. Our 'sessions' slowly became further and further apart, and then they just stopped. By the time fall came around they were a thing of the past. It was like we both knew the limits of a brother-sister relationship, neither of us wanted to cross that limit, and we both knew we had come as close to it as we could, and if we kept going it would be too much. All in all, we had both used our hands to give each other about five or six orgasm each.
  6. Exploration I motioned for her to come to the bed, and she laid down for me and spread her self open. Just as she had explored my penis moments ago, I now tenderly and gleefully played with her pussy, rubbing it both inside and out as she giggled, moaned, and even softly arched her hips as I slipped a finger inside her. After a while I asked her to turn over on her tummy. She did, and I ran my hands up her thighs and over her two lusciously round, soft, and perfectly shaped ass cheeks. I knew I was close to finally exploding and I wanted the release terribly. I asked her if she knew what an orgasm was. She did not. I told her I needed to have one and that I would like her to watch. She turned over and layed on the bed looking at me. I started to stroke myself and it did not take long. I felt the familiar warm tingling in my balls that singled the start of a powerful orgasm. The warmth turned to heat and began to spread out of my balls and encompassed my entire lower half. Watching my sister closely as she watched me with mouth wide open and eyes agape with curiosity, the heat shot up my shaft and rocketed gloriously up a good three or four feet into the air! SQUIRT! SQUIRT! Each ejaculation sent shivers down to my toes and up to my fingers and I gasped again and again as I sprayed myself with cum. My sister, I could tell, was paralyzed with shock, surprise, and delight. When it was over she told me she had NO idea a penis could do that and she had a ton of questions about all of it. Well, that was about it for that day, but it was not the last time we 'played' together. Most of the time, I instigated our 'sessions' but a couple times she came to me and asked if we could 'do some more exploring' (those were her own words). On the second go-around, we were again sitting on my bed both of us naked, and my sister asked me to make my penis 'do that squirting thing again.' I got bold and asked her if she would do the honors for me. At first she looked confused, so I explained that one of my dreams was to have an orgasm with somebody else rubbing my penis. 'Will any of that white stuff get on me?' she asked. I said it probably would, on her hands and arms, and that if that grossed her out she didn't need to do it. She asked what it felt like and I told her it was warm and a little sticky, kind of like maple syrup, but that it came off easily with very little clean up. She agreed to try. I laid down next to her , both of us naked, she took my shaft into her hands and started to stroke. At first she was gripping too hard, so I showed her how to let it slide gently against her skin, and soon she was rubbing me like an old pro at giving hand jobs. It didn't take long, and pretty soon I shot a spiral of white cum upwards and over my head. I had told her ahead of time to NOT stop rubbing when the squirting began, as that was when the rubbing felt the very best. She performed masterfully and kept stroking even as her hands were dripping and covered in my cum.
  7. Exploration - Part 2 I don't know how long we stood in that position with her smiling and staring at my boner, but her reaction made me bold. Eventually I stood upright and swung my hips a little forward, putting my erection on full display. My sister took a few steps forward. I invited her to touch it, and she came into my room. She began to play with my penis. At first she just poked it a few times and giggled as it pulsed and throbbed. Then she began to handle it, wrapping her fingers around my shaft, pinching it, feeling it, rubbing it. She commented on the spongy feel of the very tip, the bone hard feel of the shaft, and the loose, fleshy inner 'nuts' inside them. I can't begin to describe what a rush it was to stand there fully naked in front of her while she sat on my bed groping and fondling my boner like that. At one point she even commented that it looked like a microphone, and she grabbed it and started to sing into it like she was a rock star. Apparently, it would seem, my little sister was just as curious about boys as I was about girls. She was fully enjoying this. After a while I commented that it was not fair that I was naked and she had all her clothes still on. That was all it took, and I was surprised at how fast she jumped up and started to strip. But she didn't just take off her clothes, she made me sit on the bed while she took a few steps into the middle of my room and began to do a swanky striptease style dance while she removed her clothing piece by piece. …… first her sweatshirt…… her tee-shirt ……. … she wriggled out of her jeans and then took off her bra When she was down to her panties, she turned her back to me and while swing her hips back and forth she slowly pushed down her panties to reveal her perfectly round little sexy rump. Then, with her backside still to me, she cupped both hands over her pussy and turned slowly to face me still gyrating her hips like mad. In a final display of unbelievable sexual expertise, she jumped up, landed with her legs spread wide and her hips thrust forward, flinging her hands into the air, shoving her now fully naked pussy directly towards me.
  8. Exploration Our family lived in the middle of nowhere, with the nearest neighbours 3 miles away. I was nineteen my little sister was eighteen. She had always been a cute little kid, but recently, she was turning into a hot chick and I began to spend more and more time looking at her and wondering what she looked like naked. I enjoyed the sight of her tight little ass when she wore close fitting jeans or shorts and on a few glorious occasions, I would catch a glimpse of her in panties, and these became used as mental images sometimes when I jerked off. I did wonder, at the time, how normal I was, and I often fought off feelings of guilt for having such thoughts about my little sister. I tried to focus most of my sexual energy and curiosity on girls my own age. I knew the best change I had of ever finding out what a girl looked like naked was the girl living in the same house as me. Eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I devised a plan. I had no idea going into it how she would respond, and I knew I risked serious punishment from my parents if she opted to tattle, but we were good enough pals that I thought it was worth the risk. Our house was laid out in such a way that to get to her bedroom she had to walk right up to my bedroom door and then take a hard right-turn into her room. If my door was open she had a view into my room. One spring weekday I delayed taking a shower until my dad was at work and my mom was off running errands. After showering I went to my room to get dressed but this time I didn't close my door like I always do. It took some patience and waiting (like a half hour or forty five minutes) but eventually I heard my sister coming up the stairs. I quickly stood in front of my dresser with the top draw open like I was about to get dressed, purposely turning myself towards the door so she would have a full frontal view as she walked past my door. The idea of course was for her to believe that she had 'accidentally' seen me naked. As I heard her reach the top of the staircase my heart was pounding so loud I could hear it, and I almost had the shakes I was so nervous. Needless to say, my penis was hard as a rock. An instant before she turned the corner and came into full view I chickened out, and in a panic I reached for the door to swing it closed. But.... I was too late. Right as I was reaching for the door, she came around the corner. About six feet away from each other we both froze solid. To my surprise, and to my complete delight, her eyes dropped instantly to my throbbing erection and I watched her eyes become huge and a smile slowly spread across her face. She was not even trying to hide her delight in seeing me this way! And to make it even better, my last second chickening out had given the effect of it seeming like she really HAD caught me accidentally, and that this had not been planned.
  9. Marry Me We went back to our house. Dad and mom had gone to bed and dinner was left out for us. We didn’t feel like eating so we went to my room and lay on the bed, cuddling. Suddenly Suzi said the most unexpected thing. “Make love to me Shane, please.” “What?! No…” “Please Shane, it’s like a fire burning inside me, I don’t want it to burn out.” We were moving way too fast. But as I said, I couldn’t resist her. Her talking like that turned me on immensely. I could see in her eyes that she was horny, that look, that beaming lazy look. We kissed and she took off her leggings. She unbuttoned my jeans and I took them off. We were still kissing. I took off her shirt as she did mine. We were almost completely naked now. As I took off her underwear and threw it on the floor, I could see some nervousness in her eyes but it was eclipsed by the excitement of the moment. I kissed her breasts and flicked my tongue over her small pink nipples, every time I did that she sighed. They were even sweeter than honey. Then we continued to kiss. “Shane don’t torture me anymore, please do it.” She was really demanding it – sex. Suzi let out a gasp as I penetrated her for the first time. It was like an innocent man being hanged and trying to catch the last sweet breath. I felt a bit sorry for her. Poor girl didn’t deserve the pain. We continued for a long time. She got used to it in a matter of minutes. After making love, I went for some water. When I came back I saw her sitting on the bed naked. I came and sat next to her. “Shane Blockly, will you marry me?” I was left somewhat blank by this proposal but still not knowing how, I said with a smile from the bottom of my heart. “Susan Blockly, I will marry you on a stormy night and still be with you forever.”
  10. Marry Me They were fighting very loudly. Mom and dad. Twenty two years of marriage plus two kids and they still fought like cat and dog. Right now they were fighting over who had done more for their kids. Seriously, neither of them had. My sister and I had practically raised ourselves. It was a silly and stupid thing to fight over, one married couples shouldn’t fight about. I am Shane Blockly and my sister is Susan Blockly, I call her Suzi. I turned 19 last month and my sister turned 18 last week. Suzi was a very lovely girl. Milky skin, dark hair and brown eyes. She was that kind of girl you’d fall for at first sight. There were already loads of guys at school chasing her but she just didn’t care. She asked me to go outside for a walk with her. She never liked mom and dad fighting. They didn’t notice us leaving so they fought on. It was dark in the church yard near our house. We had played many games in that church yard, all sorts of games. We were walking slowly and were holding each other as it was cold. "I feel safe with you Shane." Suzi said. I couldn't understand where she going even though I knew what it meant. "I love you Shane." With her saying that, she stopped and looked into my eyes. "Do you love me?" "Of course I do stupid." "No, I mean do you love me as in how a boy loves a girl." I was left startled by this. It was like she had read my mind. I loved her more than anyone in the world, yet I was nervous when I expressed my feelings. "Yes I love you.” My hands were shaking when I said these words. I didn’t know where it came from. Eight years back we used to play husband and wife as a game and pretend that we were mom and dad. We were our closest friends. Best pals. No one else. Just us two. Through ten years our closeness had grown. Shane, I need a kiss, please kiss me.” “Suzi…” I couldn’t resist myself. I was in love with her, my sister. We kissed for the first time. It felt like heaven falling from above. The chilly air didn’t bother us as we were tight in our lip lock. I felt the warmth inside, so did she. She was shaking when we finished. Yet she talked. “I've loved you Shane ever since we were kids.” “Me too Suzi, me too.” She was in my arms. It had always made her feel safe. We were the only two in the dark church yard. No one could see us through the dark from the lighted houses.
  11. SIM CASTING Lauren (22) 22/11/2018 The big dream of Lauren, the young amateur, is studying. And for that, she needs money, a lot of money. That's why she's bartending and working many other part-time jobs. But she still cannot earn enough, so she came with the brilliant idea to earn the money by fucking on camera. She came to our interview to show the world fucking is her biggest hobby. She enjoyed a fine fuck with our cameraman and went back to the bar where she works covered in cum. Handy girl, what do you think: Photos Preview
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  13. SIM CASTING Emily (24) 30/9/2018 Here's a fresh amateur for you. She is only 24 years old and lives with her girlfriend. Yup, you read it right, Emily recently discovered her inclination towards a juicy pussy. She likes to taste them and says they're much better than a proper hard cock. This girl ain't afraid and her family is cool with her choices. Today she will perform a one pussy show, not even our cameraman was allowed to come closer. Check out this shy Sim lady playing with her pussy. Photos Preview
  14. The Runaways “No baby, no”, said Trish in a hoarse whisper as she rolled over and tried to stand up. Shaun pushed her back onto the bed and started passionately kissing her. The last vestiges of resistance left Trisha as Shaun’s hand again found the place between her legs and started again to stroke her pussy lips. Trish didn’t try to stop her son removing her underwear; she raised her hips off the bed so Shaun could easily slide her panties down. Trish was so wet now that Shaun’s finger easily slid into her vagina. Trish moaned and moved her hips to meet Chris’s finger. Trisha moaned again and passionately kissed her son back as he massaged her breasts. Shaun started to kiss her down her body. Trisha guided Shaun’s mouth to her soaking pussy. Shaun’s tongue snaked inside her sending shudders through her body. Trish lifted Shaun’s head up and guided him over to the bed. “It’s my turn now baby”, said Trish, her voice slurred with passion. Trish pulled off her sons boxers and climbed on top of him. She rubbed her wet pussy along the length of her son’s cock. Trish rhythmically slid her pussy lips along the length of her son’s hard shaft. Fairly quickly Shaun cried out and came. Mum and son lay in each other’s arms. “That was fantastic”, whispered Shaun. “I’m not finished with you yet”, said Trisha as she moved down to her son’s soft cock. Trisha’s tongue flicked on the tip of Shaun’s cock, licking the last vestiges of his seed. Soon he was hard again. “Now I want to show you how it feels to be inside a woman”, said Trisha, as she climbed on top of her prone son. Straddling Shaun, she guided his hard cock between the soft lips of her vagina. Slowly, ever so slowly she impaled herself on her son. Slowly she started moving her hips. “Mom”, gasped Shaun, “Can I try putting it in you?” Trish knew that Shaun would be better able to control himself, so she rolled onto her back and guided Shaun into her body. “Oh mum, I love you”, whispered Shaun staring into his mum’s eyes. Trish could feel every inch of her son’s hard cock inside her body. “Oh baby I can feel you in me”, moaned Trish. Quickly Shaun came again, and Trish felt the warm flow of her son’s seed flood into her vagina. The End
  15. The Runaways Later that afternoon, it felt like things had returned to some normality as Trish and Shaun sat chatting on the settee. “You know mum”, said Shaun, “You are pretty cool for a mum”. “Oh baby, I couldn’t ask for a better boy”, said Trisha standing up, I’m off for a long soak to help me relax. “Do you want me to massage you first?” asked Shaun. “Sure honey,” replied Trish, “That would be lovely”. She could hardly admit it to herself, but the thought of Shaun’s hands on her thrilled her. Trish and Shaun went upstairs to Trish’s bedroom and Trish slipped out of her dress, and with a coquettish smile lay face down on the bed. Shaun started to knead her back. “Oh honey, that feels so good”, murmured Trisha, “Keep doing that… a bit lower..” “Mum, can I unfasten your bra, it’s getting in the way”, asked Shaun. “Sure honey”, murmured Trish, lost in the pleasure of the massage. Shaun had never unhooked a bra before and it amused Trish the way he fumbled over it. Eventually Shaun figured out the technique and Trish slipped the straps off over her shoulders. Shaun took off his sweater and continued massaging his mum. Shaun was acutely aware of his mum’s firm bum underneath her skimpy knickers and the faint musky smell that emanated from his mum. Shaun slowly moved his hands lower down his mother’s back until he was massaging his mother’s buttocks. Trish, lost in the feeling of the massage moaned and subconsciously opened her legs a little. Chris slowly moved his hand between his mum’s legs. The fabric of the panties was damp and Chris could feel the heat coming from his mum’s pussy as he gently ran his fingers over the silky fabric. Trish suddenly became aware that her son’s fingers were gently stroking her pussy. She rolled onto her side. “Baby, no it’s not right honey…”, murmured Trisha. Instead of stopping, Chris started to massage her now exposed breasts. “I just want to give you pleasure mum”, said Shaun.
  16. The Runaways The next morning breakfast was rather subdued, Shaun was unsure what he had he had heard the night before. He didn’t know that him mum had seen him standing in the doorway and that had given her the most amazing orgasm. “Mum”, asked Shaun, “Did you shout something last night. “I was probably just dreaming honey”, replied his mum. He was sure though that she had a twinkle in her eyes! “You know, if you weren’t my mum, I would really fancy you!”, said Shaun, hugging his mum. “Oh honey, you say the sweetest things”, replied Trish. After breakfast, Trish and Shaun went for a walk, to enjoy the last of the summer weather. “Mum”, said Shaun shyly, “I’ve got something to tell you”. “Sure honey, what is it?”, asked Trish. “It’s kind of embarrassing mum”, continued Shaun, “I sort of accidentally saw you when you were having a bath. Sorry mum… I… well I just kept watching…” “Oh honey”, said Trish smiling, “It’s perfectly natural to be curious. I’m not angry darling, in fact I feel flattered that you would want to look at my body. Come on honey, let’s sit down over there and have a chat.” Trish and Shaun sat down in the wood comfortable with the silence for a couple of minutes. It was Trish who broke the silence. “Baby, I know that you’ve been watching me at night times.” “How do…”, stammered Shaun feeling very embarrassed. “Honey, I saw you last night”, said Trish, “Just before I shouted your name”. Shaun was very quiet; he wished the ground would swallow him up. “Baby, it’s perfectly natural to have these feelings and it is okay to touch yourself”, continued Trish, “One day you will have a girlfriend of your own..” “I don’t want a silly girl”, said Shaun petulantly, “I want to stay with you mum… I love you and I don’t want anyone else”. “Oh honey, you know we can’t be like that. We have something more darling, the love between a mother and son. That is so special”, said Trish. Shaun noticed that his mother would not make eye contact when she said this.
  17. The Runaways The wine was good and mum and son drank a couple of glasses each. Trish started feeling a little light headed. She ached from all the walking that they had done that day and thought about the time when her husband used to massage her. “Shaun, honey, can you do me a big favour”, asked Trisha, “My shoulders are really tense, could you give me a massage?” Shaun could hardly believe his luck. His mum was actually asking him to touch her! “Sure”’ he said cooly “Turn around.” “Let’s go upstairs”, slurred Trish, it’s more comfortable. Trish lay on her bed and Shaun started to massage her back. “Ooo honey that feels good”, purred Trish. Shaun’s cock was throbbing as he caressed his mum’s back. “Mum”, rasped Shaun, “It would be better if you took your shirt off”. “Sure honey”, murmured Trish, as she pulled the shirt off. Again Shaun had gone to bed early leaving Trish with her novel. She had had to ask Shaun to stop the massage because she was starting to enjoy the feeling of being touched a little too much. Shaun had sneaked out almost as soon as he put his light out. His mum’s skin had felt so soft and smooth, he so wanted to touch her some more! He prayed that his mum would again touch herself tonight. It didn’t take long. Soon his mum put down the book and took something down from the shelf before turning out the light and taking off her pajama bottoms. Shaun could hear the squelching sounds straight away as his mum started to rub her pussy. Soon to Shaun’s delight, Trish took off her shirt. She then started to suck on a large rubber dildo. Shaun couldn’t believe that his own mum would have something like that! Before long, Trish stopped sucking the dildo and spreading her lips apart with her fingers, slid it into her soaking vagina. She then started to rhythmically fuck herself with the huge toy. Shaun nearly came when he heard the little whimpering noises that his mother made. As Trish neared her climax, she put the toy down and started to furiously frig herself with her fingers. Trish was nearing her orgasm when she happened to look up at the door. She nearly cried out at what she saw. There in the shadows was her son with his pants around his ankles masturbating whilst watching her! The thought of being watched and seeing her son playing with himself pushed Trish over the edge. Instead of stopping, she pushed her fingers deep inside herself and throwing her head back climaxed so hard. This time she heard herself moan and shout out her son’s name…. “Ooooooh Shaun Baby!”
  18. The next morning Trish got up early and showered. She felt so much less stressed after the release of tension the night before. Funny, that was the first time she had been sexual since leaving Mike. “Morning Mum”, chirped Shaun, “You have got a real glow this morning”. Trish smiled at Shaun, “Yes, I think I am starting to feel a lot better”, she replied, “I think I will be doing quite a bit more reading from now”. Shaun certainly hoped so… “I’ll go and start breakfast”, said Shaun. Instead of going straight down, Shaun hid on the stairs and peeped into his mum’s room, hoping to see his mum naked again. He was rewarded when his mum dropped her towel and started to put on her make up topless. Shaun wished that he could touch those beautiful breasts. After breakfast Trish and Shaun set off for the village. McKaffrey’s was the only shop on the island and sold everything from clothes to surf boards. Mum and son bought their weekly provisions from Mr McKaffrey who packed them into bags. “Hey mum”, said Shaun, “How about we buy a bottle of wine for tonight?” Trish smiled. Her son was so thoughtful and yes a bottle of wine would be lovely. “Okay honey, you choose”, smiled Trish. After dropping the groceries home, Trish and Shaun spent the afternoon chatting on the hill. In the evening Trish and Shaun had tea. “Hey mum”, said Shaun, “How about we open that bottle of wine?” “Okay honey, you go and turn the tv on and I will bring it through. Trish opened the wine and poured 2 glasses.
  19. The Runaways After dinner, Trish washed up then went upstairs. Shaun was playing on his computer. “Honey, I’m going to go to bed to read for a while, don’t stay up all night playing games”. “No mum, I’m going to bed now”. Trisha hugged her son, “Night night honey, I love you”. “Love you too mum”, replied Shaun. Shaun went into his room turned off the light and lay on his bed in the dark and thought about his mum. He could see the glow in the passage from his mother’s room. After half an hour Shaun got up and tip-toed down the passage. His mum’s door was open and he could see her laid on the bed reading. Trish found it hard to concentrate on the book. She was really only waiting for Shaun to go to sleep, so she could give herself some relief. Still the picture of her son staring at her naked body would not leave her head. Did he really lust after his mum? Trish put the book down and lay back on the bed. She allowed her hands to caress her body, slowly working her way down her belly to the hot moistness between her legs. She imagined what it would be like to be touched by Shaun. Shaun nearly choked when he saw what his mum was doing. His heartbeat was so heavy that he felt certain that his mum would hear. But she didn’t, she instead started to rub between her legs through her pajama bottoms. Shaun nearly made a dash for his room when his mum sat up. Maybe she had heard him, maybe she was going to close the door or go to the toiled….but no she instead turned off the light, took off her pajama bottoms off, lay back and started masturbating! Shaun pulled down his own pajamas and started stroking his hard cock. He covered his mouth with his other hand in an effort to stifle his breathing. The only sound that came from his mum was her ragged breathing. Shaun watched as his mum’s hand worked faster and faster and her breathing got harder. His mum pushed three fingers into her wet pussy and started to frig herself frantically. Shaun could hear the squelching noises, wow she must be wet! Trish reached her climax, making as little sound as she could. Shaun crept back to his bedroom and wanked himself to sleep.
  20. Quality Time Greg and I used to be like that, unable to keep our eyes (and hands) off each other’s bodies. Now we always make love with the light out. Even getting changed we tend to do it furtively as if we don't want each other to see our naked forms. Is it me? Maybe I'm ashamed that my body is changing, not as tight, getting older I guess… Lawrence seems mesmerized by the sight of me naked, just sitting and staring at me with a smile on his face. I feel his gaze burn into my most private areas like a laser beam. I take my little boy’s hands and place them on my breasts, delighting in his gentle touch, feeling my already hard nipples becoming than my son’s cock. I sit on the settee next to Lawrence and without a word, we start caressing each other’s naked bodies. “My beautiful boy,” I whisper as I stare down at my son’s rod in my hand as I slowly masturbate him. I thrill and my hot, pink love tunnel contracts involuntarily around my son’s fingers as they probe deep inside me. He whispers back, “I love you Mum.” Again I straddle my baby boy, and kiss him deeply. Reaching down I take hold of his penis and raising my hips I position his manhood between my fiery lips. We stay like that for what seems like an eternity, and then staring deep into my baby’s eyes, I slowly impale myself, inch by wonderful inch, feeling my son entering my body, the body that gave him life so many years ago, now giving him his first tastes of the pleasures of the flesh, educating my little boy, being his first. “Welcome home baby,” I whisper breathlessly. Slowly I start to ride my Lawrence, leaning forward so that he can suckle on my nipples as he did when he was so much younger. Lawrence looks me in the eye. “Mum, can I try fucking you?” he asks. I feel shocked at my son’s use of the expletive, that he would even know that word, let alone use it with his mum. I feel shocked but also very aroused by the directness of it. “Yes baby, fuck me, please fuck me baby,”I whisper as I roll on to my back and clamp my legs around my son, pulling him into me. Lawrence has wonderful control and as his thrusts get faster and faster I feel my own orgasm building, my breathing becomes ragged, I start mewling like a kitten with my own building pleasure. Lawrence raises himself up, staring down at me as he pumps my soaking pink tunnel. I feel like I have been transported to another world, a world of pleasure, a world of carnal lust where nothing else matters, where everything else is dull and drab when compared to the glowing star of our approaching climax. “Ah, Mum I’m going to come,” shouts My boy, his voice strangely strained with passion, making him sound, not like my son... like me,,, His thrusts reach a fever pitch as he starts to flood me with his hot cum. The force and quantity take me by surprise and finally sends me over the edge. I sit up and grab Lawrence’s neck as I thrust my body into his as we become one person, a single shining being of pure carnal light. “Oh baby,” I mumble, “Oh my baby.”… My name is Ellen Hunter and I love Monday mornings. I have the house to myself and I can just laze around in bed dreaming my dreams and thinking my thoughts. I like to think of this as my quality time with just me…and of course my pussy.
  21. Quality Time God, when was the last time Greg and I spent time just touching, exploring, glorying in the feel of each other’s bodies? On the rare occasions that sex does happen now, it feels mechanical, a series of steps to go through to get to the end… Lawrence lifts his buttocks to allow me to slide down his boxers. I do this slowly, teasing myself as I slowly expose my son’s beautiful, rock hard, untouched penis. Lawrence’s cock stands straight up pointing almost accusingly at me. He momentarily opens his eyes and smiles shyly at me. I take his boxers off all the way and then straddle my son, taking his wonderful cock in my hand. Already I feel the pre cum on the tip of my son’s cock. Lawrence again opens his eyes and smiles at me, this time not looking shy but rather looking relaxed and intrigued as to what would happen next. “Baby you feel so good,” I purr as I start to masturbate my son’s manhood. We kiss, our tongues this time entwining like dancing snakes. Lawrence starts to try to clumsily pull my knickers down. I stand up, pushing him back into the settee and wag my index finger at him. I start to dance for my son. “Have patience baby,” I whisper teasingly. I want the tension to build, I want to draw this moment out for as long as is possible to savour the beautiful agony of expectation. I love the slutty feeling of dancing for my son, having his eyes probing my body, lustfully watching me gyrate and caressing myself, lap dancing for my little boy who is just sat there with his hard cock twitching in anticipation of what will happen next. It starts to get too much for Lawrence to stand and he reaches forward and takes hold of my hips. I take pity on him and don’t try to stop him when he gingerly starts to pull my knickers down. I am so wet by now, I can smell my own musk as my little boy gets his first view of a pussy. Lawrence takes my panties all the way down and I step out of them and throws them on the table. “Oh Mum,” whispers my little boy, “Your pussy is beautiful.” I smile down at my son and allow him to stare at my sex. I feel exposed but also aroused by his intense gaze. I reach behind my back and unfasten my bra, allowing it to fall to the floor. “Oh Mum, you are gorgeous,” my son murmurs, doing nothing else other than stare at my now naked body.
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