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What games have the best and most developed adult mods and other adult features?


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Hello all. First off, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question.


I'm new to the site and to modding computer games in general. I only discovered this place a few days ago. I have been messing with some of the mods for Oblivion and Skyrim, and they're pretty amazing. I was wondering though, what games (genre doesn't really matter) have the best adult play experience? If you could only choose one game to play with adult mods and features, what would that game be?

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I'd say rapelay is pretty heavily adult.


How/where can I get it? Their official site says they don't sell outside of Japan.


Also (being an ugly American that only speaks English), I'm particularly interested in adult mods for games like the GTA series and other English-language games.

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I'd like to avoid downloading things that are in a legal grey area' date=' so that probably means Rapelay is a no-go.


Anyone have any other suggestions? I'm really interested in mods that give adult features to games.


How stable and reliable is Sexout?



If you're willing to read a lot of tutorials and FAQs, it is pretty stable and reliable. ;)


It's pretty far along in development as well, so you have more content, than say Skyrim for example.

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Morrowind has some, while they are mostly text based, there are a few that are animated.

Oblivion has the Lovers series, plus a number of pose mods.

Fallout 2 has sex built right into the game; Daggerfall has lots of in game nudity.

Fallout 3 & New Vegas have SexOut, Animated Prostitution, SinisterChipmunk's various mods (search on Fallout 3 Nexus), etc.


It is mostly just a matter of searching here, or going to the nexus sites and running a tag search with the various adult tags checked.

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shameful plug , I believe this sort of games is what you are looking for. Completely legit http://www.aorated.com/review/ao-rated-game-of-the-year-bonecraft-full-review-pc/ completely english. (with guvannah voice overs for lulz)


Since u said Mods then NWN is also highly modded and has several mods. I will be doing some coverage on that. Another is obviously WOW mods but i cannot mention the names here.

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That's easy. The Witcher series. Nothing really comes close into being just a pure adults only game. The choices and the attention CD Projekt put into it makes it the standout game for me.


So engaging in gratuitous profanity and juvenile sexual innuendo along with the objectification of women to suit a mediocre author's pathetic self-insertion fantasy character is "adult" now?

Learn something new every day.

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